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Uaos (W.I.P)

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Uaos (W.I.P) Empty Uaos (W.I.P)

Post by Guest December 28th 2015, 1:49 am


Basic Biography

Real Name: Uaos
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Uaos The Pussiant  
Title: Divine Warrior, Demon
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: Twenty
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Golden
Height: 6'6 ft
Weight: 632lbs
Blood type:Unknown

The Looks

Uaos :
Uaos (W.I.P) RYSA9DS
Uaos Full Body:
Uaos (W.I.P) QK559e2  

The Legacy

Uaos is an incredibly arrogant individual and is quite bitter due to his upbringing. His natural strength has given him an inflated sense of superiority, holding himself over mostly anyone he meets. Uaos is immensely prideful of himself believing to be the ultimate warrior and the most physically attractive being there is. He holds his looks in extremely high regard only second to his own power. Most of the time Uaos is regularly extremely cold to people and being easily agitated. Many of his acts that are considered heroic are accounted only for his own self gain. He is fixated on being the strongest one there is and making sure his power is number one constantly testing his warrior prowess. Uaos is a highly intelligent character and is only deterred by his own arrogance or rage. He commonly uses very dry and dark humor when he speaks or thinks to himself. Constantly mocking opponents or anyone he feels the need to. His positive qualities are usually overtaken by his aggressive nature and massive ego.  Uaos is a highly aggressive fighter to people he deems worthy. However over the years he has begin to soften up to the earth slightly.  

Before time itself a with being near-supreme power existed outside the very fabric of reality and the existence of the multiverse. For countless millenniums the being sat in the background of every event that passed through time. Finally the being decided to intrude upon reality and decided to create a reincarnated avatar of himself . The being choose to model the phyical appearnce

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Unfathomable Might:   Uaos is able to utilize unfathomable levels of strength to the point where it is suspected he has no upper limit. Allowing him to easily leap the tallest of objects in a single bound without a running start and said to even escape the Earth's atmosphere. Simply clapping his hands together can cause a massive shock-wave of destructive force. Even slamming his foot down to rupture the earth and the surrounding to his own degree. Uaos with ease has lifted a fully stocked  and fueled large earth space shuttle with rocket boosters. Being able to apply monumental amounts of force to his fearsome blows. Having the ability to harm and defeat some of the most powerful and durable beings in a few blows.

Incomprehensible Endurance:   Uaos is nigh-invulnerable to physical harm and piercing/cutting still however nowhere near invincible or completely invulnerable. Allowing him to shrug off a free fall from orbit unscathed with no need for recovery. Taking some of the most powerful weapons at point blank range without a single scratch. Extending from taking full powered physical blows from the strongest of characters unharmed. His unmatched endurance extending to the most extreme of temperatures ranging from deep space to near the sun uninjured. Every part of his body have the same level of durability. His unimaginable body also allows for him to continue at one hundred percent for unknown amounts of time with no fatigue.  

Unimaginable Quickness: Uaos is able to instantly and easily achieve speed that's vastly overachieve that of the finest human athlete. Allowing him to outrun some of the fastest of cars with little to no exertion.  Even to the point where he can keep up and out speed some beings with enhanced speed. Uaos is able to reach the speed of sound and casually stay at that constant pace with no strain. Uaos needs no startup or build up to reach any desirable pace at or below the speed of sound.

Inconceivable Perception:   Uaos can perceive and react at a rate which overshadows his own running speed. Allowing him to react and perceive the fastest of people and objects with no known upper limit yet. To the point where if he desired he could dodge an automatic weapon's bullets with no effort after they were fired. One of his many feats in perception is reacting to and destroying an large object fired at ultrasonic speeds with no prior knowledge.

Indescribable Senses:   Uaos can smell,see,hear and touch to a vastly larger degree than an average human. He can differentiate and smell objects from extensive distances. He can see from massive distances and still clearly make out objects and some details.  He can hear and hear objects  with the slightest of noise from a large distance. Finally he can recognize and describe objects that come in contact with his body.

 Damage Memorization:   Uaos body can memorize the damage he takes and become immensely resilient to it. After receiving damage high enough to harm Uaos his body automatically adapts to be more resilient to that level of force that cause the damage however nowhere near invulnerable to it.

 Warped Impact:   Uaos body automatically and instantly warps the reality of his body to interact and touch a intangible or incorporeal  type being or object.

Expert Combatant:   Uaos is an expert and master combatant in hand to hand. He can utilize any form or combat he desires in  to a perfect degree.

 Flawless Male:    Uaos is supremely beautiful being described as physically flawless in looks and body to the point where it it nearly impossible for him to be unattractive carrying a tremendous sex appeal.(Not sure if it counts as a actual power so no weakness to correspond)  


Pathetic Weapon User-   Uaos refuses to utilize weapons in any combat situation even at the cost of his lost or others. Applying to if somehow uses any weapon he has no skill in it any worsens his combat significantly.

Utter Arrogance-   Uaos is extremely arrogant in every meaning of the word regularly allowing enemies his enemies to hit him with no intention to dodge or defend. To the point where to someone he deems weak he would turn around and close his eyes and motion for them to attack him at their leisure.

 Corrupted Warrior's Sense-   Uaos nearly always allows people he deems weak to try and gain a upper hand on him for a better fight not mattering if in combat or not. If an opponent promised that he/she had a way to make a better fight or become more powerful Uaos would assure this happens sometimes even helping them to that goal. He even tries to ignore and work around not exploiting someones weakness.  Uaos has a sheer hatred for using any kind of help from no one other than himself. Going out of his way to work alone and denying help even in some less dire situations. To the point where he is near impossible to work with or teamwork due to his personal warrior relies on his own power code.

Foolish Rage-   Uaos is easily agitated and enraged by the simplest of things. Causing him to be extremely brash and unintelligent when enraged. To the point where he make the most foolish of mistakes that cause him to fail or mess up that can lead to his defeat or being out witted.

 Mental Vulnerability-   Uaos is high vulnerable to mental various abilities of numerous natures. He can be mind controlled by even low leveled mental users and extending to illusions and putting him to sleep for a time or momentarily changing his memory. Breaking out of mind abilities for Uaos causes immense strain and good amount of time.(No permission needed)

Telekinetic Vulnerability-    Uaos has little to no resistance to telekinetic powers used against him. He can can easily be lifted,thrown and removed by even low level telekinetic users. Uaos has to immensely strain himself taking a good amount of time to free himself. (No Permission needed)

 Magical Vulnerability- Uaos has little to no resistance to magical abilities that work indirectly on him.  Enabling magical users to trap him,remove him from the area, magically transform him into something or mind tricks. He has to greatly exert himself to reserve or break out from the ability taking a good amount of time. (No Permission needed)

 Emotional Vulnerability-  Uaos is highly vulnerable to people who can manipulate emotions to some degree to either enrage him to the point of nearly mindless or cause him to walk away.(No Permission needed)

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):


Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)

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