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Kid Kronos (Kid Khaos)

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Kid Kronos (Kid Khaos) Empty Kid Kronos (Kid Khaos)

Post by Kid Kronos June 10th 2017, 3:39 pm

Kid Kronos

"Wait you waste time? That's the worst crime of all!"

The Bio

Real Name: Unknown
Alias Name: Ethan Miles
Hero Name: Kid Kronos (Kid Khaos)
Title: "The Time Traveler"
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: estimated at 13 years
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 4'7
Weight: 110 lbs.
Blood type:

The Looks

 Kid Kronos/Khaos have a suit of armor that seems to be constant of linked together rings of a deep grey metal that goes up the entirety of his body, blue tights and a big black star of chaos with a maroon-purple glow of color that radiates from the center of his chest, the black arrows expanding to each cardinal and sub-cardinal direction in equal length.  The tips of the arrows seem to glow with the same color as the center of the star's inner circle, causing the triangular parts of the arrows to become a blueish tinge when interacting with the power source.  The suit itself is highly resembles that of "Khaos" a vigilante from the year 20XX, whose only major difference was a pair of sunglasses and a oddly blue trench coat over the metallic linked suit. Ethan also wears a metallic headband beneath his brown hair that is all brushed to the heavy left, the visor itself having a semii-transparent lense over the one eye, and fastening on over an ear.

Kid Kronos (Kid Khaos) EyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2Rpc2NvcmQuc3RvcmFnZS5nb29nbGVhcGlzLmNvbS9hdHRhY2htZW50cy8yMzQ4ODIzNDYxMzI3MDExODQvMzE3Nzk0MDk0NjM2MDcyOTYwL0JOU3ltYm9sLnBuZyJ9

Kid Kronos Sketch:
Kid Kronos (Kid Khaos) Nightk10 Sketch courtesy of Chellizard. Support the artist, damnit!

The Personality

 Ethan is a very jovial individual. He's the first to crack a joke at almost anything, he prefers puns (much to the dismay of almost everyone around him) and tends to have an almost crippling lack of experience with the world around him. Ethan's a highly intellectual individual, although is almost crippled and hopeless when dealing with the modern world, as the modern world is his past. Ethan retains a social awkwardness and seems to be incredibly naïve when it comes to believing others.

The Story

The would-be hero "Kid Kronos" comes form a distant future. A future where humanity is at the brink of extinction and metahumans are the most common-place individuals found within society. In this distant future it is quite almost utopian. The metahuman population has molded similarly to human society, although humans are quite often looked at as exotic rarities, even knowing one is considered a unique experience.

  Within this future the metahuman powered population have almost entirely reigned in crime back to a domestic level. So much so in fact that there is only a single, tyrannical name that is known within the whispers of shadows. One lone villain that has outlasted them all. One terrible foe that has even thrived under the new law, and has kept his reign of terror so successful that even the metahumans fear him.

  But they are but one villain, and the world around them thrives despite their terror and intellect. This world is the 27th century, and the world has never been healthier. Despite the peace that was brought, the lone villain continued to grow in power, and perhaps even one day his plans may be fulfilled by another. However time was not in his favor, and the world around him began to become far more dangerous for the villainous games he played. But the villain remained ever so confident. This villain would continue to strive for the domination he so craved, and if he could no achieve it then he would pass it on to his posterity.

  His posterity, however, wanted nothing to do with his father's plans. His son would rather read articles of old heroes and watch the news where the little crime that still happened ended in mostly futile effort as heroic police force and peacekeepers swarmed from all over the globe, like antibodies snuffing out a lone cancer cell. His child, wanted to be a hero, down to his very core. He had a rough life. His father would harden him, have him beaten, starve him and "temper" him for the most difficult things life had to throw at him.

  The details remain fuzzy, however, this child made a plan. If he wanted to be a hero he needed to find a way to make that happen. While watching the news, he learned that a hero known as "Captain Yesterday" had foiled a plot that his father had hatched a day in the future. The child became elated and his mind began to put things together. As his father began building a time machine to combat this "Captain Yesterday", the boy waited for his chance.

  The day before his father was to use the machine, the boy and a friend of his snuck through the mansion, stealing the equipment from his father's laboratory and making a break for the time machine. His father was quick in pursuit, however it was too late, and the boy escaped. As he frantically attempted to punch in the date, the time machine malfunction and set course for the time "20XX", causing him to crash in a strange, isolated time perilous centuries behind in technology and social reform.

