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Vale of chaos in Washington(Open)

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Vale of chaos in Washington(Open)

Post by creator on January 16th 2016, 8:18 pm

Standing above all was the mistress who commands the fog that blinds death.  Or her body that is,  She had  been possessed by a creature during her fight against the interdimensional siblings who decided to take on her and her friends Eeli and Yumo.  Her soul was kept caged in her stomach which was sealed away by a set of markings on her thigh that slid through the thick lines that served as her birthmark.  Her hand layed on he hip as the creature inside of her gave a smirk.  A glint if pink glowed in her eyes briefly before they returned to normal.  Her red hair layed behind her unbothered by the wind that whipped up.  The being raised her hand and snapped once as she scanned the area.  The snap echoed through all of Washington cutting through all of the noise and drawing the attention of everyone in the city.

The sky grew an intense grey as a twister spiraled downward touching the ground violently as it began to break apart into large streams of neary black fog rushing through the city taking everything it past with it as it headed towards the body of helia.  It rushed around her and became a sphere of black mist as if it was going to devour her entirely.  It then dispersed giving way to an ominous black light that surrounded the entirety of helia before it focused itsel onto her wrists.  Helia's body had changed as well.  Her hair turned a blinding white and her eyes were now a hypnotizing violet that seemed to spin slowly like the eyes of hurricanes.  Helia placed her hand into the air and black chains erupted just above her palms and wrapped themselves around her wrists.  Dark silhouttes of her body began to appear from the grounds of the white house in large numbers.

The fog wrapped around each of them and with a swing of the originators hand, the dark clones jumped into the air and landed in various parts of the.  The screams of those around them began to erupt causing the being inside helia to laugh.  The Twister finally dispersed and turned into a giant sphere that was caught by a set of chains that laced themselves around a lock in the center.  There was a roar and the chains tightened parting the fog as it manifested into a giant Snake that wrapped around an exceptionally large building next to it.  The chains wrapped across it's entire body as it glistened like liquid metal.  "Wow...this girl has got some real power."  The being said with a smile.  She snapped once more and the clones began to break and tear everythin around them.  They were careful not to directly attack any of the humans in the area however, which the being didn't like.  " I see you're still trying to take control...huh."  She said to herself as the smile on her face turned into a devilish grin.  "Let's see how long you can actually hold out.

The mark on Helia's thigh began to glow the same violet that stood in her eyes.  "I wonder if anyone will try to challenge me?"  The being whispered as she lookd upon the horizon listening to the destruction that transpired around her.  "Wouldn't it be fun if it was someone you'd met previously?"  The being said as she looked at her stomach, rubbing it in a circular motion as if it was a baby.  "Make no mistake people....I don't intend on leaving most of you alive.  I have to show my brothers some how that this body is the strongest of the three."  She said as she pushed her hand forward.  A swarm of fog from behind her wrapped around her arm briefly before surging towards the ground splitting into several tendrils that skewered the ground like it was water.




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