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Turmoil x Vexus(Untitled Topic)

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Turmoil x Vexus(Untitled Topic) Empty Turmoil x Vexus(Untitled Topic)

Post by FriedPotatoesNeverFaygos April 17th 2016, 11:41 pm

The steady sound of water dripping echoed throughout Turmoil’s old house. It resounded through him, making him shake as if he were cold. His hands were caked in blood that had dried long ago, turning to a dark maroon. He had blacked out again. All he’d heard was Olivia’s voice, steadily telling him what to do. There were short flashes of what had happened in his mind. He remembered killing the child; that wouldn’t leave him, no matter what he did, and he knew that he’d have nightmares about it if he could get to sleep. It’d been two days since the family that had moved into his father’s house had come home. The mother had screamed and the father had prepared to fight him. After that he lost it all. Everything had turned to a mixture of black and red. Black from the things he couldn’t remember, red from the things he did. He’d woken up covered in their blood, and the mother was tied up and gagged inside of a closet with a bruise on her head from a hit she’d taken from his bo staff but he’d been too afraid to face her after what he’d done. Olivia was trying to speak to him, but he’d made a serious effort to tune her out. He couldn’t find the words to express himself to her at this point in time. He was tired of killing like this. She kept claiming it was a necessity, but his uncle had taught him differently.
“That was before you became who you are now. If you want to find the men that killed your uncle then you HAVE to learn to kill without feeling like this.” Olivia’s words were true. Joseph Page was no longer the man that possessed this body. He was Turmoil now.  The blood-spattered mask had proven it. He sighed and stood up from the black recliner sitting in the living room of his old home, removing his mask and tossing it onto the table next to it. He went to the kitchen and stared at the refrigerator door where a drawing made by the child was hanging by a magnet, showing a large yellow flower sitting next to a dog. The flower and dog were both smiling and the child’s name was messily written in the corner of the picture. The child couldn’t have been much older than him and he’d ended his life like there was never going to be a future.
“There wasn’t one,” Olivia whispered, making him listen this time. “Fate is a beautiful thing. This is all part of a bigger plan, Turmoil. Just think about it.” Turmoil was still shaking as he reached up, ripping the picture from the refrigerator and crumpling it, tossing it to the floor like he had the child’s body. It meant something to him, but he wasn’t sure what. It made him feel better to ignore what he’d done. Turmoil opened the refrigerator and pulled a beer from it, popping open the cold beverage and taking a sip before making his way back to the recliner and sitting down, turning the TV on with a remote that sat on the table next to his mask. As he flipped through the channels and lazily sipped on his beer he heard a pounding on the door that made him jump, spilling a fair amount of beer onto his hoodie.
Turmoil slowly set the beer down on the table, picking up his mask and immediately tightening it around his head, covering his face and removing all emotion from his mind. There was no fear. There was no regret for what he’d done. It was only him. Turmoil. He bent down and picked his bo staff up from the ground in front of him just as a stern voice came through the door. “NYPD! Is there anybody at home? We saw your car out front!”
Olivia was ranting to him about how foolish he’d been to let this sort of thing happen, but in the back of his head he knew that killing these people had been HER plan, so she was simply yelling at him for doing her bidding. “E-Everyone’s fine!” he shouted back at the voice behind the door. There was silence on the other end and he breathed a sigh of relief. It’d worked. Olivia had gone silent, and Turmoil assumed that everything was fine.
“Something’s not right,” she whispered in his ear two seconds before the sound of shattering glass filled the house. The police had thrown tear gas in. Turmoil focused his energy and felt it flow through his hand as he turned into the same steel that his bo staff was made of. The door was kicked in and four cops marched in wearing gas masks and aiming guns at him. “He’s a Meta!” one shouted. It was far too late, though. Turmoil made his way towards the police officers, bullets glancing off of his body as his heavy footsteps shook the floor. He swung his staff, Olivia laughing loudly in his ear and screaming “Get them! Kill them all!” as it smashed into the side of one officer’s head, breaking the gas mask protecting the man from the tear gas he’d thrown in. Turmoil lifted his left leg, kicking another cop in the chest and crushing his ribs immediately, making the officer crumble to the floor with a loud “oof!”
Turmoil still felt the bullets bouncing off of his metallic body, small mosquito bites compared to what they’d be if he was in his normal body. He roared ferociously and swung his staff again, tripping up the officer that was suffocating in his broken mask before stomping his head and obliterating his skull. “Man down!” one of the cops screamed, “Call in backup! There’s a Meta! I repeat call—“ the officer was cut short as Turmoil’s bo staff made contact with his side, making a loud “thwack” noise and causing him to cry out in pain. Turmoil grabbed him by the throat and turned him towards the three officers still firing at him, feeling the body jump in his hand as the bullets penetrated his soft skin. Turmoil laughed along with Olivia and tossed the body at the remaining officers before stomping his way to the kitchen and opening the refrigerator. The policemen were still recovering as Turmoil grabbed a beer and popped it open, raising it to his lips before he was thrown into the wall by a huge blast.
Olivia was screeching loudly—or was that his head? Regardless he couldn’t hear anymore. He looked up, still in a daze. There was an officer with a large shotgun in his hand aiming directly at him. Turmoil stood up, taking another shotgun blast and realizing that his steel body was starting to deteriorate due to the blasts. He knew he wouldn’t be able to take many more. He glanced around quickly and crawled to the sink, opening the bottom of it and grabbing a half-empty bottle of bleach and throwing it at the officer. The bleach burst as it bounced off of the officer and hit the floor, spilling its contents all over the place. Turmoil took another blast before shakily standing up and running towards the officer. Just as the other man raised his gun Turmoil fell, letting himself slide on the kitchen tiles before hitting the man in the legs and snapping his tibia in half. There was a quick scream, but it was ended by more terribly aimed gunshots.
“You think you’d have stopped firing after the first few didn’t work!” Turmoil shouted as he picked up the fallen shotgunner’s weapon and ending the last of the officers with three short blasts. There were more sirens in the distance and Olivia was shouting in his ear. “We don’t have time for this,” she said frantically, trying to get him to leave as soon as possible. Turmoil ran to the front door and bent down, touching the cheek of one of the dead officers and slowly turning back to his human self. He removed his mask and stashed it on the inside of his hoodie before running through the neighborhood.

