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Vandis  Empty Vandis

Post by K'Ren February 7th 2016, 10:26 pm

“Were you hit on the head recently? Or are you just naturally stupid?”

Basic Biography

Real Name: Vandis
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Revolver
Title: The Lone Sentinel
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Race: Ynirian (Ya-neer-ean)
Hair: none
Eyes: Red  
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 500lbs
Blood type: None

The Looks

Vandis is a large imposing mass of metal in a humanoid shape. The cosmic bounty hunter stands in at a staggering six feet seven inches and weighs in at a quarter ton. The metal that composes his body is a light greyish blue with a near mirror finish. His eyes glow an ominous red. His overall body shape resembles that of a lean but well defined athletic figure, while his head resembles something akin to a skull.

Being a bounty hunter, and having pretty much personified the very essence of a cowboy, Vandis’ attire is that of an old fashioned cowboy from the Wild West. He sports a charcoal colored duster, dark brown vest, white dress shirt, dark jeans, and a red bandanna tied around his neck.

Vandis  CCvecz1
Vandis  K9dMtDp

The Legacy

Some would consider Vandis, as reckless with self-destructive tendencies, because of the work he took up as a bounty hunter, and the fact that he saw no job as being too big for him, but truth of the matter is Vandis is a very courageous soul, known for never backing down from a challenge and always seeing things through to the end. Vandis is also a very hard headed individual who will not take no for an answer as displayed when he willingly gave up his position as a Sentinel in order to pursue his revenge against the humans that killed his friend.

That being said, Vandis has become quite cold hearted, being completely insensitive to the misfortune of others, after suffering misfortune himself. Vandis possesses exceptional social skills, but chooses to live the life of a loner, spending much of his time in isolation. The exiled Sentinel is in sense of the word a rebel as well, and tends to follow his own code and own way of doing things rather than being told what to do, he marches to the beat of his own drum and lives life to the fullest, never overly concerned with respecting laws or rules if they stand in his way of achieving a goal.

Despite his rebellious nature, and self-exile, Vandis is very loyal to his former teammates and his creator despite their differences. Even though Vandis has taken on the life of bounty hunting and abandoned his title, he has not abandoned his cause, and continues to live up to his former title by protecting those in need whenever possible.

Long ago in the deep reaches of space, there existed a large metallic entity roughly the size of earth's moon. This being, known throughout time and the cosmos roamed endlessly in an attempt to bring balance and peace to the universe. Eventually the large being known as Ynir, coasted close to an alien planet that had been experiencing civil unrest, causing the many clans of the planet to retaliate against one another. Many of these Aliens witnessed the large metallic entity’s arrival, and as it entered their planets gravitational pull, they claimed it to be an omen of war, saying that it would surely spell victory for one of the warring sides.

Seeing this blatant disregard for life, the metal entity took pity on the alien race, wondering if there was any way to end their suffering, any way to bring ‘Peace’ to this war torn world. This lead the moon sized being to enter the planet's atmosphere and crash into the planet's surface, causing an extinction level event and wiping out all life on the planet, leaving only the remains of the planets inhabitants buried beneath the ash. The catastrophe was an unforeseen accident on the beings part and it began to feel remorseful for its actions, and sat dormant in silence for hundreds of years.

Eventually the silence of the apocalyptic world became too much for the being to bare and it began to spread itself thin over the planet, causing it to bond with the bones of the extinct alien race, resurrecting them in the entity's image and granting them sentience in the process. Life began anew on the planet, though in a different form, going from a planet of flesh and blood creatures, to world covered in living metal, as the entity spread itself across the planet, the environment went from vast oceans and jungles, to a planet wide city of metal and technology.

After some time had passed, Ynir had fully converted itself into the planet, and became its core, going from a moon sized mass of living metal to a living planet, inhabited by life forms it had created. Though these life forms had sentience, and free will, the metal entity knew peace would only last for so long, as it had seen from countless planets it had encountered in its past, to prevent another war from breaking out, the planet assigned several of the planets inhabitants powers that would make them superior to the other individuals on the planet. This small group of seven, were titled Sentinels, and were tasked with quashing anything that would or could disturb the peace well before things got out of hand. Vandis was one of the lucky few converted into one of these Sentinels, and was made dubbed the second in command. Vandis was chosen for his position for his superior fighting prowess and cunning mind.

