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Raindrop Empty Raindrop

Post by Raindrop on January 4th 2016, 6:27 pm


"Most delightful, you've piqued my curiosity, shall I devour your left leg next to see how many more delectable tears I can collect?"

Basic Biography

Real Name: Dr. Lyle Praxton
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Raindrop
Title: Protean Organism
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 58
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: White & Sea Foam
Eyes: Sea Foam
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 217 lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Preferred Form:
Raindrop PraxyWithTeaAni
Default Form:
Raindrop 474a8848-bad3-4e0c-8ac5-f14dc9429f4c
Fun Form:
Raindrop W63lfqP

The Legacy


Left in the hands of certain children the results of an easy-bake oven kit can easily lead to disastrous results, you never know what's going to be coming out, despite the ingredients initially provided. Among those who've met Lyle, some come to the conclusion that he inspires the sensation to rip out one’s hair, it could be due to his traits as an explosive, raw, yet sometimes delicious half-baked pie, mystery meat potpie. Fun loving, rash, excitable, and at times unpredictable with a penchant for naughty, likely dangerous mischief, he leans toward eccentric, and nonsensical, with a darker sense of humor. Seemingly random things can fill Lyle with side bursting laughter, the connections that create such humor however often fly past all other heads. An eager extrovert, Lyle is a very social individual, always looking for opportunities to meet new faces, but unfortunately he's a rather socially awkward one, inept at coming off as anything but queer and rather immature at times. One could say that his naivety and easily overjoyed personality is charming at times though, in the eyes of the beholder at least.

Lyle is a capable liar and actor, effectively pulling off polite and well-mannered among other personas, although his whimsical, sarcastic nature leaks out with growing comfort around an individual. In the face of the inattentive though he can hold a façade for many years, keeping up his masquerade in bursts. Giving off a discomforting predatory sensation most of the time, Lyle can be difficult to be around even when in an occasion of speaking in a calm and collected manner, it’s as if he’s itching to burst out at some unreliable stage. Soft chirps, purrs, and a twittering form of laughter are but some of the noises that escape Lyle's toothy grin of a mouth, words however happen to be his most frequent, prolonged, and preferred methods of communication. Lyle loves a lengthy conversation, but despite how much he enjoys talking, he likes to listen as well, and the fun quickly dies out if it's a one sided conversation. Although Lyle's opinion of what qualifies as mentally stimulating changes frequently, he can get very charmed by his discussion partner’s words, whether it be small talk about the weather, or a deep discussion behind the morality of intelligent refrigerators. As for volume, he’s surprisingly soft with his words most of the time, although the words may not be so gentle, he enjoys chats while drinking tea or alcoholic beverages in a relaxed setting.

Through the years since his powers arose Lyle has developed an unstable sense of self and is riddled with trust issues, he strives to have more control over his impulses, but has unfortunately found himself in many situations that have caused harm to those around him. Prone to volatile or erratic behavior at times, Lyle is plagued with overly suspicious worries and bursts of emotional instability. A fantastic dinner date may end with a happy wave of his tail, expressions of gratitude, and a warbling skip away, but minutes later he may be found alone at a bar drinking his unfounded concerns down the drain. Flipping the constant chaos within his heart, Lyle is quite apt at planning ahead as well as examining the extended branching consequences of decisions. Often times though he chooses to go with impulse when making seemingly harmless decisions, desiring ease over caution for complications he sees as modest to solve. To add to that when placed in one of many frequent unsound episodes these qualities of tactical thought and impulsiveness battle, spontaneous decisions attempting to bull rush past sensibly planned solutions.

A lover of calm, romantic, and melodic pieces of instrumental music, and on occasion upbeat, vibrant, and energy filled genres such as pop, rock, and electronica, Lyle enjoys a wide spectrum of musical sounds. Regrettably Lyle has little to no musical talent. Lyle hates being restricted in his possibilities and will try to open up more favorable opportunities when the existing potential selection is not to his liking. In the case of music, he has taken a liking to lying about the quality of his creations to continue blissfully with his hobbies. He has the bad habit of forcing others to follow this same road, desiring to learn more, often past their comfort zones, telling himself that nothing whatsoever is wrong with the situation. He grows bored of stagnation, constantly looking for something fresh, the next big thing. Warm within his own cloak of lies at times, Lyle will sometimes invent solutions and justifications for himself that go to great lengths to open up possibilities in his favor. Despite how much difficulty came with his newfound powers throughout the years, he’s come to cope with and love the distinctiveness that comes with his protean identity. With a casual appreciation for the arts, Lyle promotes creativity, new thought, and individuality, even if he doesn’t understand certain styles that may be in fashion.


