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The Reaper of Verrückt

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The Reaper of Verrückt

Post by The Arkham Reaper on March 24th 2016, 12:13 am

The Reaper of Verrückt
Real Name: unknown
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: The Reaper of Verrückt or (The Reaper for short)
Title: The Reaper of Insanity
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: unknown
Height:allegedly 6'9
Blood type:unknown

Claimed to be extremely tall and lanky confirmed to always wearing black and having the look of a reaper hoodie and an under jacket that is bullet proof and a top layered vest with many varying patches and markings. with anarchist as all over and signs of death all over his apparel wearing black combat boots and a hood with a skull on it always covering his face his blue eyes distinctly and intimidatingly show through the darkness of his stare.

Personality:Dark Brooding keeps to himself very solitary. batshit crazy but very smart. He can be angry, but there is more to him than anger and emotions
Someone who wanted nothing more than a family
Someone who lies to himself
Someone who on the outside is arrogant, sarcastic, snarky, cheeky and can even be quite cruel and on the inside is actually quite self-loathing
A smart, cunning, highly skilled and talented vigilante
when he is put with others hes a rough exterior and a cocky and arrogant person to hide all of his own darkness he always tries to make things lighter than they are

History:The Reaper of Verrückt has existed for generations upon generations it is even alleged that at one point Edward Thatch aka Blackbeard was The Reaper  until he passed it on. it is said that The Reaper existed even before him. it seems that despite being passed down that reaper sightings and stories vary in their detail. Very little is known about Him some have claimed there is not one but many Reapers. He has over 300 confirmed kills of killers and insane psychopaths. people who fear nothing because they are the ones to be feared fear him. His danger is his stealth and unpredictableness though mainly a solitary person who is very dark he has been said to have teamed up though it is unconfirmed as to who. His knowledge of the world gained him to be known as the reaper of the most maximum security mental hospital arguably in the world. Verrückt. he has successfully gotten in and out having killed someone and never getting caught hundreds of times. He is not someone you want interested in you or confronting you.

Verrückt Description and history: Mental Institution that has been around and served other functions for hundreds of years eventually becoming a maximum security asylum with the reputation of being "impossible to infiltrate or escape"  located in Germany only the most dangerous and damaged people are housed there.

The Powers and Weaknesses

Power 1: Very slow healing factor his brains could be blown out and he can come back after quite a while but even while in his healing state would be considered defeated. very minor wounds heal almost instantly.

Power 2: Expert in all forms of combat and can drive anything from a bike to a tank and everything in between. (knives daggers swords pistols rifles snipers explosives and acrobatics)


Weakness 1:His talents and knowledge are his greatest assets and weakness. He is so good in a fight because he predicts what you are going to do next. so if you are as unpredictable as he is and put a big enough hurt on him you can defeat him.

Weakness 2: His insanity in combo with knowing of his healing factor makes him quite reckless at times in battle.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):Very Persuasive and uses his feared reputation to his advantage. He is a legacy character which makes him seem immortal but he is not. He is very intelligent and quick to adapt. he is very unpredictable and plans nothing out but does attempt to predict what his enemies will do against him and tries to plan for any and all known metas. he is insane enough not to care about others lives but smart enough to know when to retreat. hes smart enough to know how to make some very small weapons such as bombs. elite level of stealth abilities.

Physical Priority
Agility 4
Endurance 2
Reaction 1
Strength 3
The Arkham Reaper

Quote : Killing for fun and profit since 1991
Fun Fact I've Killed At Least One Living Thing On Every Continent

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Re: The Reaper of Verrückt

Post by Arcana on March 24th 2016, 12:54 am

Approved until stated otherwise
Residential Corruptor

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