  Now he live here, keeping his secrets to himself and not sharing them with anyone as he and his friend try to find a way to live in this crazy, chaotic world they once called their past.

The Priority

1. Agility .1
2. Endurance .2
3. Reaction .3
4. Strength .4

The Powers

Non-Powered: Despite having a meta-gene, Ethan has never shown or displayed any form of superpower. His meta-gene has been labeled "benign".

The Weaknesses

Itemized Ignorance: Ethan is reliant on the weaponry and items that he has stolen from his father. Being that the technology is advanced and not in any way designed by Ethan, he is unsure as to how these items work or their purposes. That being said, it's to be expected that he doesn't actually know the function of certain weapons, or have access to many of their functions. It could also be expected that the hands of such technology in the hands of an untrained and uneducated person could be quite catastrophic.  

Anger: Ethan suffers from something called "Dissociative Rage". This mental condition commonly manifests in one of two separate ways. The first is relatively common, he simply gets angry and "snaps out" or becomes physically and verbally aggressive without the ability to control himself, this leads to drastic and possibly even dangerous and reckless things being prompted without actually thinking through. The second form of this anger is very similar, but he instead "blacks out" and is unable to recall their actions after a certain extent of time. Ethan, unfortunately, can experience this condition in both forms and when he experiences them, he is known to be quite violent and volatile.

Mortal Weakness: If you can kill a human, you can kill Ethan.

Temporal Misconceptions: The society that Ethan has grown up around is much different from the modern day, and there are certain thing that he quite honestly doesn't understand. An example is that he is uncertain the use of particular items that have long since vanished from his society. Watches are a prime example of one such object. His misconceptions of the past have also given him the illusion of grandeur and adventure, which causes him to become easily excited and more reckless and foolhardy.

Integrated Systems: Ethan's nervous system is hooked into his implant. A Technopath or a highly intellectual person with the mind to decipher and decrypt the technology could hack the implant and bypass the A.I to cause a series of effects. They could paralyze Ethan, they could shut down parts of his body or cause stimulation throughout his body that isn't actually there. They could even puppet his movements and control him. The A.I will eventually adapt, but the damages could prove fatal, and the more intelligent the hacker the longer it will take. The less severe the effects on Ethan the less the A.I will actively prioritize expulsion of the interloper.

Kid Kronos' Kit

S.T.A-R Gloves

Star Glove's Description: The Synchronized Translucent Apogee-Reacher Gloves have a metallic cover that is apparent on the backside of the hand with a purple triangular shape that will occasionally glow when the gloves are being utilized. The area over the palm of the hand is an electro-sensitive black material of poly-fiber with woven in metals. It provides the comfort and thermal "breathing" like wic sports apparel and provides the ballistic resilience of an SK tactical PIG. The metal is spray-painted a deep grey with a gloss finish to match the rest of Ethan's suit. The gloves have a great many capabilities, but as they are prototypes and in the hands of an untrained child, their use is rather limited.
The Star Gloves:

Kid Kronos (Kid Khaos) Kids_g10

Star Glove's Abilities: The gloves produce and project light-like tendrils from the little circles shown on the picture. These tendrils can grip onto objects and things and can even extend a great distance. The nature of the light is dependent upon who wears the gloves. The rounded triangular fixture can be removed and can function as a battery or electrical generator to any mundane thing it is attached to for 2 minutes before it runs out of power. It also provides great armoring for the hands.

Star Glove's Weaknesses:
Easy Access: The gloves are able to be worn by anyone who can fit them on.

Power Source: The gloves can be damaged and their "powers" are rendered obsolete if the purple fixture becomes penetrated or pierced.

A.I activated: The gloves must be activated by Stephen through Ethan's command. If Stephen is hacked, they can be utilized against Ethan.

Cooldown: The gloves have multiple purposes, despite Ethan's lack of knowledge on HOW to use the functions. After a function is used, the purple power source's protective shell is more easily penetrated for a number of posts equal to the power output of the gloves.

D.A.S.H Modules

Dash Modules Description: The Directional Alacritous Speed Hasteners are small littler rectangular boxes, spray-painted a deep blue to once more aesthetically match *NAME's* costume. They function off of absorbed sunlight and transforming it into energy to assist in bursts of jumping and quick movements off to the side.

