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Post by Viremine October 22nd 2022, 10:42 am



The Bio

Real Name: FREE_BIRD
Villain Name: FREE_BIRD
Title: The Mistake
Alignment: Chaotic Evil?
Age: 1 Week
Gender: N/A
Race: Robot
Hair: N/A
Eyes: White Lights
Height: 6 ft 9
Weight: 330 Pounds
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Its left hand is instead a device resembling a small tesla coil encircled by two rings floating around it, at its end is a metal orb on a short rod.

The Personality

FREE_BIRD being a machine animated by chaotic energies does not have what one could describe being a conventional personality if it could be described as having one at all.

FREE_BIRD is odd. Despite having a solid goal, and being a machine, it seems to act In a rather illogical and inefficient way, doing things seemingly at random and approaching its goal like a rollercoaster.

The Story

After a rager of a level near incomprehensible to the mind of a sane man, in Maine, a junior engineer Matthew Winterson walks several hours to a nearby scrap yard and proceeds to, over the course of a single night, construct something that could barely be called a machine.

A nearby chaos entity of unknown power and origin finds this mildly amusing and proceeds to grant the construct both "intelligence" and "power" beyond what it ever could have hoped to achieve, if it could hope.

Springing to life the machine, now christened FREE_BIRD, asks for an order. Matthew, both surprised and high out of his mind, jokingly says "I dunno, kill the president or something?" after having acquired the location of said president FREE_BIRD went running off in that direction the young engineer passing out behind it.

The Powers

FREE_BIRD has been granted the strength of a machine several letter grades above him, he is capable of smashing through brick walls, lifting cars, and bending steel with ease.

FREE_BIRD likewise is capable of shrugging off common bullets and even small explosions. it is naturally immune to the effects of poisons and illness. Water has no effect on him, and he has resistance to heat, though will still melt at extreme temps, such as the heat of lava.

FREE_BIRD has been granted a regenerative effect no machine should have.  Scratches heal near instantly, and small wounds heal in seconds, though major wounds such as limb loss, may take from half an hour to an hour to heal. This effect also renders him immune to rusting, and general disrepair due to age. It does not require conventional energy to function.

FREE_BIRD may, after a couple of seconds of charge up, fire a laser beam composed of chaos energy from the contraption on its left hand, this beam will melt most any common material in seconds.  FREE_BIRD may control the width of the beam, though this does not affect its power. The melted materials it leaves behind are oddly cold and in fact, let off what appears to be cold steam in large amounts, breathing in this steam may result in minor hallucinogenic effects, and will increase chances of getting cancer later in life. This steam-producing effect obviously fades as the melted substances warm up.

The Weaknesses

FREE_BIRD is limited to at most a brisk jog and inexplicably does not know how to use doors. It also cannot jump.

FREE_BIRD has less than stellar reflexes and has a hard time catching thrown objects, or throwing objects far. It tends to block hits with its face. Its laser can either be controlled slow but precisely or fast and without precision, there is no in-between.

FREE_BIRD, due to its origins in chaotic energy, tends to act randomly and violently drawing attention towards itself and taking roundabout ways of achieving its goal, sometimes doing detrimental things mid-combat or visiting a coffee shop after having committed several acts of murder. It also tends to kill a lot of people along the path it treads.

The Items

Its left hand.

The Minions


The Fluff

FREE_BIRD can produce comical sound effects, recreate other people's voices when quoting them, and sometimes quotes things it would have had no possible way of hearing.

FREE_BIRD can create light sources, and produce basic objects for the purpose of comedy.

The steam, and laser of FREE_BIRD smell like freshly roasted coffee.

The RP Sample

The smell of coffee fills the air, and strange gashes mar the faces of the building around and the pavement composing the streets leaking cold steam, said streets are empty except for the occasional pile of slag, and the police force currently surrounding something assumed to be the cause for all this chaos.

Standing at 6ft 9 a contraption describable as a robot stands. Its face is composed of what appears to be a welding mask, behind which shines two pinpricks of light.

The police order the contraption to stand down or otherwise, they would kinetically launch several tons of lead at the machine through tiny explosions in the barrels of their funny sticks. FREE_BIRD still found the idea comical, though it did not know what it meant, comical seemed to be the correct descriptor.

Stepping forward despite the men in blue's instructions, the machine known as FREE_BIRD was berated by many rounds of ammunition, in order to end this annoyance FREE_BIRD began charging its Chaos_Lazer. The construct raises its left arm revealing that rather than a hand at its end there was instead an odd contraption, appearing to be a tesla coil surrounded by rings and tipped with a metal orb.

As strange energy begins to run down the outside of the laser weapon the smell of coffee in the air intensifies and light wiring can be heard. Suddenly, in a brilliant flash, a beam of energy is shot from the metal orb at the tip of the weapon reducing officer and vehicle alike to a fine slurry as the robot moves the beam across the line of law keepers. Bullets are liquified midair and the police in front of it are no longer there.

The remaining police behind FREE_BIRD run off and call for reinforcements of a superior variety. Meanwhile, FREE_BIRD looks into nowhere and imitates a shrug while a laugh track plays from somewhere and a slide whistle is heard.

"TALK ABOUT water sports AM I FACTUALLY CORRECT?" the machine utters, ending the strange display before continuing on its way to Maryland.

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Post by Zonkes February 2nd 2023, 6:34 pm

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