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Damien Empty Damien

Post by Demonhunter April 8th 2023, 11:09 pm


"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name:Dam’ein Bao-lin
Villain Name: Revenant
Title:The first
Alignment:Lawful Evil
Age: 543
Gender: Male
Race:Reaver/ Black Beast Scion
Height:6ft 5in
Blood type: N/a

The Looks

The Personality

Damien is the full result of humanity’s scorn. What started out as the first willing warrior for humanity’s wellbeing was warped over 500 years of continuingly worse and worse treatment. The hurt turns to fury and rage and eventually bred a reaver with not only the capacity to harm humanity, but one with the desire to see the human race’s extinction. In Damien’s mind humanity is a plague and only reavers really qualify as ‘people’ and they are owed reparation from them. This reparation will come in the form of blood as all humans will either be killed for their resistance or kept as servants to their betters for the rest of their natural lives. Their children were to be taken from them and converted to Reavers to live a happy life as they deserved.

This was a crack dream for most of Damiens life, powerless as all reavers were against the machine that was Dis’s theocracy. This was until his apparent death at the hands of a pit fiend he’d been forced into fighting. With his last breath he cursed humanity with every foul work he could think of, wishing them all dead and rotting as he felt they all deserved. Or rather as they felt HE had deserved. Then the Black Beast showed up offering all he ever wanted and more. What was once just a power fantasy became a reality he swore to fervently pursue.

The Story

In every story there is always a first, and the story of Dis started with Damien.

December 24th 1680, the city of Rome and 100 miles of surrounding areas are suddenly swallowed up into a wormhole caused by the striggan and dumped out into the horror that is Dis. It’s citizens who were at the time in a renaissance, descended into a dark age as it’s citizens found themselves terrorized by the demonic creatures native to the new world. As it’s population dwindled, Rome found itself desprate enough to trust a Witch that was soon to be burned as her promises to provide them with a defense against the darkness began to seem more and more necessary. Her name was Fiora Del Rosso, a witch saved by her wit and arcane ability, from her dress she produced a book most profane called the Devil’s bible. She ordered a dozen horses and a dozen corpses of slain babes as well as a multitude of materials redacted from Dis’s archives and through trial and error… created the what was referred to as a Nephilim in the book named Dam’ien Bao-lin, or Damien as she lovingly named him. Dam’ien was the first “reaver” as the church did not appreciate the term ‘nephilim’, he was taught english to speak with his creators and was essentially Dis’s very own superhero. Humans showered him and his soon to follow kin with love, adoration and gratitude. It was hard and many of his kind died soon after spawn due to the dangers of Dis, but to him it was worth it. She was worth it too.

Dam’ien and his creator had become close, helping her come up with ways to create more diverse reavers to help with Dis’s needs and growing a close bond. As time went on, Fiora’s natural lifespan was spent and she died an elderly woman in her bed at 70 years old, a gaggle of witches under her tutelage taking up the mantle and leaving a grief stricken Damien to carry on her wishes to protect Dis. However over time, as the humans who remembered what life before the reavers also died of age and their children, far too spoiled by the relative safety the reavers provided grew more and more unappreciated with each generation as the church’s reach surged in. Reavers went from loved protectors to being viewed as a necessary evil. He saw rights being stripped and even the assertion that his kind did not have emotions. His love of humanity soured year by year as he watched his brothers and sisters burn after devoting their afterlife to save the humans who loathed their existence.

Damien found himself day dreaming of a day reavers could take power, forcing the humans to look up to them again… but this time as leaders rather than equals, as justified by their centuries of cruel treatment. Never did he think death would serve him with the opportunity to do just that.

He caught a silver blade through the chest, turning him to dust and seemingly dying but instead finding himself amongst an endless void and being promised great power over not just Dis.. but another plane just across the void, under the circumstances he bring this world to it’s knees for the Beast’s consumption. It was a no brainer for him.He gladly accepts, finding his body finding it’s bones and reconstructing just as the church takes him in for the rant he’d gone on in his dying moment. He’d cursed humanity with his last breath and now was sentenced to burn for it…

However he didn’t immolate as planned, rather he cackles as he breaks his chains and causes mass chaos on ash row’s pyres, slaughtering inquisitors and clergy alike. Damien stands amongst the flames, extending a hand to the shocked reavers set to guard humanity, promising to help them escape their slavery and take power. Thus the order of Ash was born, a group of reavers with a faith in Damien so zealously, they began to appear as a religion, converting reavers left and right as the tale of his survival on the pyre was told to more and more reavers. However, Damien has a promise to fill first. Before he could save Dis, he had to cripple earth.
The Powers

Damien started out as a reaver thus he got the standard reaver loadout abilities, however, due to his ascension via the black beast, his basic abilities have been enhanced:

Durability: Damien is damn near indestructible, resistant to almost all kind of damage magic or otherwise due to his black beast corruption. Damien can withstand fire with immunity due to the black beast holding his soul within his body.

