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Kenneth Morrow WIP

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Kenneth Morrow WIP Empty Kenneth Morrow WIP

Post by Lone Star January 14th 2016, 5:33 am

Kenneth Morrow WIP 3ef48557914c3508c61ee85038798011

Kenneth Morrow
Life is like Chess all you need is the right amount of intelligence

Basic Biography

Real Name: Kenneth Morrow
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: N/A
Title: Dr. Morrow
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: European-American
Hair: Black
Eyes: Ice Blue
Height:  6'2
Weight: 220LB
Blood type: O

The Looks

Kenneth walks as if he just won the lottery.. And that is even on his way to the bathroom. Short jet black natural hair that you can rub your fingers through Kenneth stands firmly at 6 foot 2 inches weighing somewhere around the 220's in pound. His voice comes off very suave but sometimes raspy given the context in which he is speaking. Fair skin with a muscular build Kenneth is known for his very strong face which at times makes him look very seriously even in the most happy of moments "Tight" as some people would call it. A very tight face. Known for his well dressed dapper demeanor normally Kenneth wears suits everywhere unless he is home then he'll probably wear some shorts and a t-shirt. His eyes are cyan blue and shine reflective in the light. Relatively well groomed one of Kenneth's most distinctive yet hidden features is his tattoo on his left rib area which is his parents name engraved with their birth dates and deaths in roman numerals.

The Legacy

"The Meticulous Messiah" is something you'd get from his personality. Very intellectual and geared towards exploration and explanation Kenneth is a man of a great resolution. Known for his vast intelligence in the science and general sense Kenneth is one of the nicest people on the surface giving back to the homeless, charities, shelters but he as a person is very disturbed. Very bothered by the injustices of the world such as super humans. People meant to serve and protect but actually do more damage in the long run then good. A very meticulous person Kenneth treats life as if it were a game of chess and plans his moves three steps ahead. Which means while you're moving your pawn forward he has his next two moves after his initial one setup. He believes if people cannot adapt to his style they will perish in the world of evolution. He as a person knows violence and isn't afraid to use it if needed which comes from his harsh experiences in life. His technology is his life and he will do anything to help the technological world flourish with each and every chance along with his company.


Kenneth Morrow WIP 59zssn

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