Born the first child of a couple living in east Manhattan, Lyle’s parents moved to New York City a year prior to his birth in the hopes of finding new opportunities like many others before them. Lyle’s early childhood was fairly consistent; money wasn’t an issue even in exceptionally difficult situations. As a fairly well off citizen with a mother, Mary, who worked as a doctor and a father, James, an electrical engineer, there was always an abundance of opportunity on the family plate. Even with the addition of a younger brother, Peter, a year later, the plate still remained resolute and plentiful. Lyle and Peter would get along memorably well in their early youth, their parents having to rely heavily on babysitters the two would cooperate even in the hardest of times. Lyle would grow up in a devout Protestant Christian family and for most of his early childhood, follow steadfast in his parent’s footsteps.

At the end of the day however Lyle’s devotion to tradition and his family’s wishes would be overrun by change, as he would stray from his parent’s faith in his early teens. He would do so in careful tandem with maintaining the image of a stout Christian, outwardly upholding family values, alongside an outwardly pleasant mindset. During his early teens Lyle and his family would move to Austin, Texas to open up possibilities that would’ve stayed undiscovered otherwise as Lyle’s father decided to start a life in the business field making an investment in selling advanced electrical hardware and devices to interested parties. Life was once again starting out fresh for Lyle and at first difficulty was rampant, but in time he made due, taking on the identity of the class clown, which in turn broadened his horizons through friends he could more easily manipulate. With books and the internet as his resource, he rekindled educational interests, such as evolutionary biology and various physiology fields that had initially been snuffed out in his elementary school days by his parents and church mates. The arts and his creative juices although not dowsed out in his youth, were now able to flourish to grander possibilities alongside the sciences. As the years passed juggling intellectual pursuits proved to be easier and easier for Lyle as he expanded his banks of knowledge early on in his youth and into his adult life.

The future shone brightly on Lyle, a promising future ahead of him in his scientific studies. Unfortunately, Lyle had drifted further away from his friends and family, by his late teens he had become a different person in his passion for genetics, bioengineering, and altered physiologies. Graduating early he moved out to a new state driven by his intellectual pursuits. Lyle studied at a prestigious university, excelling far beyond his peers within his studies, issues arose however with the neglecting of proper socialization, spending most of his free hours in isolation. His parents had expected great things from him, but they had never expected immoral decisions to his potential futures. Beginning within his grad school years to post graduation some doors that were better left shut ended up wide open in the end, and Lyle soon came to learn the expenses of recklessness in his experiments. His brother, the first of many, became Lyle's initial accidental test subject after a night of mental disarray, drinking, and scientific breakthrough. Despite being the first, he was not the last of many future subjects. Now dabbling in illegal and immoral research practices, he continued, lying away his conscience and participating in serial kidnappings with vile acts of science performed upon his subjects, he was eventually caught however and wedged into a constricting position.

In an act of desperation, the culmination of Lyle's lifetime of work was applied upon its last test subject, the scientist responsible for all the pain and suffering of the experiments. With his genetic makeup as a big factor for his obsessions and what eventually led to his vicious pursuits and decisions in science, he saw the last chance flash before his eyes. He had the makings of what was necessary to be a metahuman but the threshold had never quite arrived and so he met his desire to accelerate it. Upon his soon to be arrest he found himself unintentionally destroying everything he’d worked toward, with the chances of changing himself permanently as the ultimatum of his last resources. Fortunately for him the awakening worked, moving him toward his imminent life as a metahuman, but not without its costs. The end results liquefied his lab, his physical form, and the local law enforcement closing in on his position, he was officially declared dead, his family disgusted by his end results cared not to bury an empty casket, his history to be known as the mad scientist of his family, his body lost within the puddles of seemingly unintelligible goo.

Many years passed since the incident, the gooey remains of his experiments lying dormant within the basement of a specialized research facility, locked away and deemed useless in the pursuits of science without any background data to discover the true value of Lyle’s research. It would take many years, but that goo would eventually spark a consciousness, whether or not it belonged to the original owner of the body however is debatable. Each individual gooey cell would drift together, a lifeform, remolded, a new entity unto itself. A protean hive mind of sorts that would shift together into a being that would gather itself and escape the facility, overwhelming and erasing those left to safeguard it. The facility would be wiped clean of any data gathered, of which there ended up only being minimal amounts of to begin with. That data would follow its host however who would relocate, elude the authorities while attempting to gather its thoughts and memories.

