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Wizard Night School (Elena Marie)

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Wizard Night School (Elena Marie) Empty Wizard Night School (Elena Marie)

Post by The Nekromonga on March 12th 2016, 12:32 am

The Night Before...

Through the streets of L.A. A figure stalked the rooftops, following his quarry through the quiet L.A. streets at night. She stopped by a grocery store window, and the figure grinned menacingly. It would feed this night.

Too bad the attacker picked the worse target possible. Diana noticed the strangely behaving pursuer as he descended, and once in range promptly floored him with a swift punch to the throat, followed by a leg sweep that sent him into the concrete concussion first. A follow up curb stomp was unnecessary. Diana sets her smartphone's light on the assailant, only to discover he was just some scrawny teenager in cheap baggy clothes and wearing glasses. He had a nasty gash on his forehead from falling.

"He's... just a kid." Diana thought to herself. For a moment she thought she felt something demonic. She decided to do the kid a favor and call an ambulance... but not before helping herself to a five fingered discount to his belongings on the ground, one of which was a large leather bound book with an envelope

"What do we have here... huh?"
Diana watched the black lettered name of the boy slowly change to Diana's full name. She read out the rest of the letter.

Greetings and Salutations!
Princess Diana Pentheselea Lucia Rossini Y Mendoza,
You are Cordially Invited to Apprentice under the Arch Magi, Elena Marie. An opportunity to learn the arcane arts under a master magician.

Classes begin March 12th, 2022, at 7pm at the residence of Elena Marie.

This Invitation is necessary to access the mansion.

Diana pockets the strange invitation, and would be long gone once the ambulance arrived.

Elena Marie's Manse, Present Day

Diana tipped her Uber Driver for delivering her to the address. The modern L.A. mansion proved every bit as impressive as the MTV show Cribs depicted them. Sprawling gardens lined with meandering walks, with fountains and pools made the landscape so much more expensive.

Diana went up to the intercom at the gate and pushed the button to speak. "Hello. I heard there was magic classes here?" The gates promptly open and allowed Diana entry. She walked to the door and let herself into the large foyer area with a large, central fireplace that was not lit, considering spring was coming.

Two others had already arrived before Diana, all quite a bit older. One was a mediterranean brunette wearing a dark purple coat and fitting pants. "Magic classes? this is no elementary boarding school. We're here for the prestige of an apprenticeship with the esteemed Elena Marie."

"Who?" Diana asked, the name not ringing any bells.

"Are you serious? You got into this mansion and you don't even know who owns it? Ugh, who are you, peasant?! I don't recognize you at all."   The greek lady stood up from her seat, eyeing up Diana. She stood a good six inches above Diana, even in her flat designer sandals.

"I'm... Diana Mendoza." The Blood Sword! But Diana left out that last part, figuring these 'wizard' types weren't going to be intimidated.

"Who? Ugh, Just like I thought. A nobody. How on earth did you get invited here?" Brunette girl said, greatly annoyed. Diana was not only ignorant, she was an unknown, and it grated on the sorceress's sense of entitlement.

"I got it off some skinny kid I beat up. Well. He attacked me first. He went down like a punk... So did you guys beat somebody up for yours too?" Diana said with a grin, trying to make the story amusingly offensive.

"Whaaat?!" Crossed arms were lowered, and sparks began to form in the Greek girl's hands. Diana realized she'd struck a nerve, and was drawing her sword. That was when the second guest intervened, a tall black man wearing a fine, tailored suit. He had a nose ring, some tribal tattoos on his face, and smelled strongly of some smoky herb.

"Ladies, please. No fighting in our host's home. Not everyone here is necessarily famous... Please forgive Elektra's manner, Diana. I am Nwandwe Bashenga. I am a shaman from Rwanda. Elektra is from Greece. You... you're serious? You took the invitation from someone else? Is that even possible?" He said, genuinely curious and deflating the situation from escalating further.

"Beats me. It's my name on the Invite, so I took it.  Scoot over then. I got the invitation so I'm not going anywhere." Diana sits next to the African Shaman, who wisely remained between Grandine and her. Grandine had this ominous and stern gaze towards Diana. Now all they had to do was wait to be received by their most gracious host .

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