An hour later he was sitting in an alleyway, shivering and looking at everyone that passed him with a new, more paranoid set of eyes. He was injured from the shotgun blasts as they’d carried over to his fleshy form. They were more shallow wounds, but they were still painful. He hadn’t looked at his mask to see if there was any damage, but his clothes were torn due to the gunshots. He’d have to figure something out about his clothes. He didn’t think they made bullet proof thread, so he’d either have to invest in an excess amount of black pants and hoodies or he’d have to pick up sewing. Olivia was still mad at him for letting this happen, but he couldn’t care less at this point. He was angry. Angry that he’d had to kill so many people. Angry that the police had come to HIS house just like the family he’d killed. He was tired of everyone attempting to run him over. He was strong like his bo staff. He was steel. In his mind Turmoil was indestructible.

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Turmoil x Vexus(Untitled Topic) Empty Re: Turmoil x Vexus(Untitled Topic)

Post by Elena Vexus April 19th 2016, 10:30 pm

"We have a report... The agent following Joseph Page is now deceased."
Elena rolled her eyes as she dramatically turned her large chair around, sipping her tea.
"Was he not the one who was part of the police force now? How did he manage to go down?"

"Info says that he had his ribs kicked in. The boy had modified his body to the consistency of steel."

"Ah. Yes. I can see how that would most certainly put someone down..." Elena took another sip of her tea before standing up.
"Make the preparations, we'll be going to the scene."

"Yes, m'lady."


