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Asmodeus Empty Asmodeus

Post by Some Guy January 13th 2016, 3:46 pm

   "The Fallen"
   "It is better to rule in Hell, than serve in Heaven."

Basic Biography

   Real Name: Asmodeus
   Villain Name: The Fallen
   Title: Prince of Hell, Lord of Pandaemonium
   Alignment: True Neutral
   Gender: M
   Race: Fallen Angel
   Hair: Onyx
   Eyes: Black passively, Carmine with Power use
   Height: 6'3"
   Weight: 210lbs
   Blood type: Ichor
The Looks

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The Legacy

   Personality: To say one can fully qualify Asmodeus' personality in the perception of mortality is erroneous.  Instead, he is a multi-faceted force of nature that has been manifested in the coil of a fallible shell.  What this means, in essence, is that while he possesses traits and behaviours akin to a personality index, he is by nature undefinable in terms of being a person.  His perception of the world, of reality, is vastly different to that of a mortally constrained being.  Asmodeus is eternal, and as such, views reality and the cosmos in the way of a being utterly transcended beyond the constraints of mortal logic.  To him, social morality and conscience are alien and redundant; the concept of Good and Evil are simplistic and irrelevant.  He simply is, a force as old as creation itself, greatly reduced in this new and vastly restricted human shell.

He perceives humanity as one might see a particularly intriguing nest of ants, or an amoeba of considerable interest.  The reality of his being forces him to relate not to humanity itself, despite his correlation to them in physical form, but instead to air; to wind; to fire; to the earth.  Asmodeus understands the concepts of primal existence far better than he does what it means to be 'human', and because of this the ability to relate to people as a whole is vastly lacking.  The Fallen has little regard for the--as he perceives them--simple-minded perceptions of a blind humanity, and instead is more likely to converse with a wild animal, a gust of wind, or the earth itself.  This communal connection is intrinsic to who the Fallen Angel is; a being a part of Creation itself, a fixed and immutable constant through the history of the very fabric of existence.

Asmodeus possesses little to no concept of control over mercy, compassion, anger, or any comprehensible emotion.  His mind, despite his chemical urges as a human, is vastly alien and different to that of a person as they are understood. Worldly needs and mortal urges are alien and baffling to him, and he will often react explosively to the most inane of stimuli.  In many ways, he possesses the emotional complexity of a toddler; incapable of properly controlling nor understanding the extensive changes that have been wrought upon him on a mental and chemical level.  This mercurial and unpredictable surge of emotional reaction can often lead to the perception that Asmodeus is insane.  This is not the case.  Nor does he have a bipolar condition; the Fallen Angel is simply not used to his mortal coil, and as such, can only act in whatever manner he has adapted to in his transition from eternal force to sentient physical presence.

   History: Asmodeus is eternal.  It's difficult to recount the history of a being that existed since before there was an existence.  He is one of the Firstborn, one of the Nine Fallen, one of those that defined betrayal and rebellion and strife before they existed in any conceivable reality.  At the dawn of all things, when God, or the Creator, or whatsoever one wishes to name Him created that which would become the Heavenly Realm, Asmodeus was fully forged in light and glory;  a resonant voice rife with the chorus of eternity, and a joyous chord in the Heavenly Host.  He stood at the foot of God's throne, and venerated at his altar as all the Host did.  Yet Asmodeus stood in loyalty to one of the Brothers; they upon whom God had bestowed the greatest of glories.  Gabriel; kind and gentle, beautiful and calm.  Michael; fierce and loyal, powerful and unyielding.  Lucifer; the light of Heaven, the greatest of them all.

To Lucifer Asmodeus owed his eternal allegiance as he did to their Father, and to Lucifer it was that Asmodeus rallied upon the Light's rebellion against the Father.  Upon the rejection of the plan for Humanity, and the vainglorious pride that consumed the Angel of Angels.  To Lucifer Asmodeus rallied, and with Lucifer was he cast down, bereft of glory and eternity, sent adrift throughout the eddies of creation to crash into the Infernal demesnes.  There he was rewarded for his loyalty, there the Devil granted him dominion and abode, and there Asmodeus ruled alongside his brothers Azazel, Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, Sammael, Baal, Belphegor, Mammon; and their sister Lilith.  Pandaemonium became his home, and yet was never his true abode.  Asmodeus yearned for the world he had rebelled to prevent; yearned to see what it was that Michael and Gabriel so fiercely fought to protect.

