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Raifuru Tsune

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Raifuru Tsune Empty Raifuru Tsune

Post by TheGekko June 18th 2024, 6:40 pm



The Bio

Real Name: Raifuru Tsune
Hero Name: TBD
Title: TBD
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Alien Rabbit Humanoid
Hair: Long, Orange
Eyes: Blue
Height: 172cm
Weight: 83kg
Blood type: A for Alien

The Looks

The Personality

Tsune is a bubble of wild expressions and emotions condensed down into the little rabbit girl she is, sparking off as overly expressive and sassy, sometimes with a hot temper. While on the exterior she would easily be mistaken to be clumsy, stupid or overly childish, on the inside, she is a smart, determined and compassionate woman. She ‘can’ be naive or mistakingly misjudge people's intentions, however usually it is because she keeps a positive light on life, only really showing her true seriousness when in a fight or during other challenging tasks.

The Story

Far beyond the reaches of our known galaxy lies Elyssia, a hidden planet teeming with life and advanced civilizations. Among its diverse inhabitants are the Laporins, a race of intelligent, rabbit-like humanoids known for their exceptional agility and keen senses. Tsune, a female Laporin, was born in the lush forests of Elyssia, where her people lived harmoniously and enjoyed the technological advancements far beyond those of Earth.

From a young age, Tsune displayed extraordinary abilities in both combat and technical know-how, skills that earned her a place among the elite Galactic Explorers, adventurers who journeyed across the cosmos in search of knowledge and to forge new alliances. Her mastery of their people's technologies and her intuitive understanding of the ways in which you could navigate through space, set her apart as one of the most promising Explorers of her team.

Elyssia thrived under the guidance of its wise leaders and their protection. In a time of peace and prosperity, the Elders of Elyssia decided to embark on a grand expedition to chart the uncharted regions of the galaxy and establish new connections with other intelligent species. Tsune's team was chosen to lead one of these exploratory missions. Equipped with a state-of-the-art spacecraft, the Elysium, and a team of skilled Laporins, she set off into the unknown. The mission's primary goal was to seek out new civilizations, exchange knowledge, and forge alliances that would benefit all parties involved.

Tsune’s voyage through the cosmos was filled with lots of discoveries. Her team encountered numerous alien species, and formed many connections of behalf of their own people at home. They exchanged knowledge, established diplomatic relations, and shared their advanced technologies with those who were open to collaboration.

During one trip on her journey, Tsune's ship encountered a rogue asteroid belt, causing significant damage to the navigation systems. Despite her best efforts to stabilize the Elysium, the ship was pulled off course and began to drift toward an uncharted star system, gradually shattering as it continued forward. Tsune advised her team in a last ditch effort to take the escape pods and try returning home, however she herself stayed onboad as a true captain of their ship, journeying along as The Elysium crash-landed on a beautiful blue planet – Earth.

Upon crash-landing in a remote forest, Tsune were miraculously relatively unharmed, escaping with a wild headache and physically only moderately beat up. However, the Elysium was still severely damaged. Rather than viewing this as a setback, Tsune saw it as an exciting opportunity to explore this new world she had arrived on. Earth, with its diverse ecosystems and inhabitants, presented itself as a perfect new study project.

Tsune immediately set about repairing the Elysium, using her advanced technological know-how, although she would quickly have to realise there was a long way for her to get that operational ever again. Meanwhile, she took the opportunity to explore Earth and learn more about its inhabitants. She quickly adapted to Earth's environment although it was still eerily similar to her own. Tsune began to learn the languages and customs of humans, carefully studying the human species and their technologies and culture from a distance, until she finally found courage in properly interacting...

The Powers

Momentum Power Short Description:
Tsune's acceleration based abilities allows her to speed up or add momentum to her movements at will with said stored up momentum.

Momentum Power Longer Description:
Tsune is capable of storing up the momentum of the movements affected on her to later, when desired, to add on to movements she makes as a sort of amplifier, either to boost the speed of which the movements are performed, or the momentum the movement carries with it.
(Example with a simple punch. Either she makes the arm punch quicker or the impact of the punch would be higher as if it came in with a higher built up momentum)

The way she stores up momentum to later use to accelerate her movements, is by removing momentum of actions or other situations she's made or been in. This could for example be done by beating up a punching bag really hard repeatedly, but instead of the impact which would normally push the bag back being present, the punches would physically do nothing and instead be stored up within her body for later. That is when she can accelerate the movement with part of- or all of the stored up momentum she had saved for later.

Tsune is fortunate enough to come from a place out beyond where the everyday technology is much more advanced than that of the earth's, and a lot of that is common knowledge to her. That in mind, Tsune can apply that knowledge to make the mundane objects of human society into advanced supercomputers if given the time, tools and components to do so with little to no problem, or should technology try to hold her back, her computer wits would leave any such thing a minor obstacle as long as there is an access point to hack into.