Elena Vexus arrived at the scene while the police were still investigating. She flipped them a badge while her General waited in the car. Entering the house it was clear that a cleaning crew had not yet entered the scene. She was looking for the body of the shadow she had given to Joseph. Another officer came in after her as she was looking at the carnage.
"Yeah... Total mess in here. I mean, there have been worse. Crazy kid dragged around bodies, beat so many of them within an inch of their life. Ugh, irks me so much. Ahem. I'm sorry, I'll let you continue."
"Thank you."
As he walked, Vexus followed a path of blood with her eyes. It seemed to trail off and stop at where another body had been. Elena found a door to the basement and made her way down. She could tell the authorities didn't do much besides move the body that had been in front of the door. There was nothing down here. Nothing had been moved, no sign of a struggle, anyone else would have agreed there was noting to be found down here. But Vexus knew better. She knew how her operatives worked. Soon enough Elena found a small door, something that much have been used for storage. Opening it, her spy tumbled out with a bunch of junk. She stumbled out as the poor man gasped for breath. Vexus immediately began to heal him, he would certainly have valuable information for her. Not to mention he had probably been there for hours, folded up so uncomfortably. Poor thing must have been in agonizing pain, and unable to speak a word.
He soon regained consciousness.
"Very good work, operative. What information can you tell me."
"Master Vexus! Of course. After the boy attacked, he fled the scene immediately. Reports claim to have seen him in the city." The man handed Elena the device he had used to keep tabs on the boy's location.
"Excelent. You have done well and shall be adequately compensated." the man closed his eyes and let out a sigh of relief. Elena placed a small device on his chest, and he was teleported safely to a undisclosed location.

Elena immediately made her way back to the car. With her bodyguard linked to her thoughts he already knew exactly where to head. The signal was wearing off quickly, she used the house as the primary method of tracking. However him being so far off made it difficult to pinpoint his location. Soon enough the parked in front of a rather sketchy looking alleyway.
"Yes, yes dear. That's him, good job."
Both Vexus and the General got out of the car. The cloaked seven foot mechanical monstrosity stood quietly as Elena walked closer towards Joseph. Her heels clicked and echoed with each step she took.
"Don't be alarmed... We are not here to harm you, Joseph. We are here to help..."
Elena outstretched her arm, while keeping a safe distance from the boy. A spell circle gold in color would glow underneath the child. It would then begin to heal his injuries, and interestingly enough, also repair his clothing.
"My name is Elena Vexus, and I believe are potential partnership will be able to greatly benefit the both of us..."
The was a dark yet soothing tone to his voice. Someone that understands his struggle because she's been there herself. A matronly figure, and someone to look up to yet fear all at the same time. It may come to him as confusing, but Elena's intentions at this very moment were not completely one sided.

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Elena Vexus
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Turmoil x Vexus(Untitled Topic) Empty Re: Turmoil x Vexus(Untitled Topic)

Post by FriedPotatoesNeverFaygos April 21st 2016, 5:55 pm

Turmoil was sitting in the alleyway still, talking to himself because Olivia seemed to be angry with him. He was still thinking over his own immortality out loud, only in the hopes that Olivia would give him some sort of opinion that he could work with. When she finally spoke it surprised him so bad that he jumped. “Turmoil,” her sweet voice whispered, “someone’s here.” Turmoil looked up, pulling his mask back down over his face in the same motion. A large robotic creature was exiting a really nice car next to a noticeably smaller blonde woman. She looked almost like a doll to Turmoil, and his heart filled with joy at the sight of her perfection. When the woman spoke his true name he flinched underneath his mask as if it’d hurt him and Olivia hissed in his ear. When the woman rose her hand and the golden circle appeared underneath him he felt energy coursing through him and looked down as his wounds were healed. The holes in his clothes that he’d worried about stitching over were also fixed, and he touched the places where they had once been in awe. This woman, this Elena Vexus was like him. Her soothing voice filled his head and almost drowned Olivia’s hissing out entirely, and it filled him with a comfort that he’d not felt since he was still training with his uncle.
“I-I don’t understand,” he said softly, “why do you feel the need to help me? Did you know my uncle?” In his mind he’d already answered the question simply by assuming that was how she’d known his real name. Olivia was speaking out against the giant robot at the woman’s car, and was attempting to convince Turmoil to attack it and the doll like woman, but he refused her demands so he could continue to speak to Elena.

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Turmoil x Vexus(Untitled Topic) Empty Re: Turmoil x Vexus(Untitled Topic)

Post by Sponsored content

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