A time came when Ynir felt that the power of the sentinels was no longer needed on their home world, and set his sights on expanding their area of operations to the rest of the cosmos. Each of the seven warriors were sent to different reaches of the universe. The leader of the sentinels was tasked with protecting earth, as the recent discovery of super powered humans had begun a shift in the planets dynamic and was beginning to cause unrest. Unfortunately for the Sentinel Prime he was unaware just how bad off earth was. Despite appearing friendly and offering aid, the scared humans of earth killed the mysterious alien.

When word reached Vandis of his friends death, he was outraged and demanded revenge. Ynir however would not allow the Sentinels to act out against the humans nor seek revenge, and with that Vandis exiled himself. Instead of traveling straight to earth, Vandis roamed the galaxy as a gun for hire, eventually transforming his whole persona into that of a robotic space cowboy. Vandis used his new line of work as a way to improve and better himself in the hopes that when he did arrive on earth he would not suffer the same fate as his friend.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Power 1: Metal Manipulation- Vandis can manipulate Metal at an atomic level and make it take on varying forms that it might not otherwise hold, such as molding an iron rod into a disc. This power also extends to the metal that his body is made of, however, he is unable to manipulate the metal that has been fused to his ancient bones. This also extends to him being able to halt metal projectiles in mid air.

Power 2: Walking Tank- The metal that composes Vandis’ body is highly dense and durable, and is also highly heat resistant as he was able to fall through earth's atmosphere without a heat shield and not take any damage. Vandis’ body was also able to withstand the impact with earth's surface unscathed, and survived the cold vacuum of space. Because his body is composed of this material, he is able to focus and harden different parts of his body, to protect them from harm. Because he has control over most metals he can reinforce the metallic fibers of his body making his body approach a near unbreakable point, and allows him to take hits from super powered foes without being phased.

Power 3: Adaptive Physiology- The organic metal that Vandis is made up of, is capable of self-regeneration and repair. Once it holds a form for more than a few hours, it is able to remember how that form is supposed to look and feel, and will self replicate till the damage is repaired. This ability of the metal also allows it to analyze the potential weaknesses in itself that may have lead to injury and in a sense upgrade itself with a resistance to that type of force that may have caused the injury. Meaning, if Vandis took damage from any source and adapted to the force, it would take twice the force to inflict further injury.

Power 4: Titanic Strength- Vandis was chosen to become a sentinel for not only because of his resolve and determination, but also because he was among the strongest of his race. When he gained his new form and was infused with Ynir’s energy, that immense strength skyrocketed. Giving Vandis the strength of an army, packed into his lean frame. Because of his immense physiology and make up, Delta has immense strength, being able to lift object of great weight currently recorded to be 50,000 tons. The extent of this impressive power allows the exiled Sentinel to deliver devastating physical harm, if the need arose.

Power 5: No Organs...No Problem- The only remaining thing that links Vandis to his former flesh and blood form is his Bones, that are now encased in metal. Because his body is now entirely made of metal, Vandis possesses no lungs or other organs, because of this, he can thrive in harsh environments, such as space, or the bottom of the ocean. This also means Vandis is not restricted to the laws of normal flesh and blood beings, his body requires no food, air, water, or rest to continue to function.

Power 6: Two Places At Once- Another interesting side effect of not having any organs means that Vandis essentially split himself into two. One form being his metal encased skeleton, and a copy of himself that takes on this full body. Vandis can use this as a sneak tactic, or in an attempt to even the odds of a fight in his favor.

Power 7: DRAW!- Vandis’ bread and butter power is his amazing reflexes. Known as “The Fastest Gun in the Galaxy” Vandis is able to react to things nearly instantaneously. Because he is one with his body, there are no nerves for his thoughts to travel through to deliver messages to his limbs, instead, the second he sees danger coming his way, his body will react without thought.


Weakness 1: Although Vandis is able to survive the cold vacuum of space, his body is still susceptible freezing in drastically cold environments. The cold will hinder and even affect his reflexes causing him to drastically reduce his reactiveness.

Weakness 2: Though Vandis’ body is capable of correcting weaknesses and reinforcing itself, it must first be exposed to that harm, meaning Vandis is capable of being damaged by a variety of things he has yet to be exposed to.

Weakness 3: Because Vandis’ body is so dense and heavy, he is unable to swim or float, causing him to sink in any body of water/liquid.

Weakness 4: The metal that makes up Vandis’ body is unable to adapt to any magic spells cast upon him, making him susceptible to magic.

Weakness 5: Vandis’ body is unable to correct or adapt to multiple varying sources of damage at once. If he is bombarded by many forms of damage at once, and his body his harmed, his body will skip the adaptation process leaving him exposed to being damaged again by those same sources again.

