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The Oni

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The Oni Empty The Oni

Post by ProwlerKnight July 5th 2024, 3:56 am

The Oni

"The Oni is a creature who inspires fear, I wish to use that fear."

The Bio

Real Name: Kenji Masamoto
Hero Name: Oni
Title: The devil of Japan Town  
Alignment: Hero
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’
Weight: 190lbs

The Looks

The Personality

Kenji is the definition of “Calm before the storm”.

Nothing ever really bothers him, and he is pretty laid back, enjoying the simple things in life.  

But when he puts on the mask, he becomes a ruthless fighter, with a fury and tenacity that instills fear in his enemies.  

That tenacity also comes with strong morals, and Kenji will do everything he can to keep innocent lives safe, above all else.  

The Story

Kenji Masamoto was the son of a Yakuza warlord, and was destined to take over his fathers legacy when he came of age. Growing up, Kenjis father had him trained in several forms of karate, as well in the ways of the blade. By the time Kenji was 14, he was a master swordsman, and expert hand-to-hand fighter.  

On Kenjis 16th birthday, a rival Yakuza gang member decided to turn on his father, and attacked Kenjis home. Kenjis father, hearing of the attack beforehand, initiated a failsafe he put into place. He had Kenji sent away to America, where his enemies would have a harder time getting to him.  

Set up in a nice apartment in New York, Kenji was taken care of by his mother, who had come to the states when Kenji was a child, not wanting to live life in the Yakuza.  

Kenji would eventually receive word that his father was killed by the Rival, who also died from wounds caused by his father later. The third member would end up taking over the territory and businesses his father controlled.  

Kenji received his fathers Katana in the mail a week later.  

Fueled by pain and vengeance, Kenji ordered a custom blue oni mask, which he wore as he tracked down the local Yakuza gang in the city. While he managed to take down several members, Kenji was nearly killed in the process himself.  

Fortunately, Kenji was being watched by some people with a lot of influence in the city, and all evidence of his involvement was lost.  

Seeing this as a second chance, Kenji decided he wasn’t going to be driven by the same morals his father lived by, as those got him killed. He was gonna be better, he was gonna fight, but to protect the innocent.  

Hanging up his fathers sword, Kenji had a special bokken made, strong enough to take hits from real blades, but not deal any lethal damage. He also had a special oni mask made, and returned to the streets as the vigilante known simply as, The Oni.  

The Powers

The Weaknesses

Human: Kenji is only human, and can be taken down by conventional means.

The Items

The Mask: Kenji wears a custom designed mask, made to represent an “Oni”, the mask sports a host of different capabilities. The eyes come with night vision, thermal, zoom, and a built in HUD. There is a built in voice modulator, which helps when Kenji is trying to intimidate.

Weakness: The mask is weak to EMP.  

Custom suit: In honor of his father, Kenji wears a custom made three piece suit as Kenji. Made with spider-silk, and ballistic grade lightweight plating woven into the fabric, the suit can withstand small arms fire, and is stab and fire resistant. It is also insulated to withstand shocks from tasers, stun guns, etc.  

Weakness: Armor piercing rounds can still penetrate the armor.  

Dragons Mercy: A custom Bokken, designed out of ballistic grade polymer. The blunted sword is capable of blocking real blades, and allows Kenji to use his training in a non-lethal manner.

The Minions

The Fluff

Peak Physical Conditioning: Kenji has honed his body to be at its physical best, his strength, speed, stamina, and agility are at it's maximum. He can lift upwards of 700lbs, run 30mph, and endure long stretches of physical activity. He is able to move over, under, and around obstacles in a fluid motion.

Way of the Sword: Kenji is a trained swordsmen, and uses a special designed bokken to fight.  

Martial Artist: Kenji was trained by various masters in multiple forms of Martial arts, he can take down opponents much larger than him, and even fight multiple opponents at once.  

Stealth: Trained in the art of the shadows, Kenji has learned how to move unseen in the darkness, and sneak up on his enemies.  

The RP Sample

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The Oni Empty Re: The Oni

Post by inquisitor Today at 7:58 am

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