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First Responder

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First Responder Empty First Responder

Post by Zonkes June 21st 2024, 3:31 pm

First Responder

"Do no harm."

The Bio

Real Name: Jon Byrde
Hero Name: First Responder
Title: The Mighty Medic
Age: 30 y/o
Gender: Presents male
Race: Caucasian Human
Hair: Short-cropped blonde
Eyes: Bright blue with neon green flecks
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 187lbs w/o medic gear, 578lbs w/ medic gear
Blood type: O-

The Looks

First Responder 8ABFVv2_d

First Responder 86mtahx_d

The Personality

Compassionate - Perhaps the number one personality trait that defines Jon is his seemingly never-ending compassion. He is consistently looking for the best ways to help others. His primary motivation is to make sure people get what they need.

Honest - Jon is an incredibly honest individual and will stick to a strict moral code. This doesn't mean that Jon is one to bluntly tell the truth, after all his primary code is simple. Do no harm. Sometimes a white lie is less harmful than the truth, and in these cases, he will lie to protect the person he is speaking with.

Kind - Jon is kind, living his life in such a way that he sort of just radiates goodness. He is a quintessential Boy Scout, known to help people with their groceries and assist the elderly for little reason other than he trending to be a ye thing to do.

Guilt-Prone - Jon is prone to feeling guilty that he can’t help everyone, and tends to fall into bouts of depression upon losing a patient. He has real trouble separating himself from the job, leading to a lot of inner turmoil Abd a real tear of screwing up.

Idealist - Jon is an idealist. He believes that everyone can do better. He isn't exactly the sort that believes everyone deserves a second chance, after all, people like Mad Jack and Ascendant have done truly horrible things and have shown absolutely no remorse for it, even repeating those things on multiple occasions. Ultimately Jon does believe that the darkest thing a person has done doesn't always define them and if given a real chance, taken with earnest conviction and remorse for one's actions, that even the worst person can do better, and maybe even someday be redeemed.

Pacifist - Jon isn't the judge, jury, and executioner. Jon is a medic. His priority is always to contain a situation and treat victims of violence. Let others handle the threat once he gets his patients out of harm's way. He isn't a fighter and unless forced into a situation where he absolutely has to fight to save lives, he will not. Fighting causes Jon distress and harming others especially triggers an erratic panicked state where he attempts to justify his actions, both to himself and onlookers. Even when entirely justified.

The Story

Early Life

Jon was born in London, England. Long before the attack that decimated the city. His parents were both wealthy doctors with a family name that was well-known and respected. Born Jonathon Blackwell, he was sent away by his birth parents at 6 years old. They felt that Jon wasn't receiving enough of their attention and that it was wrong to allow the child to grow without their love and parental care.

They sent him to live with a family in the US called the Byrdes. They were poor, but hardworking and loving. Qualities his birth parents wanted desperately to instill into their son. He was broken up about it of course, did his birth parents not love him? Was he not good enough? These questions plagued him constantly, but his adoptive parents never let him dwell on these thoughts long. He was always helping his mother with various projects. She was a mechanic and would regularly bring him to work - largely because she had no one to watch him so from a young age he learned how to work on cars and perform basic maintenance on motor vehicles.

His father meanwhile was a night janitor for a nearby warehouse. While they didn't speak much, when they did his father instilled in him a strict code of ethics to follow at all times. In school, he did well and was a decent student. He had a number of close friends that he eventually drifted away from but that shaped his childhood nonetheless.


At 17 years old, Jon applied for NYU Medical and was accepted. However, he didn’t do well at this school. It was less that his classwork was unsatisfactory, but more that he simply didn’t have the attitude necessary to succeed. A subject his professor openly spoke to him about, even recommending he drop out and pursue another career.


Eventually, Jon did just that and began his training as a paramedic for the FDNY. Jon worked as a paramedic for a surprising amount of events such as Doctor Necrodium’s assault on
New York, Amaterasu’s attack, and many other smaller supervillainous names attempting to take a bite out of the Big Apple.

Over that time, people got to know him for his excellent bedside manner and how much he truly cared for the people of New York. During the Boston transformation, he was one of the outside emergency service men who flew in from around the country to assist. There wasn’t much for him to do other than drag people out by hand. Transformed into a plague doctor with a wheelbarrow temporarily, the paramedic rescued several people. Lesser known heroes, civilians and even accidentally rescuing some Eugenian natives. They weren’t pleased.

During an attack by a villain, Jon was gravely injured as a large chunk of a falling building fell directly on top of him, crushing his chest cavity and causing what was thought to be irreparable damage to his legs and spinal column. It was undoubtedly the end of his career.

A Dying Man

Jon was in a coma for three months. While in this coma, his adopted got in contact with his birth parents. They offered to help in any way they could, and it just so happened that Jon’s father was working with a group that was working on a project with a group on the cusp of a miracle treatment for all sorts of ailments.