Weakness 6: Thought the metal his body is composed of is non-ferrous, he is still susceptible to being halted or controlled by anyone with the ability to manipulate or control metal (The metal encasing his bones cannot be stripped off of them however.)

Weakness 7: Vandis is very cocky and overconfident in his abilities and will often if not always underestimate his opponents, essentially putting his back against the wall when his foe actually turns out to be formidable.

Weakness 8: In order for Vandis to reinforce the strength and durability of his body, he must remain still, leaving him exposed to surprise attacks from behind, or causing the reinforcement to fail if he is somehow moved or budged from his position while focusing.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):
Excellent strategist
Expert hand to hand combatant
Expert marksman with any ranged weapon
Does not require food, water, or rest to continue to function
Will regenerate his full body if even a single cell is left behind after death (can occur in topic with player permission, otherwise this will take place once a topic has concluded in which Vandis is killed.)


Physical Priority
Agility 2
Endurance 3
Reaction 1
Strength 4

The Characters
Post Mate
Post Mate

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Quote : "Power comes in response to a need, not a desire, and I need power"

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Vandis  Empty Re: Vandis

Post by Kid Kronos February 8th 2016, 1:54 am

We've said no to this application before already. Now you've just waited a small while and reposted the app without changing anything at all. Absolutely not.

Many of these weaknesses aren't even weaknesses. Let alone the fact that there's not enough weaknesses to equal your powers.

Power 1 - No manipulating metal on an atomic/molecular level.
Power 2 - Falling from the earth and not taking a scratch? Absolutely not. Having that high of Dur would take at least an advancement.
Power 3 - Regeneration and Adaptation are two entirely different powers. Also the adaptation needs a PROPER balance to it. This Balance being something akin to "If he builds immunity to fire and gets hit by ice, he turns to develop ice immunity and loses his fire." Something that in some way balances this character's powers.
Power 4 - You're okay here... the hesitation here is having this power with all the other powers.
Power 5 - This power completely neglects absolutely anything that the weakness of "not able to swim" offers. Especially when the strength is able to just let them jump out of the water.
Power 6 - This power is also okay... because apparently regeneration, nigh-indestructible, adaptive defense and the strength to push 16,666 elephants through the air like dominos to doesn't give him enough of an advantage in a fight.
Vandis  Article-2610540-1D44342800000578-372_964x640
Power 7 - the only thing I've got against this power is the fact it's called his "bread and butter". Let's honestly think about this. With all the other powers he had... this is even better than the rest of them?

These might even be fine if there were actually appropriate weaknesses to compensate for them.

Weakness 1 - Cold hampering his reflexes is more of a limitation mechanic rather than a weakness. If his metallic body became more brittle as a result THAT would be a weakness. But hampering reflexes with all of your other powers negating damages you'd take doesn't actually count.

Weakness 2 - This weakness basically says "Unless you somehow know I have adaptive defense, and you're strong enough to one-shot a nigh-indestructible metallic being that regenerates" then I'm going to become immune to your offence. Not a weakness, again that's more of a mechanic limitation.

Weakness 3 - This is completely and utterly useless because you have no lungs, you openly state you can survive the deepest depth of the ocean, and you have enough super strength to make considerable leaps and bounds...even under water.

Weakness 4 - This one is okay, because he can't adapt to magic AND he's actually taking more damage from magic than normal attacks. This is a wonderful weakness.

Weakness 5 - Again, this is not a weakness, it's a mechanical limitation. Honestly that's not much of a weakness at all.

Weakness 6 - I can agree that this is also a wonderful weakness.

Weakness 7 - Him being cocky doesn't count as a weakness if he's literally unable to be hurt. For it to actually count you'll have to at least explain more about WHY this counts as a weakness. How can this be utilized?

Weakness 8 - This weakness actually implies that your strength and durability can somehow become even stronger than what was previously stated. That's in the wrong section. As far as the not moving portion that's mechanical and the whole "sneak attack" thing isn't a weakness unless him being startled somehow compromises his metallic structure's durability.


Okay. I'm sorry if I in anyway, shape or form have come across as snarky, sarcastic or rude. However as I have said before, we have declined this before and offered appropriate changes. Seeing this posted up simply shows me that you've completely disregarded previous comments made upon the character.

If you truly want to have this character I'd gladly work with you, and I'm sure the rest of the staff would love to work with you as well in order to make this possible. However you need to follow their advice and make the appropriate changes. It may require some advancements to make this possible.

Vandis  Kidkha10
Kid Kronos
Kid Kronos

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Vandis  Empty Re: Vandis

Post by Champion February 8th 2016, 7:03 pm

Post Mate
Post Mate

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