Memories of several lives long dead would occasionally flood in, an amalgam of a self would eventually solidify, never quite complete however. That incompleteness would retain a single identity though and with it a new being would be born, no longer the scientist that it used to be. The name raindrop would follow wit this identity, the idiotic name of the operation to research his remains would amuse the entity, given due to the watery appearance of his gooey remains at first, the cells looking similar to droplets of rainwater. Eventually Raindrop’s interest in the past would wane, abandoning care for a deceased history and moving forward to see what life had to offer. An interest, a curiosity would spark and move Raindrop towards a more entertaining existence, one of impulse, gaining experiences, and learning. When it came down to it, he wasn’t doing things much different than he had before his metamorphosis, moving from city to city, experimenting, exploring, seeing what new, fun, and exciting things he could find to do with his life, he’d been granted a second chance, a second chance to keep doing exactly what he’d been doing.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Cellular Consciousness Physiology: As an organism that’s a cellular consciousness & intelligence now, with each cell capable of individual thought essentially, Raindrop is able to increase his mental processing capabilities with an increase in body mass. Typically, he automatically amalgamates this hive mind so to act as a singular consciousness, but in moments of stress he has the means to focus and produce separate thoughts and perform body capabilities as individual cell units up to lone singular cells albeit at severely diminished levels. Productivity skyrockets at higher cell masses, capable of organic assimilation, acid generation, and more polymorphic possibilities with greater numbers. If diminished to smaller nigh unintelligent numbers the cellular consciousness has an instinctive desire to find biological matter to assimilate and grow to higher functioning numbers, or seeks other Raindrop cells to reform. Most day to day body functions, transportation of nutrients, and other essential life functions do so on auto-pilot without active focus and are managed at much higher efficiency levels than a normal human and some metahumans allowing the collective singular body unit to function as a collective organism despite being made up of numerous cellular organisms.

Self-Replicating Division: Raindrop is capable of using his existing organic body mass to replicate itself, creating a self-thinking clone that’s capable of free will and thought. The clone will have a separate mind that’s a copy of the original’s and is no longer connected to the consciousness of the main body. Despite this it will still be instinctually inclined to work together and cooperate with other clones and the original at exceptional levels of efficiency. Upon splitting the clone will take up a portion of the existing original’s body mass to produce its own body and mental framework. Depending on the size of the clone, the intelligence will be split equally as the original or in diminished qualities. The replication process is rather rapid taking mere seconds to perform. These clones can be assimilated by the main body or by other clones and the clones themselves can divide into additional clones, although the body mass of the finished products of both actions is something Raindrop usually takes into account.

Organic Assimilation: Raindrop’s body is able to on contact break apart simple to complex organic matter that at the moment of assimilation is absorbed into Raindrop’s cells and used to swiftly produce additional cells onto the pre-existing makeup of his body mass. This essentially allows Raindrop to increase his cell count and body mass allowing greater possibilities in his other abilities, whether it be making more intelligent replicates, replacing lost body mass, or producing more cell bodies to generate more acidic materials. Efficient methods include engulfing and maximizing the amount of cells to surface area of said organic materials. Raindrop’s body specializes in organic assimiliation, but can also assimilate certain inorganic compounds that are used for biological life keeping the matter within him and processing it as rapidly as he is able to process organic matter, this does not mean he can break apart more durable materials such as steel or titanium, nor would he want to try and assimilate hazardous materials such as mercury and bleach.

Acid Manipulation/Immunity: Each cell in Raindrop’s body is capable of rapidly generating small amounts of various caustic products ranging from strong to weak acids as well as variable chemical catalysts to assist in the usage of these acids. These acids can be moved harmlessly throughout Raindrop’s body and applied to specific surfaces of the body or expelled through some form of polymorphic propulsion system. An increase in the number of cells equates to larger amounts of material potentially producible. Beyond the acid producible within Raindrop’s cells, they are also able to manipulate the properties of and control the movement of surrounding acids whether organic or inorganic in matter. This range extends to about 100 meters away from his cells, extending beyond this range immediately halts the ability to further affect these acids through use of this ability. This manipulation of acidic substances can alter the pH of existing acids, regardless of the pH of a substance Raindrop’s cells are immune to their effects, seemingly unaffected by them as if neutralized, despite continuing to be caustic in nature.

