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Dark Sailor

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Dark Sailor Empty Dark Sailor

Post by ZathosMaster on March 23rd 2016, 3:59 am

Dark Sailor
“Few know him and no one wants to be him”

Basic Biography

Real Name: James P. Faulkner
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Dark Sailor
Title: “Few know him and no one wants to be him”
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: White
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue-Green
Height: 6'2
Weight: 220
Blood type: O+

The Looks

A medium build like that of a biker or wrestler but not of a bodybuilder or pro-wrestler. His skin tone is tan but light enough to where he is assumed to be english or french in genetics. Scars litter his body thanks to countless unplanned heists and attacks. Across his back is a tattooed kraken with it’s arms flailing around and scooping up ships. Along with a few miscellaneous tattooes most are underneath his clothing. Hair is usually combed back, uncut and tangled with a film of grease across it. His eyes are blue green, some say because the ocean lays in his soul. Has a slight shadow of untrimmed facial hair across his chin and upper lip. His normal clothing usually consists of a black overcoat with either a hoodie or torn shirt underneath, dark denim jeans, sneakers, and occasionally a bandana.
His costume usually consists of bright red frock coat that has gold trim. Slightly eaten away at the bottom with the occasional tear thanks to wear and combat. Underneath he wears a belt slung over his shoulder that carries loaded powder pistols. With a leather belt he stores his trusty cutlass by his side and usually unsheathed. The cutlass itself has a black hand guard and a thick blade. Along with brown tattered pants and black lace shoes he will usually wear a tricorn hat if the occasion calls for it.

The Legacy

Personality: A man with no moral compass, ironic for a sailor. Usually he is egotistical, ready to boast about his accomplishments and test anyone. He hates all lawful people and will kill anyone who thinks they can control him. Although ruthless he rarely loses his temper and simply remains in a state of constant passion and hatred. Nothing but his loses causes sadness to come to his eyes and that is a rare occasion. Overall he appears as a standard villain ready to destroy anyone who gets in his way.
Named Dark Sailor thanks to the mysterious locations he visited. His origin and family are a mystery but many know his reason for pirating was to gain wealth and power. He sailed for years venturing to coasts across the world. On a raid up the amazon he met a witch doctor who, in return for dark blade, asked that he spare the village in return for these gifts. Dark, of course, killed everyone and thus was cursed to live in a time that no one would accept him. That night a storm suddenly fell on his ship and threw him into the 21st century. He awoke to a nightmare of technology and events far beyond his reasonable thought. But determined to make his new situation work he continues to rob from banks, destroy property, and cause chaos like he once did.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: Dark Blade: Made of a black glittering metal he gets faster reflexes and a higher threshold for damage.

Power 2:


Weakness 1: Drain: Continued use of the blade results in a loss of breath, headache, and internal bleeding.

Weakness 2:

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):

Items: Dark Blade and FlintLock Pistols

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility 1
Endurance 3
Reaction 2
Strength 4

Status :

Quote : Someone must have ripped the 'Q' section out of my dictionary. 'Cause I don't know the meaning of the word 'Quit'. -Mr Furious, Mystery Men

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Dark Sailor Empty Re: Dark Sailor

Post by Chellizard on March 23rd 2016, 9:28 pm


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