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Apollo Empty Apollo

Post by Xadux December 20th 2015, 10:36 pm

The careless cyborg

Basic Biography

Real Name:Apollo
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name:Apollo
Alignment:True Neutral
Eyes:Black with Yellow pupils
Height:178 cm
Weight:95 Kg
Blood type:Oil

The Looks

Either include pictures in Spoilers, a smaller picture/s for the profile, or a very detailed description of your characters physical appearance and costume.
Apollo Genos_2_by_empew-d9ixuh1

The Legacy

Personality:A very careless cyborg, he doesn't care about the anyone or anything, at least not anymore. He used to try to fight for justice, for a greater good. But he left all hope for humanity behind, losing interest in everything that he liked before.  

History: Apollo used to live in a small town, he used to know every single person there and loved everyone as if they all were a big family. One day, a Rogue Cyborg attacked the town, killing almost all the the residents, Apollo managed to survive but just barely. He was fustrated for being unable to save his friends and family, he knew he needed to be far more stronger than he was at the moment. With a help of a fellow scientist who also happened to survive the attack, Apollo had his body almost fully replaced with mechanical parts, with in-built weapons, locating devices, rocket propelling shoes, and several other tools.

After the agmentation was finished, he went of in a jorney to find the culprit, but he also wanted to defeat all the evil folks, not only that Rogue Cyborg. He managed to defeat several bad guys, but one day, he left his guard down thinking the enemy was already dead, Apollo paid for that mistake severally, he had most of his body destroyed. The cyborg was ready to activate the self destruction sequence of his own body as the enemy flew quickly at his direction to deal the final blow.

Out of nowhere, a certain person that watched the whole fight decided to intervine, killing the foe with one massive hit. Apollo was shocked at that display of power. Missing both legs and the left arm while having half of the face smashed, he was lying on the floor helplessly, but he managed to talk to that guy normally, as that kind of wounds didn't affect him as they affect humans. He begged the man to take him under his wing as his pupil, and he accepted.

They spent a couple of years together, fighting every kind of foe. Apollo learned very important lessons about morals with that man. Apollo got almost beaten to death most of the time when they fighted the bad guys, but he always came back without any scars or injuries. They were a good team.

One day, Apollo's Tutor suddenly vanished, leaving no trace at all behind. The cyborg spent the next months trying to find his mentor, fearing that he was kidnapped or something alike, he had so many enemies before that it would be normal if one of then held a grudge. Apollo failed to find any clue about his mentor whereabouts, he must have left him for good, he tought. He stopped searching for him, instead, used all his time for search for the Rogue Cyborg, which was his original quest in the first time. It wasn't very hard to find him, Apollo was surprised on how close he was too him when he was found. The cyborg was extremelly intelligent, he did not have a human brain like Apollo, so the speed of his tought was far greater. But that was his downfall, because he could not compete with Apollo's will to win, also aided with the superior technology given by a few updagres during these years. Now that the killer of his town is dead, he had no big objetivies in long-term, so he decided to stick to the hero business, beating the bad guys and saving the day.

After years of crime-fighting, Apollo noticed some things. His deeds did very little to stop crime in the big scale, in fact, it only seemed to grow with the time. No matter how hard he tried, there would be times that he would not be able to save everyone. He had an existential crisis, it's almost like if he did save people or not it would always be the same. The line between Good and Evil began to slowly blur at Apollo's mind, as he noticed that even the most adored heroes had some evil within, and would act bad for those near then sometimes. And for the bad guys, they were not totally bad at close examination, the big majority had a very big problem early in life, being left alone, desperately needing money, murder of his family, and the list goes on.

He decided to stop interfere with the world business, and spent the next years improving his body. He had enough knowledge now that he did not needed that scientist who built him to fix him when needed, he also managed to make some upgrades that would help him to stay alive longer in dangerous situations. He now wanders the world, watching how different people act, and also trying to find some superior technology so he can improve himself even more.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1:Robotic Body - Apollo body is fully mechanic, his brain is also augmentated but the core properties that has the emotions and all the normal human fellings is intact. He doesn't fell pain,or anything at all. Instead, he has a chip in his brain that warns him about things happening with his body, like if someone touched him from behind, a strong wing is coming, if there's something very hot or cold nearby, if an object is soft,  etc. His body is easily rebuilt.

Power 2:Robotic Eyes - Apollo's eyes are enhanced, allowing him to zoom in so much that he can see the molecules of an material at very long distance. He also has nightvision and thermal vision, seeing perfectly at a pitch black environment.
Power 3: Augmented Strenght - Apollo's muscle are all metal replaced, giving him the ability to lift more weight then the average human. He can "charge" his limbs (arms and legs) so he can strike a very powerful attack, capable of destroying an Asteroid.  

Power 4:Extreme Survivalist - Apollo upgraded his own body to still be functional in very critical situations, like having his body torn apart completely, decapitation, burn damage,etc.

Power 5: Plasma Cannon - Apollo can fire concentrated plasma blasts through his hands and feet at an absurd range. He can put his arms together to increase the energy gathered in the blast, severaly increasing the destructive power of the beam

Power 6: Missiles - Apollo's torax can be opened at this will, revealing deadly missiles that will track the target.

Power 7: Self Destruction - As a last resort, Genos can overheat his core (hearth), causing it to explode with an intensity comparable to an atomic bomb.

Weakness 1:Emp grenades or similar equipment will make him unable to move for a while. Even tought his body is easily rebuilt, he have no regenartive or self-repairing power, meaning he can't heal himself in the middle of a fight, he has to go back to his home or someplace where he can find the tools to repair himself. He still gets tired as a normal person, it takes some more time but he is not immune to fatigue.

Weakness 2: Has difficulty to keep track of targets moving too fast, and is unable to track objects or people travelling faster then his eye. His eyes do not allow him to see through smoke, fog, or anything similar. Emp based equipment will render his eye augmentation useless, making him see like a normal human

Weakness 3: This extra strenght will only add more force to the strike, but it doesn't change nothing on the limbs resistence to damage. If Apollo punch/kick connect with a studier superficie then the material of his limbs, or someone else strike at the same time, the limb used will be destroyed on the impact.

Weakness 4:If the injure is too dire, Apollo is only able to retain basic functions like talking and the eyes moviment, but not limbs moviments, leaving him very vulnerable.

Weakness 5: If Apollo chooses raise the power input by putting both arms to fire at the same time, it will deplete his energy almost completely, leaving him very vulnerable.

Weakness 6: Like regular missiles, it will only track targets that emanates heat. They don't have much fuel, so they can only travel 500 meters. It takes about 15 seconds to Apollo open his torax to allow the missile to be fired, and he needs to be standing on a stead surface to fire then whitout ragdolling violently backwards.

Weakness 7: Apollo is not very happy about ending his own existent, so he will try to his max to not use this ability, sometimes even when death is certain. IF he comes to the point to use it, his brain will be completely destroyed because of the proximity of the blast, nullifying any chance of being rebuilt any time again.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):


Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility 1
Endurance 4
Reaction 3
Strength 2

Status :

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Apollo Empty Re: Apollo

Post by Thorgron December 20th 2015, 11:12 pm

This is Genos from One Punch Man. Please create your own original character.

Apollo Pbucket
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Mega Poster!

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