He was signed up for the experimental device, called M.E.D.I.C (Multi-purpose Emergency Diagnostic and Integrated Care). The device was a portable backpack-like device designed to be carried by paramedics and ER docs to treat wounds severe enough that they weren’t certain they could be transported or stabilized for surgery.

The docs worked on him for 30 minutes, and when he came out he was completely healed. They had taken care of underlying issues he hadn’t known about. It was as if he had never been sick a day in his life and when the shareholders of the pharmaceutical company heard about this?

They canned the project. This device made many of their big money-makers worthless. So they couldn’t allow it to go public. Not without modifications. Jon was shocked. This device was a miracle. He couldn’t let them destroy it or even weaken it. For the greater good, he had to steal it.

Fugitive and the Accident

Jon used his connections in the field to become the person who disposes of medical equipment and when the hospital threw the prototype in the discard pile, he took it home. The honest-hearted Jon was now a thief. But he had to do it. If no one else was going to help people, he had to. He put on his old paramedic outfit and…

A knock at the door. First light l, then hard. Then his door was busted in by the police. They thought that the backpack was some sort of super weapon. So before he could even lift his hands to surrender, they fired. They hit him directly in his spine which activated the device. First, it used its emergency flight feature to take him away from his home at high speeds.

Then it began working on fixing the spinal damage, but due to its placement on his back or perhaps just the experimental nature of the device, it fused with his spinal column and nervous system. The M.E.D.I.C transformed, becoming his only lifeline, quite literally as if they were separated Jon did not doubt that he would die. He needed to hide. But maybe he could still do good while hiding…

The Mighty Medic

Jon went to a black market inventor of metahuman assistance gear. He used what little money he had left to purchase a helmet, a costume, and some jet boots. He would emerge as a different person. Someone who could never take off his mask for risk of corporate retaliation or police involvement. He became the Mighty Medic. He was then informed that the name made him sound like a children’s cartoon character and changed the name to First Responder.

The Powers

The M.E.D.I.C - The source of Jon’s powers. The M.E.D.I.C device is essentially a rather large and bulky backpack that carries within it a number of devices to assist a doctor or paramedic in saving lives. Most notably are the multipurpose nanomachines that can quickly patch up severe wounds and battle disease on their own terms. The following are the abilities provided by the M.E.D.I.C.There may be more Jon hasn’t uncovered yet, but as of now, these are what he can use.

Healing - Jon can direct the nanomachines telepathically as a result of his fusion with the M.E.D.I.C device. By doing so, he can rapidly heal wounds that would be otherwise fatal wounds and illnesses.

Nanite Surge - Jon can allow the nanites to stimulate adrenal glands, giving superhuman strength, speed, and reaction time to a target.

Tranquilizer m Blast - Jon’s only overtly offensive ability is more designed to keep a patient calm. A quick pulse of multicolored light is shot from Jon’s hand. This light is designed to target the photoreceptors of a patient to turn the active parts of their brain off or at least slow it down. [Permission based]

The Weaknesses

Heavy - Jon is heavy and worse yet, dense. All that metal fused with him makes it easy for him to sink.

Heroic Guilt - Jon feels incredibly responsible for every person he sees. The more he fails to save people, the worse he blames himself. This can lead to second-guessing himself, an attempt at martyrdom, severe panic attacks, and a depressive state.

Time - The tranquilizers don’t instantly knock most people out and take around 2 to 3 minutes to fully take effect.

The Items

First Responder Body Armor This armor is bulletproof but otherwise unremarkable. Inside the attached vest are various mundane tools and drugs that are helpful to his mission.

First Responder Helmet A flight helmet that pumps fresh oxygen to Jon. The helmet can detect, diagnose, and display any abnormalities in a patient's body as well as the best way to treat them. The helmet also has a radio built in tuned to emergency radio frequencies.
Glass Visor - The helmet's weakness is that if the glass visor is broken, then the helmet can’t display diagnostics.

Rocket Boots - A pair of boots that gives Jon the ability to fly roughly at the speed of a modern ambulance.
Click on, Click off - A button on the heel of the boot activates and deactivates the flight function.

The Fluff

Olympian Physique Jon is at the peak of human conditioning, roughly Olympian in all physical stats.

M.E.D.I.Cal Attention - The M.E.D.I.C. can affect Jon with its abilities the same as any other patient.

We Can Rebuild Him - As long as Jon is mostly intact and the M.E.D.I.C is largely undamaged, Jon can’t be killed and will be able to heal over a course determined by how bad the injuries are. Up to months, but generally over 8 hours.

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First Responder Empty Re: First Responder

Post by Arcana June 21st 2024, 3:42 pm

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