Healing Factor: The most fundamental piece of a reaver would be their healing factor. Damien’s healing factor has been kicked into overdrive. Damien can heal and move at the same time like no other reaver can. His healing is so advanced that his can reduce wounds in minutes.

Devil Sight: Reavers have the eyesight of the Dis creatures they’re bred from. They do not see the world as shapes and objects, rather unoccupied space is black and inanimate objects are white.The closer the object the brighter it is. However, living beings with souls show up as a silhouette of their body with colorful light being emitted from them. Their souls. Damien’s devils sight has been kicked up a notch to not only allow him to see souls, but to see complex details about it, specifically it’s weaknesses. Damien always knows just how to hurt people both physically and emotionally and can strike to the very soul of what makes a person tick with words, manipulation or magic.

Strength/Speed: Damien can dead sprint at 1350 mph and due to his reaver endurance he never actually tires either. He can lift up to 25 tonnes.

Rotating class list: Damien is knowledgeable on the three most conventional subclasses and due to the black beast he can change subclasses,weapons and armor at will.

-Dreadnaught- Dreadnaughts are large and tanky and he is armed with black full plate armor.
Weapon ability: A Dreadnaught equipped with a warhammer deals concussive blows. This weapon ignores any and all resistances, armor and durability to smash flesh and bone.
Subclass ability:A dreadnought has the ability to, while mounted, charge 50 feet in a direction and overpower anything standing in it’s way. The charge is unstoppable and moves at his mount’s improved top speed of 90 miles per hour. Nothing can stay standing in his way and anything within it’s scope.

-Colossus Slayer- Colossus slayers are fast, lightly armored cavalry meant to deal damage to larger and more heavily armored creatures than themselves.
Weapon ability: A Colossus Slayer has a pair of scythes that shreds to the soul, dealing damage directly to the creature’s essence of being, cleaving it from it’s body and reducing a soul to dust with each slash.
Subclass ability: Due to the advancement the black beast gave him, Damien can dash up to 80 feet in any direction, dealing damage on the flyby. He can also teleport between his scythes instantly or call them back to him.

-Skirmisher- A skirmisher’s job is to get into a unit and cause chaos amongst it’s ranks, often fighting many enemies at once or taking on enemy elites in mutual combat. They are moderately armored and focus on many v. one scenarios.

Weapon ability: A skirmisher’s short sword slashes healing down with each cut, slowing any and all healing factors from any source down with each hit. Due to the black beast these effects are permanent.
Subclass ability: Skirmishers, while mounted, can turn incorporeal for up to thirty seconds to get into position. Damien can do this onces every three minutes due to his black beast buffs.
Zagan- Zagan is Damien’s mount, linked to him as all reaver’s horses are. Zagan has some free will, but cannot directly disobey Damien. He is called into this world through the smashing of a glass figurine and is an unkillable mount that can only be sent back to the pit from which it came via massive amounts of damage. Zagan is, however, also touched by the black beast. He can take Damien with him into the void when he travels allowing him to move from plane to plane at his own volition.

Scion abilities
Teleportation- Damien can teleport anywhere in sight at will.

Aura of Terror- A reaver’s natural ability to exude and aura of uneasiness gets kicked up to the next level when the black beast’s powers corrupted him further. Within 30 feet of Damien, he has a constant passive effect of maddening terror. People may pluck out their own eyes so as not to look at him, gouge out their ears so as not to hear his voice or even kill themselves to escape his horrible presence. It is a great act of mental fortitude to withstand this feeling.

Gaseous Death: Damien can exhale a horrible gaseous form of what is essentially the bile of the black beast himself, dissolving not the bodies but the souls of enemies around him, reducing them to nothing but an immaculate corpse and a fine powder called ‘remnant’ which is akin to the atom of matter except when souls are involved. Souls reduced to remnant are unrecoverable through any means except the Call of the Void ability. The gas starts on him and expands rapidly to 50 feet around him, then slowly at a rate of ten miles per hour for another hour, meaning he can wipe ten miles clean of their souls within an hour.

