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Hollywood Is Going Down (Shadowoof and Time cop)

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Hollywood Is Going Down (Shadowoof and Time cop)

Post by Citronman on March 2nd 2016, 4:31 am

The city was buzzing. Noon had passed, and a lot of citizen returned to their work, sad that their lunch hour was over. A police chopper passes quickly over the city's hectic life, ignored by all. The helicopter approached the famous Hollywood sign, and lowered a few dozen feet. The co-pilot seizded a megaphone and shouted at the strange-looking man walking toward the giant H:

"STOP! STOP  OR WE WILL OPEN FIRE!" he cried. The policeman didn't want to take any chance. He saw weird stuff in this town, and knew most of  these super-powered freak were dangerous. The chopper wasn't equipped with any mounted firearm, so he aimed at the silhouette with his police rifle.

Smelt couldn't see the chopper, nor hear the cop. He felt a distinct sting on his shoulder, however. "A bullet. Bullets don't matter." he thought. "I didn't came here for cops. I came for a challenge. I will break their pride, and they will come running." He continued walking toward the ridiculously large letter, and hit it with all his strength. The horrible wail of bending steel rang off in all directions, cutting through air like an arrogant knife through butter, and the legendary first letter fell flat on the hill.

The cop couldn't believe its eyes. He knew some brazen criminal, but that guy was insane. The Angelenos would rain down on that guy like holy wrath. He looked through his rifle's scope. In red letters, on the iron man's chest, was written:


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Re: Hollywood Is Going Down (Shadowoof and Time cop)

Post by Shadowoof on March 4th 2016, 3:31 am

Val looked up Mount Lee as the large metal man's path was made more clear by the chasing Police chopper. Her afternoon was... something different then she had expected but it was a welcomed distraction that she took with open arms. She first saw the Large metal creature when she was at a fast food, grabbing a quick meal when he made a appearance, senice then, she had been following him with a coke in hand, curious to see where he was going.

As it turned out, he was going up Mount Lee which was a bit of a walk but in the end it was so worth it. She had seen the large letters that spelt Hollywood out before but never this close, you could have called it majestic, if it wasn't for the fact the Large Metal man decided to vandalize the letter H. She would watch as it fell flat on the hill, taking a sip from her coke before looking back to the Metal Giant who had done the deed. Spying the words 'I await.' She wondered what the giant could have been waiting for but decided to keep her space for now, knowing that anyone in the city could have seen that, and there were plenty of so called 'heroes' that would come to take revenge for the fallen H. She laughed at the thought of it, people coming up a mountain because a letter had fallen, one that was quite popular yes but still absurd in thought. "Hmm. Let us see what hero comes after the Iron Fool." Val would say in a sing song before finishing her coke. Maybe that was what he waited for, another fool to attack him, a bold yet foolish metal giant indeed. She hoped it fared better then the sign.

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