Rabbit-like Physiology:
As a last but not least power in her tool belt, Tsune too has quite a strong body, able to move swiftly, jump high and perform quite a wide range of acrobatic feats with ease that a regular human being would either require a lot of training for, if they even could ever reach the point of athletic prowess at all that Tsune's physiologic body lets her perform, barely breaking a sweat. Especially her legs are the primary powerful limbs on her body, packing quite a ''punch'' in order to make her move around like she does.

The Weaknesses

The momentum limitations:
The greatest weakness of her acceleratory powers lies within its limit of capacity, meaning that once she's used up all the momentum she had have stored up for later self accelerations, her movements can no longer further accelerate her until she have once again managed to store up some more momentum. If she were to try and accelerate beyond that, she would completely exhaust herself in no time.

Backfiring Hazard:
If any one of her limbs are significantly hurt, trying to use her acceleratory powers on that limb, or on a limb that's an extension to said hurt limb, (like if the left shoulder is badly injured, her left hand would be such an extension for example) the power sent into that limb has a 50/50 percent chance to backfire on her, and instead hurt the limb even further as a result.

Fiends with the Floral:
As a more silly but still very much so potentially problematic weakness of Tsune's, her alien origins do not support the ingestion or inhaling of Pollen, effectively making her Pollen allergic. Effects of such allergic reactions can range between excessive sneezing, clogged airways making breathing more difficult or itchy eyes, all depending on the specifics of the situation where significant amounts of pollen was interacted with. While in itself it's not a huge weakness, it can severely hinder and challenge Tsune in serious situations.

The Items

The 'Coopers':
The name of her personal Cane-Rifle-like weapons, able to shoot small energy blasts for some wide range attacks in the off chance situations, and a general combative shortrange weapon and/or grabbling tool. That said, The Coopers each needs a cooldown period of a narrative 15 minutes between each round of 3 shots, making them more effective as a sniping tool or emergency shooting rather than a regular longrange weapon that can usually be quickly reloaded. Carrying two of these weapons, she can dual wield them, or use them separately as she pleases. (character image depicts her holding one of them)

Pop-out Toolbox:
One of her most versatile inventions from her homeplace is the toolbox with any handheld tool a tinkerer like Tsune could dream of within the very compactable box that could fit in the pocket of a pair of jeans when fully folded together. Nifty!

The Minions

Currently N/A

The Fluff

Currently N/A

The RP Sample

"Aaaaaaand... BLAMMO!"
Tsune let out a cocky, hearty chuckle while her spinning kick sent the towering creature flying, scraping it's back across the cemented roads and leaving an indented trail every time it skipped across it. She was confident, though it was not without it's merit. This was not the first time, nor likely the last time the young female Laporin would need to chase these horrid monsters out of time, even though the general populace had mixed feelings about her and her destructiveness.

The energy still surged within her very being. There was still loads more stored up momentum to blast left in her, though it would seem she'd likely be needing all of it as she finally peered behind her to see the next barrage of the monsters getting ready to pounce on her all at once. Tsune sighed, this was not on the list of things she had planned on doing today, but what do you do when danger quite literally comes knocking on your door? You don't just close it again, or they'll just smash it in instead.

Her leg raised up, getting ready to send yet another horizontal spin-kick in the direction of the hoard, biding her time until the right moment so she could hit as many in as few strikes possible as she could. When your powers have a defined capacity and your opponent is abundant in numbers, your best tactic is to be conservative with what you've got.

The energy flowed strongly through her leg, and the second the creatures were within reach, Tsune spun her hip around, letting her upper body lag behind in the spin before facing them once again, her heel swiping across their chests.


She called out, the momentum kicking up the power significantly causing the monsters to go flying back towards the next wave, making them topple over each others like a set of bowling pins. Tsune just simply smirked, honestly enjoying herself in the moment despite the apparent threat that was posed.

"Had enough yet, guys? If so, please retreat peacefully and in an orderly fashion! I have a schedule to return to if you wouldn't mind..."

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Raifuru Tsune Empty Re: Raifuru Tsune

Post by Nate6595 June 21st 2024, 10:19 am

Hey there, only need a small addition! Just need a weakness for (sly) Coopers! Doesn't need to be anything huge, something like a battery life or reload time or something like that.

Once that gets added in you'll be good to go!
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Raifuru Tsune Empty Re: Raifuru Tsune

Post by Nate6595 June 21st 2024, 10:40 am

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Number of posts : 675
Location : New York!
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Raifuru Tsune Empty Re: Raifuru Tsune

Post by Sponsored content

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