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Highschool Robot Fun Times (Part 2 of a Trilogy)

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Highschool Robot Fun Times (Part 2 of a Trilogy)

Post by The Nekromonga on March 7th 2016, 9:32 pm

Today was a field trip day for several classes across different levels, including both Danny's class and Diana's class. The big, comfy school buses were rolled out of the garage for a trip to a construction site. They'd meet the engineers and the architects, then the construction workers- part of the diverse education, showing that blue collar and white collar jobs were equally important.

The senior bus was rowdy and ruckus filled, as the football team was playing footage of the previous game; the boys were cheering their last plays of punching straight through the rival lines for the winning touch down in the last inning. Or round. or whatever.  Indeed, the star player, Alex Nash, your typical high school jock who was built more like a truck than a human being was getting all the pats on the back for the brute-force play. He stood six inches taller than the next kid, and had 50 pounds more too. He was also a typical entitled jock who, if he wasn't hitting on all the girls who weren't into him, bullied the nerds incessantly.

"Hey Spock. What are you doing here? Construction is a man's job. You should stay behind a screen."

"Uh..." He refrained from commenting.

Diana meanwhile, was busy watching cat videos in the back of the bus, far and away from the hullabaloo of american high school life. She had no particular feelings towards the field trip, seeing the construction industry as a necessary job, nothing more. The bus would arrive at a medium rise construction site, a ten story office building being put together by the omni-present Wong Industries, and a woman in safety vest and hard hat greeted the group at the entrance.

"Welcome kids! I'm Kaylee Mason, Leonard's mother! It's so good to have you all here." She said, coming over to give her son a big hug.

"Hi mom..." Spock tried to refuse the hug, but couldn't, and got a bunch of snickers from the other kids. However, having one's mother as a badass engineer gave Spock some degree of cred.

"Now my assistant here will distribute safety gear for your visit, while I finish loading up some I-beams for the upper floors." Mouths were shut and eyes went up to look at the the shiny new giant robot moving I-beams and supplies, controlled remotely by a tablet in Kaylee's hands.

"Okay... now that is kind of cool."   Diana remarked, taking a helmet and goggles, while fanning herself with a big old paper fan.

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