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Cherry  Empty Cherry

Post by Lucky November 14th 2021, 8:34 am


"Everyone's best girl"

Cherry  XsS8eXs

The Bio:

Real Name: Chienna "Cherry" Napolez
Hero Name: Cherry Bomb
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Filipina Manananggal
Hair: Platinum white
Eyes: Soft red
Height: 172 cm / 5'6 ft (89 cm - detached)
Weight: 130 lbs (65 lbs - detached)
Blood type:

The Looks:

Cherry  XCWhOZr

Cherry is a naturally attractive young woman who uses heavy makeup to enhance her features. She has physical traits of a mananangal; pointy ears, devil-horns, claws, and fangs. She has soft natural platinum white hair which is always, if not most times, seen flowing down her back.
All of Cherry's wardrobe has to be designer branded. Red is a staple color in her character. Her clothes have to be simple so the peasants anyone can recreate it but always glittered or bedazzled in the most unique way. Her outfits will always show her abdomen for easy use of her mananangal abilities.

The Personality:

Snooty, bratty & conceited. You can say all you want to Cherry but she will never change. Cherry is an ambitious young woman that would go through great lengths in achieving anything that she wants. She does not tolerate the slightest bit of failure of herself. She will boast about every single achievement she has gained and is a very sore loser when things don’t go her way.

Cherry is aware that she can ”sometimes” be quite overbearing so she hides her true colors in a facade of friendliness and ingenuine kindness towards others.

One of her favorite quotes: "My fans are what make of me. I love each and everyone of you." ---  "Don't touch me."

The Story:

Chienna “Cherry” Napolez was a child born into prestige, wealth and a line of succession. She was the youngest daughter of the Napolez family. A name that presidentially reigned over the Philippines for more than half a century. Expected to continue the dynasty, the Napolez children were encouraged to study law, however Cherry had different things in mind. Although she was always inclined towards fame, money and power, it was never in a political sense.

For years, she has been competing against her older sibling. In battles of wits and intelligence, compared to her cunning sibling, Cherry felt short handed. Essentially, when the time comes, only one of them could be made a campaign for. And, sadly, it looked as if Cherry didn’t stand a chance. Frustration had grown into her but she didn’t let it fester any longer. Since the eldest would cover the role for the next line of presidency, Cherry went to pursue a different career. One she actually dreams of -- a career that will surely make people admire her across the country and around the world.

She left her family. The young manananggal made the decision that she did not want any correlation with the Napolez name. Unlike her older sibling, Cherry had built her career from the ground up.

Earning success through already founded succession was no success at all. Her sibling was a leech and a public slave had they pursued their career. Cherry, on the other hand, believed she could be a god --- accumulate fame, money and power more than her sibling could ever do.


Cherry began her debut as a pop idol. She used her manananggal prowess to enhance her popularity and character. Like wildfire, her appearance spread throughout the country and she became a star sensation at the age of 15. Her tickets, shows, and merchandise instantly sold out. Despite having many hardships along the way, Cherry remained persistent in sustaining her popularity all the while gaining more attention.

She sang. She danced. She acted. Cherry was cast in many music videos, movies and telenovelas; eventually her face was on the cover of TV, billboards and magazines. Any news outlet uttered her name, it was a magnet for success and anyone mentioned the word “Cherry”, her face was the first thought you’d see. The young woman would not stop until she had it all. The media ate her up like an obsession and she savored every bite they took.


The  pop-idol’s fame was skyrocketing and it was only the beginning. And as she turned the age of 18, she could finally be taken seriously until a great obstacle blocked her path. The problem was bigger than she had imagined, too enormous for her to control.

Like a bolt of lightning, sudden news spread. Cherry’s father who was the president at the time was caught laundering billions of government taxes and immediately a revolution occurred against the Napolez who were sitting pretty in government mansions.

The country men; young and old, poor and rich riled up to their doorsteps. Anyone who bore the Napolez name had the risk of getting their lives in danger, including the innocent Cherry.  At a blink of an eye, her career shifted. The rising star was found plummeting to the ground.

