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Lennan O'Connor (Eros)

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Lennan O'Connor (Eros) Empty Lennan O'Connor (Eros)

Post by Amor July 23rd 2019, 4:35 am

Lennan O’Connor

Lennan O'Connor (Eros) 5a0482e3c0ff3010f6f878574a4ecac7

Basic Biography

Name: Lennan O’Connor
Codename: Eros
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman Demi-Warden
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown center ringed with neon pink
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 125 Ibs
Blood type: A - (Runs red with occasional small flashes of pink)

The Looks


The Legacy

If there’s one friend you want, Lennan is likely the friend that you want on your side.  Always the dependable kind of person that seems to go out of his way to make sure the people he cares about are taken care of, even if that means inconveniencing himself.  If a shining light of positivity exists he would be a good example of that, considering that he is always the person to be there to help. It fuels his desire to be a hero because now with superpowers he can help people even easier, because he has the power to do so. Enjoys a good time and wants to enjoy that good time with other people; though he doesn’t have an issue with just reading a good romance novel or a comic book as well as watching a lame movie.

Lennan had a pretty simple life.  He was raised by a mother all consumed by her pursuits in the arts. Large paintings that clung to the walls of her study and piles of sketchbooks that she somehow managed to fill with any of the ideas that went through her head with a step-father all too willing to work. He was distant but kind enough with what he called the mind of a businessman. He was also made quite aware that the man he lived with wasn’t his biological father, though he always had the feeling his mother liked the man more. Maybe that explained why she never spoke of his father save for those times when she was drunk enough and when she handed him a trinket which seemed to be from him. A necklace with an A inscribed into it. That didn’t meant too much but when he got it around the age of fifteen, Lennan seeming to wear it every chance he got.

That was also the time when he first developed his metahuman abilities.

He always knew there was something strange about him. People around him seemed to like him more than they should, friends swarming around him and usually giving him small gifts.  There was nothing for sure until his powers managed to form. It was an odd occurrence, someone that didn’t seem to like him that well. Antagonistic behavior that eventually turned into a physical confrontation and him throwing them through the air into a wall. Not with his hands but instead with what looked at the time to be a thought. He reacted as well as any kid would have, running from the scene only to find that no one seemed to really react to the situation.

Even when he mentioned it they acted as if he were crazy or making something up. He knew something had happened but people acted as if it didn’t, though that also made him think that something was up. All Lennan did know was that he had power and that needed to be explored further. Spending as much time as he could in any discreet place to train out these abilities. First that he could move things with his mind, that little could actually harm him and he could shoot strange arrows of energy from his fingertips; though those required a little special motion.

There’s more to his life than just that. Small heroics with a costume colored pink, but mostly that would better be experienced more personally. Preferably with fellow heroes.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Love Empowerment:  Lennan is empowered by all sources of love around him which increase the potency of his abilities so long as they’re within half a mile of him.

Dominion: Through what empowers him, Lennan has a degree of authority over the physical world. This manifests itself in powerful telekinesis. With a simple gesture, he can manipulate practically anything kinetically. The potential power of this ability, like most of his others, depends on the amount of Love in the area fueling his powers. At the lowest level, he might only be able to move a few tons, and at the highest, he is capable of insane feats of power, such as tossing buildings around.

Irresistible:  Lennan doesn’t know why but people find him pretty easy to like. This like easily turns to love, though depending on the person it can be platonic or romantic depending on how long they spend with him and who they are. He knows that when focusing on a person he can intensify the effect to either happening more quickly or even causing someone to be overcome with an infatuation with him that would cause them to be unable to move against him.

Love arrows: By forming a finger gun gesture he can form pink energy arrows that envelope his pointer finger.  They can be launched incredibly quickly with the ability to pierce through things like body armor and steel with no issue. They have fatal capacity but he can modify them to simple do damage to someone until they pass out without actually killing them. Seemingly wearing away at their stamina until they can no longer fight. These arrows can also be imbued with his love ability and create a deep abiding love for him or people he chooses much like a cupid's arrow.

Love is hardy: Lennan is practically immune to standard forms of physical damage. Only when exposed to his Fatal Weakness for extended periods of time is he weakened enough to be hurt normally. But, most of the time only insanely high level forces seem to have any sort of effect.  (This power can be overwhelmed, but for all practical purposes it gives Lennan immunity to damage by standard means. This says nothing of swords that can cut anything or energies that rip atoms apart on a microscopic level, are any other crazy things a lot of characters are packing.)

Negative emotions:  When surrounded by immense negative emotions or overwhelmed with them his powers stop working.

Finger gun required: He has to form the gesture to be able to fire the arrows.

Emotionally unstable: Empathic abilities have an easier time reading and affecting his emotions. (Permission not needed to affect emotions)

Hate is the poison of love: When surrounded by immense negative emotions or overwhelmed with them such as hate his powers stop working.

Magic sucks on so many levels: Magic seems to be able to get through his durability much easier.

The darkness is a metaphor but also literal: Shadowy or dark based ability have a much easier time cutting through his durability.

Not interested: His love aura doesn’t work on aromantic or asexual individuals. Also doesn’t work on robots and beings that don’t feel emotions.

A weakness for romance: He doesn’t know why but he will go out of his way to help someone dealing with romantic issues, regardless of whether they are true or not.

A weakness for a pretty face: His mother says his father was much like this. He has a hard time saying no to anyone attractive who requests something of him, and can’t say no as long as it doesn’t intensely go against his morals.

Physical Priority
Reaction 1
Agility 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4

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Lennan O'Connor (Eros) Empty Re: Lennan O'Connor (Eros)

Post by Silus March 12th 2020, 10:56 am

Obviously you can't force people to love you, but you seem to slhsve that covered.l already so...

Approved until stated otherwise

Lennan O'Connor (Eros) Lucife10
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