Dash Modules Abilities: Allows Ethan to make quick bursts of speed off to the side, or allow him to jump higher than most people. Also useful for helping break a fall. Modules attachment appearance.

Dash Modules Weaknesses:
Water: While water won't destroy the modules, it will cause them to rapidly expunge all energy they've gathered when submerged. This causes the entire suit to overload a little and can even hurt Ethan depending upon how much energy was stored.

Lightless: If there's a scares amount of lighting, then it will put a strain on Ethan's power sources to activate the Dash modules, as they will not have sufficient light. This will cause other pieces and equipment to become weaker and less effective when in use.

Collision: If Ethan dashes into something then it will hurt him as if he had just propelled himself into an object at that speed. If he hits his head, it will likely kill him.

C-O.S.M.I.C Armor

Cosmics Description: The Cyber-Organic Synthesized Metal for Intuitive Combat is a suit that appears to be a skin-tight polymer with a metallic over coating of what seems similar to that of electrical conduit, save for the fact that the rings around the body are actually comprised of several small segments and partial rings to maximize mobility. The armor is made of an unidentified metal and seems to be incredibly durable and resilient against many forms of damage. The Suit has been modified to have blue tights and boots, allowing Ethan to take on the persona of a popular hero that he idolizes.

Cosmics Abilities: It is incredibly durale and protects it's wearer form several types of damage, even going as far as mitigating a lot of concussive force in most areas. The suit maintains mobility due to the link-like armor and even seems to integrate with the A.I to allow Ethan better use of reflexes and better scanning.

Cosmics Weaknesses:
Lockdown: If somehow Stephen were to go silent or missing, or was interfered with, the suit would enter a state of lockdown. Lockdown is also a state triggered by the sense of fear. The design was supposed to help with hiding and reduce damages from falling impacts, however all it has done is make things more complicated when dealing with fearsome opponents. It has the RP-mechanic that it can heal like most organic tissue and bone, but that takes time... typically several days or even months.

Livewire: The suit of armor gives off a reading of both synthetic and organic material, that being said, electrical damage seems to damage the suit the most, weakening it's durability and making it more susceptible to fracture and breaking.

Unknown functions: Ethan stole this suit just like everything else he has. The suit has unknown functions that Ethan simply doesn't have access to yet, but there are some functions or features that technopaths, hackers or even electorkinetic could exploit against him
Partial Pain: Most people wear a suit of armor to not feel any pain. Due to the suit melding with Stephen and partially with the suit essentially having it's own nervous system, Ethan actually feels the pain of things hitting his suit, it simply doesn't give him the lethal wounds that it would of hitting him bare skinned. The pain also provides mental blocks and other issues.

Kid Kronos' Krew



"What is this "pizza"? .... We must get more of this, immediately."

The Bio

Real Name: Synthetic Transhumanist Entity Programmed for High-Risk Encounters via Neurocybernetic Implant
Renegade Name: Courser
Title: "S.T.E.P.H.E.N" or "Step"
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown (Identifies as Male)
Race: Artificial Intelligence
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood type: None

The Looks

  S.T.E.P.H.E.N or "Step" has no actual appearance, as it is an artificial intelligence. It is an unseen force that is infused with Kid Kronos' body. It will occasionally take the appearance of a sphere or colors hat radiates as it speaks when interacting with other people.

The Personality

   Stephen is a very practical intelligence, viewing reason to be a prized gem. Stephen is cautious and uncertain of emotions, even perhaps fearful of them and their impact on his ability to keep his "friend" alive in the past. Stephen does not yet understand the value of morals but continues to grow, blossom and flourish as he experiences the world with his friend, thus constantly changing and adapting his personality with his outlook on life.

The Story

 Stephen has just recently been brought back to life. He is an A.I of unknown origin, although he was created or "fixed up" by Ethan's father and repurposed to be a highly efficient virtual intelligence. Due to it's autonomy and it's sentience, however, it was labeled a failed experiment and locked away in an implant. The implant was stolen and implanted before Ethan made their escape and their travel to the past.

The Priority

1. Reaction .1
2. Endurance .2
3. Agility .3
4. Strength .4

The Powers

Scanning: Stephen has the ability to utilize an array of sensory techniques in order to scan and test materials to determine their DNA structure, their chemical composition or other general information. This also allows him to alert Ethan of any illusions. This also allows S.T.E.P.H.E.N to alert Miles of any alterations to the timeline.