People believed she had just bought her success through stolen riches. They wanted her hard work to be torn to shreds. They wanted her to be left in the rubble. Embarrassingly enough, Cherry found herself begging for the hate to stop but all hope was already lost. She was never a part of this scheme. For the longest time, she had no association with her family. She left.

News outlets brigaded her doorstep for interviews. Her billboards were vandalized with harsh graffiti on them. She cried out but nobody cared to listen. Desperately, she wanted it ingrained in their skulls that she left.

For such extreme treason, the possibility of death penalty weighed above the Napolez heads. Whatever fortune you may find it to be, it never proceeded. The president was assassinated. The first lady was exiled. The rest of the Napolez had the choice to continue residing in the country to be shunned or escape the madness and leave.


For a long time, Cherry hid. She isolated herself from the events happening outside. She wasted many of her days simply lying in bed, crying, listening to uninvited reporters outside her door and watching her fame and career crash violently on her phone. “Due to recent events, we are no longer partnered with Chienna Napolez” It seems every company has their own unique way of stating that phrase.

She looked through --what felt like-- billions of strangers' accounts. The individuals who once idolized her are now heavily against her. Each and every account she saw, her heart sank a little deeper. The thought of ending it all was a recurring yet welcomed thought but she never had the courage to actually attempt it.

Instead, she scrolled, day in and day out, reading insults through insults, like an obsessive. Until an epiphany came, by all the people that could offend her, why should she let the peasants decide what she should feel. They shouldn’t have control over her. She shouldn’t let her depression engulf her this far. Cherry begged the question every time she saw a random person on the internet paint her in a bad light “What makes you think you are better than me?”

The money laundering was never her fault. Being born by the world’s most corrupt politicians was never her fault. There was nothing, in her control, that made these people who insult Cherry better than her.

Cherry was a star --- she was wealthy and successful more than those peasants ever could dream of. As long as she is in control, she can retain everything she’s lost and more.

Her idol career has ended, she could not continue working in the same country that has tainted her image. Her new chapter begins-- she now focuses on becoming a hero, a profession more commendable, brave and honest than anything else. Finally, she packed her bags and set sail on a cruise ship, looking for the best place to settle while planning her next stardom.

The Powers:

Ang Manananggal
Cherry possesses the characteristics of a Philippine mythological creature known as the manananggal; complete with fangs, wings, devil-horns, sharp claws and a tendril-tongue.
Manananggals have bat wings emerging out of their backs and are able to be concealed whenever necessary; when hidden, the wings fold into their spine. These wings can provide freeform flight.

~Apex Predator
Manananggals have super strength which is 5 times of that a normal person. They can see crystal clear vision in the dark. As folklore suggested, in the night, these creatures would down hunt lonely men, women and children to feast on them. Manananggals would fly back to their dens with a human on each arm effortlessly.

In a crowd, Manananggals are almost indistinguishable amongst humans. Cherry's true form only becomes appearant when her body splits into two. During detachment, her senses become heightened and her base strength, accuracy and endurance doubled. Flight through this method grants her double her base speed.

Cherry's tongue is capable of stretching out and being manipulated with complete control as if it were another limb. She is able to sharpen and enhance the durability of her tongue, it is able to be used as a weapon.

~Healing Kiss
Unrelated to her Manananggal abilities, Cherry has a unique power that separates her from her succubus peers. Cherry's saliva has healing properties but has to be willingly secreted in order to work. When the activated healing properties comes in contact with a physical injury (cuts, bruises, broken bones, etc.) it heals said injury.

The Weaknesses:

~Blood hungry
Manananggals are strictly carnivorous; as such, Cherry is unable to digest anything other than meat, including water. She preys on animals and, if deemed necessary, humans as well.

Cherry can only be separated from her body for hours at a time. If she is detached from the lower half for too long, then she will begin to feel weak and gradually experience blood loss.

When detached from their lower half, Cherry is unable to control the separated lower half leaving her legs completely vulnerable to attack, although she is at least able to choose the position in which the abandoned portion is in just before detaching (the legs can remain standing, sitting, lying down, etc.)

Much like folklore, all types of Aswang, including Manananggals, are extremely susceptible to salt based attacks. When damaged by any salt based attack, Cherry suffers tremendous amount of pain. A great amount thrown at her could be fatal.