Amorphous Polymorph: With his cellular consciousness Raindrop is able to instantaneously shift and alter the coloration, shape, size, texture, scent, and taste of the various cells in his body. This effectively provides Raindrop with the ability to polymorph his body into anything that he can imagine/achieve with his current body mass. This does not however alter the physical durability of the cells. He cannot provide enhanced durability and resistances to damage through the changes, and such Raindrop’s cells are still as easily killed by trauma in these forms, despite being shapeshifted to look like steel or scales. They are however capable of forming complex mechanisms both organic such as musculature/organs or mimicking non-organic functions such as a computer display, although the mimicry of advanced non-organic technology doesn’t actually function and would merely act for deception purposes. Forming blades, other weapons, and defenses, although capable of inflicting damage and defending the main body are still not as durable or dangerous as the real deal, as the material properties of things such as metal although mimicked in a sensory standpoint, aren’t actually made of metal and are pierced as easily as muscular tissues. Fortunately Raindrop's greatest defense is to shift his cells out of the way of most forms of attack, shifting around his cells like a liquid. Raindrop is able to stay in a given form without additional difficulties or need to focus and will remain in said given form until the mental command is given to change to another, he has certain preferences in forms however and takes those that appeal to him more often. By default, he would look like a large watery goo pudding however.

Superhuman Agility and Reaction Time:
Essentially a living neural network within his individual cells, a large portion of Raindrop’s mental processing has been applied to exceptional mental reactionary capabilities which excel to nigh instantaneous levels. What his body has most of its processing geared around revolves around subconscious precision awareness of his surroundings and reflex of his mind and body. He now has superhumanly enhanced reflexes, with the agility to match in his increased reaction time. This agility is not quite in terms defined by common super speed, but rather rapidly shifting cells and through use of his polymorphic amorphous physiology. This means although he isn’t able to run at intense speeds or anything of the sort, Raindrop is capable of sensing and dodging the individual flaps of a hummingbird’s wing as well as planning the trajectory of and avoiding a bullet that has already been fired. Alongside his improved awareness comes a greater capacity for fine-tuned precision movements, most if not all his movements have evolved to be capable of more dexterous and graceful action. Despite his potential capabilities for high meticulousness, he often prefers the easier and more comfortable route of limber and free, only drawing upon his detailed capabilities for precision work.


Telepathic Vulnerability: Due to the nature of the collective consciousness of Raindrop being managed by multitudes of smaller minds of individual cells, Raindrop is unfortunately highly susceptible to telepathic attacks/probing. The individual minds of the cells have basically no defenses against said psychic attacks, they are also incapable of being trained on an individual basis to better resist said attacks leaving no room for improvement for resisting psionic mental manipulation. To a telepath Raindrop is essentially a big open door to play around with, probe, and explore. Each separated clone however is counted as a separate entity and do not share the collective mind of another clone.

Size Reduced Efficiency/Capabilities: Unfortunately for Raindrop increasing or decreasing the collective body mass of the cells of one of his bodies to something too large or too small can affect the efficiency and capabilities of the body in areas other than mental processing. If the size of his body increases to beyond the relative humanoid shape his body may begin to become sluggish and get tired more rapidly. Whereas if his size begins to shrink to sizes smaller than that of most multi-cellular organisms he begins losing the mobility that might be offered by something with longer stride and the physical capabilities to lift larger objects and such, as well as decreasing cells to perform functions in general.

Cellular Bulk: Despite having the means to replicate, replace lost cells, and easily add additional body mass, Raindrop’s individual cellular make up isn’t exceptionally durable. With enough kinetic force a strong physical attack is enough to kill multitudes of cells, if a powerful punch from a muscular, but nonetheless ordinary human made contact, it would be enough to damage Raindrop’s surface cells. Bullets can kill a localized cluster of cells, a sledgehammer to the face can crush and destroy several cells. His individual cells although hardier than normal human cells are still vulnerable to physical trauma, although he can take the dead cell matter and repair the damage, large scale attacks or multiple rapid punches can easily decimate his healthy cell counts. Powerful sound based attacks are also able to cause easy damage to Raindrop, although weaker attacks don’t kill his cells, it will cause them to at minimum scatter.