So he fell, like a comet falls, in a manner incomprehensible to mortality.  Asmodeus, the Fallen, already Cursed, Fell once more--and through ash and soot and light, he became as a flaming star and impacted the world.  He was remade; gifted Human coil, granted mortal flesh, and set loose upon the reality of men.  His powers reduced, his immutability forgotten; Asmodeus became as a man, though greater in mind and form than any mortal could hope, and yet diminished in glory and terror, diminished and reduced: a mere drop of strength remaining, compared to the vast and endless ocean of power he once commanded.  He was remade, and seeks an answer; seeks to know... why did Michael defend this Humanity?  Why did Lucifer truly rebel?

And where, in the grand scheme, did Asmodeus fit?

The Powers and Weaknesses


Gaze of the Infinite: Asmodeus is Eternal, and as such is able to perceive the world around him in a unique and divine manner; seeing not simply the physical, but the transcendent as well.  He is able to perceive the threads of reality as they correlate and flow to each and every thing around him; comprehending intrinsically the core of each creature's existence, and their natures.  This does not allow him an ability for precognition, nor mind-reading: he is simply able to understand the existence of everything that he looks upon, and qualify it according to his view of reality.  This also allows him a fully spatial awareness within fifteen feet of himself.  Gaze of the Infinite also further acts as Asmodeus' control centre for his powers, allowing him to use his myriad abilities through 'charges' stored within his eyes.  While able to used instantly, these Charges take time to regenerate.

Wings of Ash: Asmodeus can lift himself into the air on unseen wings, not fully materialised in the mortal dimension.  These wings are visible only in their shadow or in mirrors, invisible the naked eye, yet revealed in the shadow he casts, and in the mirrors he will pass.  The wings are approximately thirteen feet in span, and are obsidian feathered.  His wings allow him to accelerate to 2281.67 mp/h.

Lightforge:  Asmodeus can create solid light objects, which he can use as projectiles or weapons.  These objects can be created within a ten foot radius of Asmodeus, and once solidified, have the consistency of tungsten.  These objects cannot exceed his own body mass or weight, and will dissipate after thirty seconds of leaving his ten foot proximity.  Until the point of dissipation, however, they maintain their consistency and durability.  These lightforged constructs each require a charge of Gaze of the Infinite.

Soulfire: The black flames of his soul, Asmodeus can cast these flames at anything or anyone in direct line of sight, using his Gaze of the Infinite; requiring a charge at each use.  These flames will burn for so long as there is something for them to cling to, however, they can be instantly diffused or doused by use of Holy Water, or through a recital of the Our Father.  These flames are especially effective against those of an Evil alignment, as the darkness in their hearts will fuel the intensity of the fire's burn.  Similarly, they are especially ineffective against those of a Good disposition.

Infinite Arsenal: Asmodeus can summon to his hands any number of weapons, one at a time, that manifest themselves in whatever manner he desires.  For example, he may move to strike at someone with a dagger, and suddenly possess a greatsword.  This ability allows Asmodeus to tap into his nature as a source of conflict, and is controlled by his Gaze of the Infinite, requiring a charge each time it is used.

Shattered Reality: Asmodeus is able to create illusionary clones of himself that appear as solid to observing eyes.  These clones have all the same abilities Asmodeus does visually, but their powers are completely harmless.  Each clone lasts until dismissed or struck, and requires a charge of Gaze of the Infinite.

Power of The Fallen: Asmodeus is incredibly fast and incredibly strong, capable of withstanding immense damage.  He can punch through tank armour, dodge bullets, and generally cause mayhem.  His speed can be calculated to 760.55 mp/h on foot, with the strength to lift roughly two tonnes with moderate effort; or deliver that same force in a direct impact.