~Healing Kiss
Saliva must come in contact with the injury to heal it. Cherry can only use this ability in a limited amount of time until needed to re-hydrate. When power used excessively, her throat becomes dry, she becomes weak and is slowly unable to speak.

The Items:

Cherry  VW5SyfO

Name: Cherry Bomb suit
Description: Although light in appearance this entire outfit is made of kevlar weaved materials which provide the popstar with protection against attacks.

Cherry  Jab9Zi9

Name: Cherry's Meteor Hammer
Description: Cherry’s meteor hammer is a modernized design of its weapon. It is a single headed, heavy metallic ball with spikes surrounding it. It weighs 30 kg and is attached to a strong metal chain that is 15 meters in length.

On the handle of the Meteor Hammer is a special feature, there is a button she can press and a saw-like blade reveals itself around the sphere. This makes Cherry’s Meteor Hammer resemble a razor-sharp disc.

The Minions:

The Fluff:

Cherry unknowingly releases a unique pheromone coming from her manananggal genes. These pheromones make the people around Cherry pay extra attention to her. For better or worse, these pheromones make Cherry irresistible to the average human. Naturally many heads turn to Cherry's direction.
Because of these pheromones Cherry easily attracts attention with her presence alone.

Despite having many haters, primarily in the Philippines, she still has a massive following. Every now and then she will be recognized by two to three random people in a thread occurring in a public setting. Her fame will gradually increase, the more ‘hero renown’ she has.

The RP Sample:

“Let go of me!” Her nails instinctively dug into the skin of his arms that gripped tightly on the collars of her jacket. The scent of iron came into their senses. She was lifted off of her feet, an unsettling familiar feeling quickly washed over her body, it had made sense for her to suddenly tremble as a reaction. A memory flashed before her eyes; Two people. Only two people needed to barricade Akali, a helpless little girl’s way of escaping, one would threaten her to return to her prison, the other assailant would remind her of their ownership over her.
“This is Sasaki-gumi territory…” A man’s voice arised the attention of the three crooks. “Maou”’s heart pounded at the recollection. The crook felt “Maou”’s hands shiver, noticed her glow gradually dimmed but his focus was fixated on the man who interrupted their personal business.
Akali was a slave, the victim of greed obsessed with obtaining power, countless wanted to selfishly shackle her for themselves alone. Akali was treated like livestock which was how she had died.
“And in our territory sheeps like you get slaughtered when they don’t follow rules.” “Maou” was never treated like such before and she will never accept it.
She loosened her grip on the crook and put her hands to her chest. And managed to ink herself in a matter of seconds, each hand a tattoo. Years of inking had paid off whenever her hands seemed to move automatically. It was a mistake to give “Maou” that open opportunity, she could thank the man later who distracted them. The crook impetuously tried to keep “Maou” at his grip. She maneuvered her arms to her front and back. A brilliant orange shine from her chest emerged from the gloom, instantaneously a gust of wind unexpectedly discharged from the palms of her hand that would knock off the leader to plummet onto the ground, his associates thrusted to the walls of this narrow alleyway and the unknown man behind her five meters away.
It was aggression Akali lacked in order to escape, “Maou” had learned.
Without a moment’s thought, she sprinted ahead before they could compose themselves, a purely white glow began to emanate beside the other temporary tattoo. Her movements became swiffer. When she was a few places left to the dead end she leaped as high as she could and in mid-air she propelled herself forwards with the wind to aid, she brought her hands ahead of her, that seemed to stretch up into the skies. Thick webs shot of her hands which levered onto the rails of an escape ladder, the white glow flared stronger.
“Don’t let her get away!” One of them rose to their feet, the one with the acid quirk began to melt holes to grip on, then started climbing on the walls, attempting to reach “Maou”.
“Maou” had swung under then over, her landing on the metal floor thundered almost deafening. She glanced at the one scrambling to her and ignored her attempts. Pathetic. “Maou” started ascending to the stairs.
She had left the criminals in masks to the unknown man. Two people were blocking his way, then the leader attempted to grab him to ask. “Just who the hell are you?!”

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Cherry  Empty Re: Cherry

Post by Zonkes November 20th 2021, 9:48 am


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