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Prowlerknight Empty Prowlerknight

Post by ProwlerKnight July 4th 2024, 11:23 pm


"Prowlerknight, remember the name."

The Bio

Real Name: Logan Rycroft
Hero Name: Prowlerknight
Title: The hacker hero
Alignment: Hero
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 180lbs

The Looks

The Personality

Logan is cocky, sarcastic, and often cracks jokes, even when in dire situations.  

But jokes aside, Logan is a good person, and cares about people, especially his friends.  

The Story

Logan was 12 when New York fell, his father, a CEO of a multi-billion-dollar computer company was killed trying to save a young girl from the destruction in the city.  

Raised by his mother and their butler, Logan swore he would do whatever he could to help the people of his city. Like his father, Logan learned coding and computers at an early age, by the time he turned 16, he could hack any system and program anything. After his fathers death, Logan started training with private tutors in martial arts, honing his body so he could defend himself, as the city was in chaos after the destruction.  

When Logan turned 16, he put together a suit, making a custom mask, and started his first trip out as a vigilante. He started small, thwarting car thieves, muggers, and so on.  

Over the years, he started to expand his crime fighting to bigger crimes, from bank robbers, to arms dealers, and even taking down a small criminal organization. He used his hacking skills, combined with an arsenal of gadgets, a custom air pistol, and his martial arts training to fight the corruption that plagued the city.  

Taking on the mantle of Prowlerknight, a username he had when he was younger, Logan spends his nights trying to fight to evil that lurks in the shadows.  

The Powers

Hacker: There is no system Logan cannot hack, nor a firewall he can't breach, including quantum coding. He has been able to breach the most secure locations on a whim, and even managed obtain highly classified intelligence from a source deemed unbreachable. He is so good with coding, he can write multiple codes simultaneously, and can even write blindfolded.

The Weaknesses

Human: Logan is a human, and can be taken down by conventional means.  

The Items

Hacking module: Logan has a special microcomputer that he straps to his forearm when he suits up, this computer has the processing power to handle the hacks he needs to make, it is linked wirelessly to a main server in his workshop.

Weakness: The computer is susceptible to Electromagnetic Pulses, and can be disabled using EMP devices for a period of time.  

Tactical Armor: Logan wears a lightweight ballistics grade armor that can withstand smalls arms fire, stabbing, and fire. It is insulated to withstand shocks from tasers, stun guns, etc. The gloves of the suit have reinforced steel knuckle molds.  

Weakness: Armor piercing rounds will go right through the armor.  

AR Goggles: Connected to the computer, Logans goggles use AR display, allowing Logan to see his HUD in a full 3D view, plus GPS, Night Vision, Thermal, Zoom, Scan, and flash protection.  

Weakness: EMPs can disable the view modes for a period of time.  

Smoke Bombs: Logan carries a case of smoke bombs, which he uses to either escape, or disorient his enemies. They can fill a small space with thick smoke that is impossible for naked eyes to see through.  

Ballistic Gel Pistol: Logan uses a custom designed air pistol that fire a ballistic gel round at high velocities. These rounds have enough kinetic force similar to a .45 caliber bullet, without the lethal penetration. The mags of the pistol are loaded with a compressed gas that is used to fire the projectile without a loud bang.  

Breaching charges: Logan carries small breaching charges, which can create a hole big enough for him to drop in, take out a door, or disorient enemies on the other side of walls.  

Grapple Gun: Logan carries a grapple gun on his person, which allows him to traverse vertical obstacles with ease. He can even use the gun to create zip-lines. The steel hooks can penetrate most material and are strong enough to endure any weight without breaking.

The Minions

Abernathy Churchell: Butler to the Rycroft estate and former Policeman.

Sam: An AI Logan programed, Sam provides Logan with assistance, such as giving directions, updating Logan on news or info pertaining to his mission, and so on.  

The Fluff

Peak Physical Conditioning: Logan has trained since he was 12 to be at his physical best, able to lift upwards of 700lbs, and run up to 30mph. He can push him body to its max for extended periods of time, learning how to operate on only 4 hours of sleep a day. He has once worked for 3 days straight, taking down one crime after another, before he needed to rest.  

Acrobatics: Logan has trained in acrobatics, honing his balance and agility to be able to move over, under, and around obstacles in a fluid motion.  

Stealth/Infiltration: Logan has mastered the art of disappearing in the shadows, hiding in plain sight, and infiltration. He can break into almost any high security facility, disguise himself, and move unseen.  

Martial Arts: Logan has trained with masters from afar in various forms of martial arts, from Judo, to Ninjutsu, Logan is a master martial artist and a terrifying fighter.  

Multi=Billionaire: Logan is the heir to Rycroft Technology, one of the largest Tech companies in New York. He uses his inheritance to fund his vigilante activities.

Marksman: Logan has honed his skills with firearms, allowing him to use his pistol with expert levels of accuracy and handling.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Prowlerknight Empty Re: Prowlerknight

Post by inquisitor Today at 7:57 am

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