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Smelt Empty Smelt

Post by Citronman March 2nd 2016, 3:18 am

The Walking Anvil

Basic Biography

Real Name: Tyler Williams
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Smelt
Title: The Walking Anvil
Alignment: True Neutral (Act as a Villain)
Age: 30
Gender: Previously Male
Race: Previously Caucasian
Hair: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Height: 7'0''
Weight: 550lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Smelt is a seven foot tall juggernaut made entirely of plain black iron. He has no hair and no facial features.

The Legacy

Personality: Smelt has a very rigid and down-to-business personality. He act slowly but with resolves, and is rarely afraid. He seeks a challenge above all, and is  ready to accept any job that allows him to fight formidable opponents.

History: Tyler was down on his luck. Never had much to begin with. Raised by a single mother with addiction issues, flunked out of college, could not find a job, and balding at the age of thirty. He only had self-pity left. He enlisted as guinea pig for experimental drugs. Then he did for another drug. Then another. Tyler felt sick, but he needed the money. He was on eight different drugs when it happened: his body hardened, and he couldn't move. Not at first. But then, he moved slowly, and looked himself in the mirror. He was made of metal now. He was pleased; he thought he could be someone now. He soon realized than he couldn't enjoy simple pleasures. He decided he would work for hire to the highest bidder, to get some excitement out of life.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Cast Iron Body: Smelt is entirely made of iron, making him highly resistant to attacks. He cannot bleed, cannot be poisoned, does not need to breathe, and has no groin, eyes or any other weak point. Any force capable to bend or pierce metal can still harm him.

Strength: Smelt is strong enough to lift a car, punch through a brick wall, and bend metal.

Meltdown: Smelt can increase his temperature to melting point. This take several minutes and transform him in a searing hot pool liquid red iron. He can use this to go through really tight spaces, or to forge himself anew if he is greatly damaged. The greater he is hurt, the longer it takes to heal himself. Several hours are needed if he is shattered into a million pieces. He can still dies if he is melted and mixed into other metals, or heated up to boiling point - at wich point he would evaporates into oblivion.

Self-Smiting: Smelt can heat up one of his hand, shape it into an metal object like an axehead or a morningstar, and cool it down to make a weapon. This a quick process and can be very versatile.


Vulnerability to Electricity: Being made of metal comes with a cost: electricity pass easily through Smelt and can leave him dizzy or even stunned.

Vulnerability to Cold: Low temperatures and ice make Smelt very brittle, and neutralize his meltdown and self-smiting abilities.

Slow: Smelt moves very slowly, and is easily outmaneuvered.

Dull Senses: Smelt can't smell, can only see in black and white, and only up to 100 ft. His vision is blurry at best, and he is very hard of hearing. He won't hear whispers, and wont be able to recognize a voice among a crowd. He also can't talk, so he can't easily warn allies of danger.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s): Smelt don't need to eat or drink, and can't talk. He communicates by heating up specific areas on his body, spelling word in red-hot letters on his chest.


Physical Priority

Agility - 4
Endurance - 1
Reaction - 3
Strength - 2

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Smelt Empty Re: Smelt

Post by Samael Christensen March 2nd 2016, 3:26 am

Approved until stated otherwise

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Samael Christensen
Samael Christensen

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