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Flick Empty Flick

Post by Flick August 26th 2017, 5:26 pm


The Turncloak

The Bio

Real Name: Alistair MacKenna
Renegade Name: Flick
Title: The Turncloak
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Enhanced Human
Hair: Short black hair with a morning shadow.
Eyes: Light grey.
Height: Normally 6'1". However, Flick is able to shrink to the size of a grain of rice.
Weight: 200 lbs
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Allistair "Ally" MacKenna is a relatively tall twenty-something Scotsman with a sharp features and a thick Glaswegian accent. The renegade often possesses a thin morning shadow, showing off his laziness.

He normally dresses in a pair of baggy jeans, a soccer shirt from his homeland and a thin navy blue jacket. Ally has an appreciation for Converse shoes and owns several pairs in a variety of colours. His hair is a short mess, closer to a mop than a style, and his skin is pale. He notably wears a thick metallic belt with an electronic keypad for a buckle. His belt is usually obscured behind his regular clothes.

As Flick, his costume is a black jumpsuit with armoured plates. These plates extend over his arms, legs, chest, shoulders and his biker-styled helmet. The plates are light absorbing solar panels, designed to recharge his suit when required.

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The Personality

At first glance, Flick is a cocky young mercenary who boasts about past deeds (/misdeeds) and has an answer to every problem. Ever keen to avoid sympathy or affection, Flick would rather someone think him cool and heartless than warm and thoughtful. In reality, he is a lonely soul who just wants people to find him funny and thus enjoy his company.

Once someone has broken through to Ally, they'll find him to be a loyal and steadfast friend. Violent cruelty offends him and when given a choice he quietly prefers to be on the side of the angels than that of the devils. That is, until someone notices!

The Story

Born in a run down housing scheme in Glasgow's East End, Ally MacKenna grew up in a broken home with few aspirations. Between skipping school and avoiding his rarely sober mother, the then teenage boy found himself in constant trouble with the local police. Ally was later expelled from school for stealing the answers to an exam paper and was ultimately sent to a Youth Detention Centre.

It was during this time that Ally was approached by an older man with a thick mane of black hair, a white-striped beard and an eyepatch. The mysterious man, James Douglas, invited Ally to join the Douglas  Programme, an educational facility designed to give problem children a second chance at life. Inspired by the man's rhetoric, Ally agreed and spent the next four years in the Scottish Highlands.

The Douglas Programme was not as charitable as advertised, however. Rather than seeking to help troubled youths, it sought recruits for its experimental programme. Each of the children sent were indoctrinated and made to swear 'ancient oaths' to the Douglas Clan and their mysterious goals. Ally was no exception. After being identified as being particularly quick witted, Ally underwent enhancement procedures that combined ancient sorcery and bizarre bio-science in an effort to create the perfect spy. Unfortunately for Ally, the experiment had mixed results. Rather than create a man who could safely shrink at will and fit through any gap, or go unnoticed, they instead shrunk him permanently.

Ally spent two years at but an inch and a half tall, living in a laboratory as the arcano-scientists found a way to temporarily undo their mistake. During this time the youngster became a pariah amongst his peers, often being mocked or bullied. It was during this time that he earned the name 'Flick', primarily due to the way one particular peer would torment him. Eventually Ally was provided with a bionic belt that could undo the effects for as long as it was empowered. Having mastered his diminutive form in the meantime, the late-teen was more than ready to return to normal life.

This was not what the Douglas Programme had in mind, however. Ally was soon sent on a number of missions, from  initially proving himself by stealing a wedding ring from a sleeping drunkard to infiltrating a politician's office and leaving a message. He enjoyed being useful and rarely considered the consequences of his actions for those he was either spying on or stealing from. This all changed when, in a fit of boredom, he crept into a meeting of the Douglas Clan elders.

