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Armadillo Girl

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Armadillo Girl Empty Armadillo Girl

Post by Chase Blackburn on January 18th 2016, 12:44 am

Armadillo Girl
Bullet Proof

Basic Biography

Real Name: Merissa Sullivan
Renegade: Armadillo Girl
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Meta-Human.
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9
Weight: 165 lbs
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Mercenary Outfit:
Armadillo Girl Cloud.Strife.full.1375895
Armadillo Girl Trot-ghost-mask-hand-painted-Halloween-masks-hip-hop-dancers-Cool-cosplay-mask
Crop Top:
Armadillo Girl -3137095409251b7196c4f624231401789012538d9a54a2d51
Armadillo Girl Black-jeans-women-27
Armadillo Girl Discount-NIKE-FREE-6.0-2015-Men-Running-Shoes-COLOR-black-white-CW845796_05
Gun Holster:
Armadillo Girl 66152-2
Back Sheath:
Armadillo Girl Cold_steel_katana_machete_back_sheath

Street Clothes:
Armadillo Girl Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvEwDypQcEjKZkeHmtdHn7JXyUCAIarSl7CQ4ovTTOMxg3_-T1qw
Armadillo Girl IMG_0988_large
Armadillo Girl Cheap-Monday-Jeans-for-Women-Dark-Blue
Armadillo Girl Img-thing?

Despite the name, her skin isn't that similar to an armadillos, it's only strong and rough to the touch. The color of her skin is what most often gets her compared to armadillos, since it is a brown similar to their shells.. She has a medium build and is muscularly slim.

The Legacy


Merissa is the person that isn't comfortable in her own skin. Literally. Her skin and how people tend to react to it has made her have horrible body image, which is why she dresses in a way that covers most of her body. She tends to be shy around people, feeling like they're judging her based on her appearance unless she has a reason to believe that they don't mind. If they openly dislike her appearance, either by a rude comment or an odd look, she gets a little angry, despite agreeing with them.

When she's attempting to complete a hit, she can disregard her skin. She becomes cold and doesn't stop hunting her target until odds seem too stacked against her or her target is dead.



Merissa was born to a happy couple. They were madly in love and choose to bring a child into the world. Days after her birth, while she was in a room with all the other babies sleeping, a woman dressed as a nurse entered the room. With no one looking into the window or anyone else in the room, she choose a child at random to be subject to genetic alterations.

Six spots of skin on her body had chromosomes replaced with genetically altered ones that would force the cells to start to develop as more durable cells and ten more spots for replacing chromosomes in muscle cells so that they would be stronger and more flexible was all she could accomplish before someone walked by. Guards were called, and when they found the spots on the poor baby, they called the police to arrest this insane woman.


Melodi's childhood was what it should be, a happy one. By the age of seven, the spots where she was injected had begun to grow, showing a noticeably different skin color and texture, but she was just told they were birthmarks, and they child believed her parents. Of course, she had much more frequent doctor visits as suggested to her parents by the doctors that tested to her as a baby to keep track of changes in her, but there wasn't much that they could do. By age nine, she had become fascinated in being a cheerleader. So, after convincing her parents, she started taking gymnastics.
Teenage Years

When she got into middle school, with her practice in gymnastics, she made the cheer-leading team with ease. By this time, the spots on her body had grown to a somewhat large size, but no one cared. It didn't subtract from her status of "popular", so she didn't care about the large spots on her.

By high school, they had grown quite large. Her friends that once didn't care now avoided her because it freaked them out. She went from being one of the popular kids to a social outcast, far worse than the geeks and the nerds. Everyone knew just by looking at her that she had to be a meta-human, and the majority of her school had a stigma against them, seeing villains frequently on the news.

At the beginning of the second year of high school, her parents divorced. They had fallen out of love and couldn't stay together just for Merissa anymore. "She's a big girl now, we don't need to be together for her sake any longer."

No longer able to do the sports she once enjoyed, Merissa adopted a new activity that she had seen a couple videos about on YouTube about: Free running. She began with running around the forest near her house, then she started attempting to climb buildings and jump from one to another. After spending her free time in high school doing this, she has become quite skilled at it.

Merissa barely made it through high school. By the time she got out, she hated herself and her skin. She found no need to pursue college and instead decided to look into the whole "Superhero" thing. She started off with good intentions, but along the way, her heart grew cold after saving people and getting, not gratitude, but fear and occasionally anger towards her.

Eventually, she needed money so desperately she became a bodyguard. At the time, all she had was a machete that she scrounged up as much money as she possibly could to get. From there, she got more money and did riskier jobs when she could afford a gun. Now, she's become a mercenary and has given up on her childish thoughts of being a hero.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Resilient Skin Because of the genetic modification that she had undergone as a small child, her skin is now resilient enough that it no longer is pierced by bullets.

Enhanced Muscles Her enhanced muscles are naturally stronger and more flexible than that of the average person. While her strength isn't "super" by any means, she still possess strength that the layman is far from.

Cellular Reproduction Her muscle cells and skin cells regrow at an abnormal rate in comparison to the average cell. The geneticist that had replaced the chromosomes in her cells had realized that these cells would need to divide faster than the average cell for them to cover the entirety of a human's body. While she won't be healing from cuts in seconds, her body will heal faster than that of most people.


Appearance As if it wasn't stressed enough throughout her backstory, her appearance genuinely scares people. Heroes and villains may be able to look past it, but her hideous look leaves most people who are not appalled.

Combat Skills Merissa has a lack of hand to hand combat experience. If she was pitted against someone who had even somewhat exceptional skills in martial arts and powers similar to hers, she would be made mince meat.

Skin and Muscles Her skin and her muscles obtain the only cells within her body that reproduce at a fast rate. If anything else is harmed, it will take just as much time as a regular human to heal.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s): Free running- Due to her muscles being unnaturally flexible and her practice in both gymnastics and free running, she is very agile and can easily maneuver from rooftop to rooftop or through most environments while sprinting.


Armadillo Girl S7_291397_imageset_22?wid=127&hei=127
Magazine Capacity: 7 bullets

Armadillo Girl PDSP1-22878906p275w

Physical Priority
Agility 2
Endurance 1
Reaction 4
Strength 3

Chase Blackburn
Chase Blackburn
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Armadillo Girl Empty Re: Armadillo Girl

Post by Champion on January 19th 2016, 6:41 pm

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Armadillo Girl Empty Re: Armadillo Girl

Post by The Bolt on April 10th 2016, 1:22 am

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