Piercing Light: Asmodeus can empower his hands to create a crackling shroud of lightning, which he can manipulate into a blade of energy five feet long and two inches wide, or use to stab through any unsanctified material, or remotely fire like a bolt of lightning at a target within twenty feet, though it loses the piercing effect it has while on his hand or in blade form.


Mortal Coil: Asmodeus no longer possesses his divinity, and as such is subject to the laws of human fallibility.  Due to the strenuous nature of Gaze of the Infinite, using the ability more than three times in a short window (per post) will result in a rupturing of his blood vessels, and despite allowing him to use it a further three times after this rupture, the effect of using the charges more than three times in said window will disable his use of Gaze of the Infinite for a large span of time, while he recovers (four posts).

Fallen Angel: Asmodeus is a Fallen Angel, and as such all Holy Islamic-Judeo-Christian faith iconography is anathema to him.  He can walk on sanctified ground only for a short time, and cannot be within fifty feet of any place of worship or significant religious iconography for more than a small window (two posts).  Asmodeus cannot return to a sacred site or religious location within a set span of time (the remainder of the thread) and must remain excluded.  However, he is able of decimating the site of worship and returning to its bounds if he successfully destroys all holy iconography.  Furthermore, Holy Water is a deadly poison to him.

Fallible Coil: Asmodeus' divine powers weaken his mortal form considerably, and because of this, he must sustain himself with a far greater regularity than others.  This is an unfortunate liability, but one the Fallen cannot ignore.  He must consume food every set period of time so as to avoid a degradation into unconsciousness or coma, or beyond it, death.  (Asmodeus must eat every ten posts, or he will fall unconscious at twelve posts, and die by twenty).

Wayward Son: Asmodeus cannot abide the name of God, and is compelled to flee when it is spoken by anyone with true Faith or Purity of heart.  (Lawful Good PCs / NPCs speaking the name of God will instantly drive Asmodeus away.  After ten times of use of this will build a permanent resistance to the specific individual using it.)

Impure Soul: Asmodeus has a lethal weakness to Silver, and cannot abide the proximity nor touch of the metal.  If it pierces his body, he will be thrown into agony and lose the ability to use whichever limb the silver is implanted within, or alternatively the organs within three inches of the silver projectile or item piercing him will begin shutting down until it is removed.

Salt of the Earth: Asmodeus cannot cross a line of salt without great time and effort.  So long as the salt is either a full circle, or is bordered by a solid construct such as a house doorway or entrance of some kind.  A single hole in the line, however, will completely nullify this barrier--though Asmodeus himself cannot use third party items to interfere with the salt line, and must wait for someone else to remove it.

The Twelfth Hour: If Asmodeus is caught in direct moonlight or direct sunlight between the hours of 12am-1am or 12pm-1pm respectively, he will lose all charges of Gaze of the Infinite for a full twenty-four hours, as well as his strength, speed, and power of flight.

The Anchor: If Perdition's Edge is destroyed, or is kept away from Asmodeus for seven days, he will lose his foothold on Earth and be cast back into Hell permanently.

   RP Mechanics

   RP Mechanic(s): Asmodeus' eyes take on a red and black pattern upon use of Gaze of the Infinite.


Perdition's Edge: Asmodeus' signature weapon, this simple blade reaps the souls of those it slays, and transfers them to Asmodeus--instantly refreshing a charge of Gaze of the Infinite, and prolonging his need for food by a fair amount (two posts).  Furthermore, this weapon is a physical manifestation of Asmodeus' power and will, and cannot be wielded by anyone other than the Fallen.  It also serves as his anchor to the mortal world.  The weapon cannot be shattered, damaged or destroyed while within ten feet of Asmodeus.  It has a mono-molecular edge.

   Physical Priority
   Agility  4
   Endurance 3
   Reaction 2
   Strength 1
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Asmodeus Empty Re: Asmodeus

Post by Chellizard January 13th 2016, 4:36 pm

Approved and moved.

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