Highly Flammable Biological Makeup: In Raindrop’s default form he might appear to be some form of water based entity, but he is in fact not. Despite seemingly being made of water he is actually a sort of flammable acidic based being and as such It is very difficult to extinguish Raindrop’s body upon catching fire as his body’s automatic response to fire is to panic and explode, spreading out in a rain of flaming cell bodies. Depending on how much of his body is actually on fire it can be anything from a localized explosion to remove the affected cells to a situation of high emotional distress leading to a full body detonation. Fortunately, when his body burns it’s a slow low intensity flame, similar in nature to a candle wick, in which case if he can do the very difficult act of keeping calm he can put out the fire through normal means. In extremely high temperature situations his body will actually begin melting losing its form to a more goo-like amorphous form, the cells themselves don’t die till about 3,000 °C which is the approximate heat of an oxyacetylene combustion, but their control over cohesive form does at around temperatures as low as 1,400 °C the heat of a candle.

Electric Shock: A weakness that can leave Raindrop effectively paralyzed is running a continual current of electrical energy through his body, it will leave all his cell bodies in a state of chaos, effectively causing them to stop acting in cooperation with the other cells and diminishing his mental capabilities immensely. A small shock or a temporary jolt of electricity is enough to disorient or confuse Raindrop as well, leaving him vulnerable to follow ups. His body is fairly conductive as a whole and so with this in mind Raindrop often will wear gloves whenever using electrical appliances just in case there might be a stray electrical channel of some sort. It usually takes a larger electrical source however to cause true full body paralysis and most smaller energy amounts will usually give Raindrop moments of electrical respite, enough to gather his thoughts for short periods and escape the electrical mental paralysis somehow.

Toxins: Toxic materials can easily end up killing large quantities of cells in Raindrop’s body if assimilated accidentally. Poisoning Raindrop will end of affecting the localized cells and causing them to suffer cell death, venoms also have a similar effect on his cells, fortunately in most cases he’s able to remove the affected cells before it spreads to the rest of his body. He’s effectively unable to neutralize them through normal body means however and must purge the damaged cells or the materials inside them. Despite being unable to deal with many toxic materials, things that are toxic to Raindrop are on the more severe end of the scale of things toxic to normal human standards. His cells are more hardy in this aspect and thus substances such as alcohol aren’t as dangerous and don’t actually kill his cells, but cause an extended state of inebriation that doesn’t leave until the cells containing the alcohol are purged of the substance. On the other hand, severe toxins such as sodium cyanide will very quickly start killing his cells, causing affected cells to explode and spread to nearby cells in a matter of seconds.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):
[*]Exceptional Hand to Hand Combat Capabilities
[*]Exceptional Hacking & Digital Systems Aptitude
[*]Exceptional Stealth/Infiltration Capabilities
[*]Extensive Knowledge of Biological Sciences
[*]Extensive Knowledge of Body Altering Chemistry
[*]Extensive Knowledge of Medical Anatomy
[*]Extensive Knowledge of Evolutionary Bioengineering
[*]Experienced Artist (Sculptor)
[*]Fluent in English, French, and German
[*]Amateur Culinary Skills

Legion of Rainclouds:
Raindrop has explored the realms of using his powers to create a following of loyal, brain-replaced servants. Although he has the option of creating clone replicates of himself, he has instead taken it upon himself to create a good middle ground by gathering people, having their brains devoured and replaced by a collection of his cells that have effectively replaced the brains of these people. These brain swapped servants are essentially clones of himself that control a normal human or animal body. They have the ability to wander around as normal human beings without drawing suspicion, acting as minions that are essentially his spies, fronts for resource gathering, and at times cannon fodder. These Rainclouds are Raindrop's clones that have volunteered for said positions, finding the experience to be exciting, interesting, and something new to try out. The clones living in the host's brain cavities flee upon the body's imminent demise and seek out new hosts for the Legion of Rainclouds. In the case of a dying body or sometimes just because, they destroy the evidence by consuming the flesh of the host, dividing using the new mass added and seeking out new hosts.

Weaknesses: While piloting these host bodies a large portion of their mental processing is used to function as normal human beings. Thus so by taking on the responsibilities of supporting the body they end up sacrificing their enhanced reflexes and agility to work an incredibly complex organism. As a raincloud they are llimited to being unable to fully polymorph their forms, take on amorphous shape, make efficient use of their organic assimilation except at the cost of the host body and various other abilities a normal clone would be capable of performing.

Physical Priority
Endurance 4
Strength 3
Reaction 2
Agility 1

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Raindrop Empty Re: Raindrop

Post by Thorgron on January 4th 2016, 11:31 pm

Interesting character. Approved until stated otherwise

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