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Super Doctor Visits (Deluge and Dragon)

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Super Doctor Visits (Deluge and Dragon) Empty Super Doctor Visits (Deluge and Dragon)

Post by The Nekromonga on March 26th 2016, 4:17 am


Whenever Dragon Girl went on a mission, 50% chance it was Aliens, 50% chance ancient Nazi monsters, or 50% chance Elaine related. Today it was Aliens.
An alien beast that was exceptionally good at sneaking around, eating brains and hiding afterward was terrorizing a port neighborhood near the ocean. The police who investigated quickly joined the redecorate-the-interior-with- your-guts club, so of course Prodigy dispatched an appropriate response- Dragon Girl, who could track the creature, and Ryan, who... fought best in watery environments.

Fast forward two hours later, They found the thing and it was not very happy to have uninvited guests to its gore gallery. Dragon Girl did the Dragon Girl thing and beat the snot out of it, but it had camouflage, icky face tentacles that scared girls, could swim, and most importantly its claws could hurt her... but the thing didn't count on Ryan freezing it in place. Dragon Girl, having a toxic relationship with aliens, delivered karmic retribution by crushing its head through the ice.

Dragon Girl and Deluge got back to the surface, and usually it was time for celebratory Sushi. Instead Dragon Girl started dragon puking, and things got serious.

Even more Fast forward later, Dragon Girl was evacuated to a hospital where a specialist worked- Dr. Shauna Masters, the "retired" Sun Queen, looked at Deluge and the deathly ill Dragon Girl.

"What... happened?! Okay, come with us, kid. We'll need to take her to a big operating room... You're Prodigy right?" The good Doctor would ask Ryan, as Dragon Girl was not in the best condition to explain herself. Shauna had at least four paramedics help her transfer the enormous dragon onto a hospital bed, Shauna counting on Ryan to accompany her.

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