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Deadzone Empty Deadzone

Post by Barricade March 1st 2016, 7:32 pm


Basic Biography

Real Name: Dr. Виктор Влад (Doctor Viktor Vlad)
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Deadzone
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Race: Mutated Human
Hair: None
Eyes: Glowing Teal
Height: 7ft
Weight: 535lbs
Blood type: No Blood

The Looks

Deadzone is, by no sane standards, average in his appearance. The man is a herculean seven foot tall giant of a man. His head is devoid of hair along with his eyebrows. His body seems to be made of pure energy, glowing teal but appearing to be outlined and shaded by a pitch blackness. He wears no clothing, but the space between his legs is conveniently also shrouded in pitch black.

The Legacy

Deadzone has a nigh-uncontrollable urge to kill and destroy anything that moves. Once he finds a target, he will attack relentlessly until it is dead. Despite these attributes, he is not a mindless brute and is quite able to speak, read and write fluently as well as plan strategically. This does not necessarily mean he can be reasoned with, however.

Vlad is a dangerous and ruthless man with no regard for the value of life. To top it off, his great power coupled with his ruthlessness has developed in him a god complex.
Doctor Viktor Vlad was born Christopher White in Brooklyn, New York in a single parent household. He was your average nerdy school kid growing up. Though he had good grades overall, he excelled at science and math. He had a near genius level intellect, but was socially awkward and pitifully weak. After getting bullied enough, young Christopher convinced his father to sign him up for martial arts classes.

His bullying problems over and his body improved, Christopher continued his life successfully with the brains to take a high paying career as a scientist and the body to have a great social life. His numerous discoveries and inventions afforded him various awards and much publicity. He even married and had a beautiful daughter he loved with all his heart.

All of this would change, however, when a project would take him to work in Russia. Christopher took a Russian name, Viktor Vlad, in order to live and work there. He was looking into discovering more about dark matter and anti matter in an attemptto further the development of technology and science overall. That's when an explosion took place in his lab, charging his body with the two matters.

When he awoke, Viktor had no memory of his past self. He only had a desire to destroy and the power to do so.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Power 1: The Negative Force
This is where all of Deadzone's powers come from. He is a living generator capable of splitting and/or fusing dark matter and antimatter to create massive amounts of dark energy that he may use in a variety of small ways from creating energy constructs to breathing fire. All of it is dark energy and not true steel or elements, though.

Power 2: Insurmountable
Deadzone may use his Negative Force to increase his strength to superhuman levels. While this is active, he may lift up to 100 tons or leap tremendous distances.

Power 3: Unstoppable
A passive effect of The Negative Force allows him to suffer gunshots to train wrecks relatively unharmed. This durability is not absolute and other characters with super strength can seriously hurt him.


Weakness 1: No Multi-Tasking
Deadzone is incapable of using The Negative Force to do more than one thing at once. He can not, for example, increase his strength while maintaining a constructed weapon.

Weakness 2: No Button Mashing
Use of The Negative Force requires concentration of will. Attempting to use it offhandedly or while distracted will result in failure or injury.

Weakness 3: Energy Vampires
Deadzone is pure energy as are his attacks. Which makes him fair game for anyone or anything that absorbs/feeds off of energy.

Weakness 4: Anti-Matter, not Anti-Magic
Deadzone's power can only destroy matter (aka material things). Things made of magic or otherwise immaterial substances will be impervious to his attacks.

Weakness 5: Deadzone Repellant!
If your character can find some smart scientific way to turn Deadzone's use of dark matter and antimatter against him, then go ahead.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s): Workaholic
Deadzone does not need to eat, sleep or even breathe. He is perfectly capable of surviving in extreme temperatures and the vacuum of space. He is pure energy and not organic.


Physical Priority

Status :

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