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Nynx 'Ghast' Decilla | Olivia (wip)

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Nynx 'Ghast' Decilla | Olivia (wip) Empty Nynx 'Ghast' Decilla | Olivia (wip)

Post by Olivia March 16th 2016, 10:08 pm

Nynx 'Ghast' Decilla
”Weapons are for those who have yet to evolve. They are the tools of lesser beings.”

Basic Biography

Real Name: Nynx ‘Ghast’ Decilla
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Lady Ghast
Title: Demon Princess, Crimson-Eyed Cannibal, The Midnight Glutton, Olivia (name she gives humans.)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 226 years
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Hair: White
Eyes: Crimson
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 275 lbs
Blood type: -

The Looks

Nynx 'Ghast' Decilla | Olivia (wip) C6IBc4K
Nynx 'Ghast' Decilla | Olivia (wip) 2XaAVYH
Nynx was not necessarily born as living beings are. Although she had an image of herself, albeit a human one, she did not exist in the material plane. All she could do was watch and observe for hundreds of years, an invisible spirit with no way of touching the world she saw. This all changed, however, when she turned 200 years old. She grew weary of her existence. Lonely and wracked with perpetual boredom. She could not live in such a way forever, which prompted her to become materialized in Scotland. Her physical form looks exactly as Nynx has always envisioned herself.

One of the more prominent characteristics of Nynx’s physical appearance is her bright crimson eyes that glow when she’s fighting and glimmer when lit by the moon. Her pupils are relatively normal in size, perhaps more on the large side if nothing else. Her eyes are actually nothing more than an illusion themselves, as she does not see in the same manner that human beings see. Her skin is extremely pale, resembling more of a paper white tone than a peach or apricot hue. Her skin is smooth without any blemishes. Nynx has a very slender, yet matured, body that looks as though it weighs much less than she actually does. Nynx has long, gorgeous white hair that cascades down her torso, with her bangs stopping just above her eyes. Her hair is somewhat wavy but it is an illusion, for lack of a better term. Her hair is not a physical entity, but visible spiritual energy extending from her scalp. This energy usually has no feel and can’t be touched or felt, only seen. The only time this is not true is when she manifests it physically for combat purposes.

Atop her head are two pointed white horns with black decals along the base where they meet her scalp. Extending from her torso up around her neck and the lowermost portion of her head is a cone-shaped portion of her body. This is because Nynx is not built like a human. This cone is the top of a system of protective ‘armor’ that links together right beneath her ‘skin’ in a manner similar to some insect’s exoskeleton. The skin itself feels and look real but is actually an organic substance unknown to humans that is extremely malleable and easy to damage, but easily regenerated and spread across her exoskeleton. This layer of ‘skin’ can also be adjusted to change Nynx’s appearance by reshaping and changing certain parts of her face. She is also able to add more to certain areas to change her body shape, with the only aspect of her appearance that she can’t control being her height.

The Legacy

Personality: Nynx has a rather peculiar personality, often being regarded as mentally unstable by those accustomed to normal human interactions. This is due in large part to the method in which she manifested physically. Nynx, being a spirit, was not simply born into the world as living beings are so conveniently capable of. In order to acquire a physical form, Nynx had to scour Scotland for the location of a magical artifact known as the Corpus Aedifex


The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: Nynx does not eat in the same way that most living things do. Nynx acquires energy and strength by eating human beings and extracting their inherent spiritual energy. Human beings who practice, are enhanced by, or in any way operate with magic offer the most spiritual energy. This energy can be used for a variety of tasks. As far as combat purposes are concerned, Nynx can regenerate up to an entire limb of damage if she consumes an entire human being (must be a character, PC or NPC, who has been applied for.) If she consumes an entire magically inclined human being, she can regenerate all damage to her body.

Power 2: Nynx focuses on the use of her body as a weapon when fighting. With that said, her strength and speed are vastly greater than that of the average human being. To the untrained eyes, she can turn ‘invisible’ when moving at her higher speeds. Her strength is unparalleled by any creature in the animal kingdom, without augmentation, and she can lift something as heavy as a bus with only moderate difficulty.

Power 3:

Power 4:

Power 5:


Weakness 1: Nynx must eat human beings regularly to sustain herself. One entire human being can keep her in ideal health for up to two weeks before her health begins to deteriorate. If she’s forcefully deprived of a source of food, her physical form will deteriorate completely within one month and the spirits that comprise her existence will disperse forever.

Weakness 2: Nynx never uses weapons or lets others fight alongside her. She views weapons as the tools of lesser beings and therefore will never use one in combat, even if her life depended on it. She also never allows anyone to fight alongside her so long as there is only one enemy, often demanding they step aside so that she may fight uninhibited.

Weakness 3:

Weakness 4:

Weakness 5:

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):


Physical Priority

Status :

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