Call of the Void: Damien is currently the only reaver capable of necromancy. All he could do prior to the black beast was create more reavers the traditional way out of corpses. However the black beast took this skill to the extreme, granting him perfect necromancy. Damien can pull creatures from the void into this world through the use of remnant he gathers through turning souls to dust through either Gaseous Death or a Colossus Slayer’s scythe. The remnant can be used to force monsters from any other plane through a tear in the void, typically demons from hell or abjurations from the void. Any horrific monstrosity he can think of can be called in to aid him fully under his control.

A secondary effect of Call of the Void is through his reaver creation. From this Damien has two options, He can turn a willing candidate into a 1st generation reaver in which they become just a normal reaver with free will and autonomy to do anything except directly harm him, or he can turn an unwilling candidate into a mindless, monstrous second generation reaver that is fully under his control.

This of course means Damien can perform a perfect resurrection, pulling souls out of the nothingness by gathering their remnant and forcing it either back into their bodies or into another body. Creatures created in this way retain their personalities, however they have no ability to disobey their creator and must do anything he demands.

The Weaknesses

Silver- Silver is the only type of damage Revenant is not resistant to. His ascension has made it no longer toxic to him, however it is just as capable of damaging him as a normal weapon would human flesh.

Trapped within himself- Damien’s healing factor is excellent, however, if he finds himself impaled and unable to remove the impalement, his healing factor will overload itself and revert to the standard reaver issue healing factor until the stake is removed. This could feasibly trap him within his own body if it never gets removed and he must go catatonic.

The Soulless- An enemy with no soul is an enemy Revenant cannot read. None of his tricks involving souls will work on anyone who does not possess one. His Gaseous Death, his ability to cut through one’s essence, none of it is of any use if anyone doesn’t have a soul. Even still, they can be difficult to see and can throw off his visual reading in terms of where that creature is.

Holy water- He still has a hell of an allergy to the stuff that did not go away or regress. It still turns his skin to dust and if in contact with him for too long will corrode his flesh.

Loyal to the cause- Damien is sympathetic to reavers, even if they do not share his ideals. He views them as brainwashed and creatures that have internalized their self-hatred so deeply that only once his goals are complete will they begin to heal. This being said, he will never lethally harm another reaver, even if it benefits him greatly to do so. He may even be willing to listen to some reason from them, so long as it does not ultimately hinder his goal of making humanity pay for their mistreatments.

Unwilling conscription- A person who is unwilling to become a second generation reaver must be killed before they can be converted. If they had powers/abilities/were not human before conversion, some of their abilities could interfere or boost them depending on a case by case basis.
Hurled from the Void- Souls that were forced from the void must have come from destruction of the soul. Souls that are destroyed are reduced to remnants and their complex structures are shattered into dust. Damien can only reconstruct that soul if they were reduced down, if they went on to whatever afterlife they may have gone to, they are out of his scope.

Escaping the ranks- A soul restructured can only escape if someone manages to shatter their soul and piece it back together again. It is incredibly complex magics that only the best mages are capable of and the process is both expensive and time consuming, however this means some heavier units can be stolen from him. This is difficult as the enthralled person must be present for the ritual, meaning they have to be physically stolen from Damien in order to break his hold.

Radiance- Radiant damage is the only damage type Revenant is not resistant to. This damage type affects him normally.

Mental Fortitude- Those with high mental fortitude can resist the self-harming aspect of Damien’s Aura of terror, however fully escaping at least the fear and unnerving takes extreme acts of will power.

Devil sight- Devil sight becomes far less effective at close range. Objects less than three feet from Damien's face clip through and become almost invisible. Therefore moments before getting struck in the head, the incoming threat is invisible and harder to dodge.
The Items

Zagan’s figurine- Typical reaver fashion, glass horse that when dropped summons in Zagan. Appears in pocket after Zagan is dismissed.
Dreadnought loadout:
Dreadnaught Warhammer
Heavy lance
Iron mace
Ebony plate mail
Colossus slayer loadout:
Colossus slayer Scythes
Ethereal bow
Light leather armor
Silver-lined whip.
Skirmisher Loadout:
Skirmisher Short sword
Throwing axes
Ebony half-plate mail
The Minions

-Ash Order Zealots- An order of reavers who support his cause willingly and will fight for their ‘freedom.’
-1st generation reavers- Reavers created from people who are loyal or children, they are considered elites and are typically ash order commanders.
-2nd generation reavers- Reavers created from unwilling humans older than 2 years old. They are mindless and more demon-like than reavers. These are fully under Damien’s control.

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Damien Empty Re: Damien

Post by Arcana April 10th 2023, 4:21 pm

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