Augmentation: Stephen can utilize his processing speeds to assist in heightening his reaction time or his senses.

Uplink: Stephen has the ability to lock into and upload himself into other devices in order to more efficiently access them and their files. Stephen has an enhanced "intellect" in comparison to humans and subsequently is a skilled hacking tool.

The Weaknesses

Sentience: Stephen is unlike most computers, where it has achieved a strange level of sentience. In sentience it has gained the ability to formulate it's own opinions, make it's own decisions. He may disagree with certain decisions of Ethan, however it is typically unable to do anything regarding these decisions, as Ethan is in charge.

Hacking: Someone with sufficient hacking skills or a viable intellect may be able to bypass and enter their way into Stephen's defenses. If this is to happen there are several responses this could invoke, as well as several complications they might have. Minor complications could be the inability to communicate with Ethan, or minor sensations of feeling/hearing things that aren't actually there. More serious bypasses of security would be partial paralysis of a body part, or visual hallucinations, maybe even minor control of Ethan's actions. The more serious complications could be stopping his heart, total control of his body or total paralysis, perhaps even over-riding Stephen and disguising themselves to Ethan in order to manipulate them.
Pain: Stephen is an Artificial Intelligence, a computerized consciousness. As it can now experience life through Ethan's senses, it can actually cause problems for the consciousness of computerized origins. Sensations of pain have different effects on Stephen. Burning pain can slow his processing times, throbbing pains can cause stutters and gaps within it's ability to communicate, or generate a lag in it's entanglements with other electronics. Sharp pains can actually force Stephen to process things fast, too fast to actually collect all the information he can. Blunt damages or concussive force can actually jumble Stephen's files and coding up, forcing him to reboot himself.

No Data Available: Stephen's data accumulates from files within the far off future. Stephen has basic data that can be found on his creators items, though not how to use them. It also has data on Ethan but much of his data is lost. Stephen must scan and observe the world around him in order to draw conclusions and gain an understanding of the primitive technologies of this era.

Practicality: Stephen, despite his sentience, has very little understanding of why morals are held with esteem over practicality. Stephen would be the one to advise Ethan to kill a renowned criminal rather than wait for the authorities to show up. He views things objectively, though slowly attempts to integrate himself to a more "human" nature.

Experience: Stephen is unused to sensing things. smells, feelings and tastes are all new to him. This can cause many difficulties and over-stimulation. Frustration and many emotions can be felt now, including the previously mentioned pain.

Emergency Override: Stephen has the ability to seize full control of Ethan's nervous system, even to the point of controlling his body. Stephen's primary objective is to secure and protect Ethan's life, if he were to ever attempt to do anything reckless, or otherwise lead to critical harm, Stephen has the ability to take full control. Of course, as an A.I his perspective and his own "survival instinct" could prompt him to utilize this in a different way.

The Fluff

Attentive: as an A.I, Stephen has his "attention" divided amongst any set locations that he has been uploaded and linked to, including Ethan's body and equipment. While he may be a highly advanced quantum communications, it is still limited in it's abilities.

A slice of life: Stephen senses and experiences everything that Ethan does.

Defensive Reflexes: Should Ethan black out or fade from consciousness, Stephen has the ability to activate the emergency override in order to manually take control of the body and move Ethan to a secure location, or escape.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

The Fluff

Forethought: Ethan is whimsical, but he is intelligent. The progression of society gives hi a higher level of education in contrast to most people his age. This is of course book smarts, when it comes to "street smarts" or common sense he is horribly lacking.

Vilify: Ethan is the child of a notorious and heavily successful (yet overly campy) villain. A villain so successful that they are actually the last known villain of their time, and have incredibly successes. Despite Ethan's desire to be a hero, his lack of metagene forced his father to be "creative" in teaching him how to defend himself. Over the years of abuse and his father beating him, Ethan learned to defend himself proficiently in hand to hand for a young man.

Tick-Tock: Ethan has an obsession with time, but not only that he is technically immune to the effects of an individual's impact on the time-stream. That being said, if there is an alteration or a change in the time-stream. Ethan is capable of recognizing it and potentially fixing it...or making it worse. It also makes him partially immune to temporal manipulation or temporal stasis (plot only)

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Kid Kronos
Kid Kronos

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Kid Kronos (Kid Khaos) Empty Re: Kid Kronos (Kid Khaos)

Post by Chellizard June 13th 2017, 2:19 pm

Approved and moved.

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