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Hai Empty Hai

Post by Kavokan on April 9th 2016, 3:29 pm

Hello everyone. Recently I've been wanting to find a place to RP superheros and I thought I'd give this site a try. So, I look forward to seeing how this works out for me. If anyone has advice they could give I would really appreciate it. Wish me luck!

P.S. : I do have a few questions. Very Happy

What is the required/recommended/preferred post length?

How active is this site?

Is this set in an original universe, or in a comic book universe?

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Hai Empty Re: Hai

Post by Chellizard on April 9th 2016, 3:50 pm

I mean. If you check the "Latest Topics" section, you'll see how active it is.


We may be old, but we're active.

We expect you to be able to post relatively well - meaning we want punctuation, grammar - etc. But we don't necessarily have a post length requirement. 250+ is kind of what we expect. But more is good.

And this is an original universe... Haha.

A lot of your questions can be answered by general browsing of the rules, lore, and just mingling in the Cbox.

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Hai Empty Re: Hai

Post by Zell on April 9th 2016, 8:26 pm

Hai, Dozo!

  Welcome to SHRP! Super excited to have you with us! My name is Zell, or Si, or whatever you wanna call me (just make sure you let me know what that is so I can respond)!

  SHRP is actually a pretty active site, and honestly It's a great place for writers on any level, especially to get better or even just to mess around.

  The best advice I can give you is 4 things.


 2) Don't get discouraged by "larger than life" characters. Have fun just making the stories you want to make with other people! Plot is key!

 3) Try to post at a minimum of once a week. If you can't we understand and there is no "you must post this many times in order to be considered active" but if you stay more active there's a ton of equally active people who will keep up with you!

 4) As clichéd as this sounds... seriously just have fun! You don't always have to fight someone, and you don't always have to be the most social. But you should always try to have fun, no matter what kind of thread!

  As our head-admin stated all your questions are answered in the lore page, and the rules. Please be sure to visit that Razz

But as a direct response... No requirement on post length, and this is an original universe. No DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, etc.

  Hope to see you around!


Hai Samhai10

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