Ally learned that the Clan had tyrannical goals, that James Douglas was the seven hundred year old reincarnation of {i]The Black Douglas{i} and that they regularly employed murder to achieve their ends - including upon those Ally had been tasked with spying on. Unable to stomach working for such a group of monsters, Ally stole the most up to date version of his suit and disappeared into the night.

The renegade spy would swiftly learn that stealing from the Douglas Clan was not a wise move. He was tracked down in Edinburgh and almost killed by a former colleague, the mind-witch codenamed Banshee. Once he realised that he was no longer safe in Scotland, Flick fled across the Atlantic and snuck into the USA. Content that he had escaped, the youngster then spent several years making a name for himself as a Thief and later Spy For Hire.

As his confidence grew, so did his reputation. It is only a matter of time before The Black Douglas, or his agents, come to settle their debt.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Reaction
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Shrinking/Growing: Due to  The Programme's experimentation, Flick is naturally tiny. In his base form, he is about an inch and a half tall. If he concentrates, he can reduce himself to the height of a grain of rice. With the aid of his belt, he can return to his original height of 6'1". He has no ability to exceed this height due to the nature of the arcane-science used to enhance him.

In his shrunken form Flick only retains some of his 'normal' strength. This might allow him to open a lock, press down a button on a remote control or leap up onto someone's shoulder, but he can't realistically hurt someone in this state. However, fortunately for Flick, he does retain his resilience. Whilst stepping on Flick may hurt or injure him, it won't squash him.

Flick's belt is normally active, leading most onlookers to assume that 6'1" is his normal form.

The Weaknesses

Electrically Powered Flick's belt (and armour) is the only thing keeping him from being tiny. It needs to be recharged regularly (electrically, via solar panels or some other method) or it ceases to function. Moreover, this leaves Flick especially vulnerable to power draining effects or simply having his suit removed somehow.

Capturable Flick only retains some of his full sized strength in his diminutive form. If caught, he can be quite easily held - literally!

The Items

Flick's armoured suit is able to support underwater travel, absorbs light and if under solar rays can empower his anti-shrinking belt. It also contains two wrist mounted energy guns, designed to ward off insects and to stun guards when fired at full size. These variable energy blasts are fueled from the same source as Flick's belt, meaning he only has limited shots before he needs to completely recharge.

Weakness: A strong EMP depowers the suit.

The Minions


The Fluff

Flick has no shadow.

The RP Sample

"Right, right. Watch this," Flick says, with a sly smirk.

Skinner grimaces. "Please don't tell me you're going to...-"

Flick winks, before shrinking down and leaping for the keyhole. He slips through, a few moments passing after he does.

Skinner sighs dramatically, eyeing her painted blue nails. She looks back up to the door, expectantly.

A few moments pass, before a deep voice booms, "NO DON'T...!" There is a sudden explosion, as the door bursts open from the other side. Flick sprints out, passed Skinner, and dumps a bag of cash in her hands. He blurts out, "Leg it!", as two security guards join the chase through billowing smoke.

Skinner groans, before turning on her heels and running after Flick. "Can you not tell me when you're going to do something like that?!"

"That would be a LOT less fun!" Flick declares, as he shoots a bolt of blue energy backwards. It scrapes a guard's shoulder, causing him to stumble and stop. The other frowns and springs on, gaining on the pair of would-be criminals.

Skinner halts, suddenly. She turns to face the guard, a violet glow emanating from her eyes. She points a hand out towards the remaining guard, who has already began to slow down in fear, and sends a blast of flame towards his face. The middle aged man screams as he is engulfed in flame, before toppling over. Skinner grins, turning into a casual walk.

Flick stops, eyeying the dead guard as Skinner catches up to him. "You didn't have to...-"

"It would have been a lot less fun," Skinner says, with a psychotic smile.

Flick frowns behind the shade of his visor. He reluctantly turns away as the guard perishes, resolving to avoid working with Skinner in future.

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Flick Empty Re: Flick

Post by Chellizard August 26th 2017, 6:33 pm

Approved and moved.

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