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Alicia's Experience

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 Alicia's Experience  Empty Alicia's Experience

Post by Phi December 30th 2015, 11:40 am

Name: Alicia Coale [Haze]

Character Advancement/Item Gain: (0/8)

Advancement Purchase History:
- None

Experience: (4/4)

Current Leftover EXP: 4

Historical threads:
- None

Current threads in liquid time order:
- Lovely Weather We're Having  [Open], regular thread, first 2 pages counted, 2348 Words, 4 XP

- None

- None

- Darren Coale Aka “The Tobacconist” (Her Farther)

Lovely Weather We're Having  [Open]
- First encounter with Danny and Ares


Experience put towards Character Slots

Character Slots Purchased: (0/3)

Character Slot Purchase History:
- No Purchases



Alicia Coale [Haze] (Sheet/Experience)
Leviathan (Sheet)

Status :

Quote : "I transcend me."

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 31
Registration date : 2015-12-06

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