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Endymion Empty Endymion

Post by Endymion February 20th 2016, 9:07 pm

Salem Miles

Basic Biography

Real Name: Salem Miles
Hero Name:Endymion
Title:”The World’s Perfect Sidekick” (He didn’t decide this)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Male
Race: Artifical Meta-Human
Hair:Dirty Blonde
Eyes:Heterocohromatic [left green, right blue]
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 145 lbs
Blood type: AB-

The Looks


Salem has a rather svelte build. He is fit, but not very bulky. He has sandy blonde hair that is of medium length. He always tries to keep himself presentable, and neat, not wanting to attract attention for the wrong reasons. His matter of dress is pretty plain, he doesn’t really wear flashy clothing or anything of the sort. His normal outfit is a polo and board shorts, or jeans. His skin is tanned, because he tans incredibly quickly—radiation messes with his skin easily. The costume he wears during battle is rather plain. It is a black singlet with a white crescent on the chest, and a circle around the crescent. The black mask he wears only covers his eyes. The suit is designed to be bulletproof, and is rather sleek in appearance.

The Legacy

Personality: Salem was taught his entire life to be subservient to his elder brother. He has a very submissive, demure personality, often seeking to please those around him. Very rarely he gets a bit moody, especially as he’s gotten older, not always wanting to do exactly as he is told.

History: Ever since he was a small child, Salem was told exactly what to do, and what was expected of him. Most of the time as a child, he felt very lonely. His brother (Damian Miles, Atlas) was always talked about in such a positive way, as if he had some great ‘destiny’ and how he would be a hero, but they never spoke about Salem that way. Most days he was given many chores to do, receiving a less than complete education. His powers first manifested when he was eleven, most likely from the injections he was given ever since he was a few years old.

Salem knew, even at that age, what his purpose was in life. It had been explained to him that he was to make sure that his brother was always adequately taken care of. Even his powers focused more on assistance, than standing out on their own. He was created as more of an accessory, or accent piece, rather. Telekinetic barriers were the first manifestation of his powers. Which meant that things would be fired at him, and if he didn’t block them, there would be painful consequences. Eventually it was found that lunar energy could enhance his abilities, granting him control over telekinetic energy in general. He became accustomed to spending nights outside, which actually frightened him a bit. He didn’t really like the dark. Plus, no one ever came to check on him. Only to retrieve him in the morning for training. The moon usually gave him enough lunar energy (which he later learnt how to manipulate) to last through the day, depending on the phase, but he still usually sleeps outside.

Salem spent his formative years learning how to control and refine his abilities. It was discovered that he could heal with the lunar energy—it is not an offensive power. He was taught only basic hand to hand combat, though he can infuse his blows with telekinetic energy for increased damage. He was molded into what would become the perfect sidekick. In every training simulation, Salem was expected to submit to whatever Damian said, which was actually a bit fine with Salem, as the younger brother was no tactician. Even to this day he rarely questions what Damian says, though sometimes he is envious of the praise his brother receives. His hero name, Endymion, comes from the Greek myth about the man who fell in love with the moon.

As he continues to get older, he’s beginning to wonder if his life has any other purpose than to be a sidekick. Salem tries to repress these thoughts and doubts, but it is getting harder to accept that he will always be an accessory.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Enhanced Physiology: His cells can take in and metabolize varying amount of energy from the moon, depending on the phase of the moon. He usually only eats when there is a new moon or an eclipse. His body is capable of storing the lunar energy, so he is not completely depraved of energy during the day time.

Telekinesis/Telekinetic Combat:Salem’s primary ability is the ability to wield telekinesis, and fight using telekinetically imbued techniques. Most of the time he uses his telekinesis to form barriers to protect his brother or himself. His powers work better during the night, or based on how much lunar energy he has absorbed.

Flight: His telekinetic abilities grant him the ability to fly. He can propel himself incredibly fast, able to reach mach 3 when he really pushes himself, and he cannot maintain this speed for longer than fifteen minutes.

Lunar energy absorption: Salem absorbs light from the moon and metabolizes it. This energy can be stored and used throughout the day. His body has become dependent on energy from the moon, so much so that he gets ill during an eclipse or during the new moon.

Lunar Healing: Salem is able to heal wounds using the lunar energy that he built up, as he cannot use the lunar energy offensively. He does not need to touch the person he is healing, only hold his hands over the wound, or he can fire a small, slow moving ball of lunar energy that heals as it passes through allies.

Night Empowerment: Because of his dependence on the moon, and his abilities to gain strength from the moonlight, he is naturally stronger during the night time. He can also see in the dark.


Solar Energy:Solar energy, or too much sunlight can be very damaging to Salem. He gets exhausted quickly if he is in an environment that is under harsh sunlight. Sunlight can cancel out his powers if it grows too intense. He is also slightly weaker during general day time, as compared to night.

Physical Attacks: When an attack actually hits through him, or breaks through his barrier, his body is not built for taking many hits. He doesn’t have a ton of physical endurance, not being able to run for particularly fast or for a long time.
Radiation:Being exposed to almost any kind of radiation will cause his powers to go haywire. Even too much sunlight can cause his telekinesis to flare up beyond his control.

Inability to self-heal: Although he can heal wounds of others, he cannot heal his own wounds, making him have to be incredibly conscious about every hit he takes during battle.

Self-Sacrifice: Salem was brought up that the hero always comes before him. He will throw himself into dangerous situations, or in front of an enemy without question. His primary objective is to always protect the hero, and this mindset definitely has its downsides, as he does not really value his own life.

Empty Battery: When he expends all of his built up lunar energy, he becomes very weak, almost becoming like an average person. He becomes very exhausted, and because lunar energy has become such a need in his life, his telekinesis becomes incredibly weak,

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):
Self Sustenance: He is capable of surviving pureply off of the absorbtion of moonlight. As his body is able to store this energy and disperse it through the day, most of the time he does not need to eat, or sleep. He must recharge this at night by being directly exposed to the moonlight. During times of an eclipse or new moon, his body reverts to being near human.

Back up: Like Damian, he possesses a necklace that prevents his powers from being copied. If the amulet is removed or destroyed, his powers may be freely copied by anyone who is capable


Physical Priority

1. Reaction
2. Strength
3. Agility
4. Endurance


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Endymion Empty Re: Endymion

Post by Alpha February 20th 2016, 9:11 pm

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