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Daniel O'Day, Dusk.

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Daniel O'Day, Dusk. Empty Daniel O'Day, Dusk.

Post by Vile December 18th 2015, 10:27 pm

Daniel O'Day
"The night can shine just as bright as any day."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Daniel O'Day
Hero Name: Dusk
Alignment: Good
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown/Emissive Red
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190lbs
Blood type: A-

The Looks

Daniel O'Day, Dusk. UdpTZV2

The Legacy

Personality: Determined and sometimes overly emotional Daniel isn't your typical bloodsucker. Filled with a sense of compassion and a heart of gold, he aims to help change the world's opinion on vampires - by saving the world one day at a time.

History: Daniel's live before his bite was fairly common. Born in Chicago, meh grades in school. Dropped out as soon as possible and the second he hit 21, he went out and fully indulged in the party life. Drunk and high every two days or so, sleeping with strangers, dancing until 5 am. While it wasn't for everyone, it was his natural habitat. However, that all changed when he pulled a girl in a club. She brought him home, and just as he thought he was gonna get lucky she grew claws and wings "What the fuc-" She lunged, fangs turned his deep shrieks into fickle gasps for air. His arms were pinned down. Everything faded.

He thought he died. Technically he did.

When he woke up, his neck hurt and he had an alarming amount of dried blood stained down his body. His throat was dry. What the fuck happened. He lay there, unable to move. Breathing. Not breathing. It didn't really make a difference. Eventually he sat up. He had huge bruises on both his forearms from where he'd been grabbed. His neck was throbbing. Slowly getting out of the bed, he pulled his black jeans over his legs. It was still night. How long had he been out? Searching his pockets he found his phone. "2:17 am, Tues 17th Oct" Tuesday?! He left his house on Friday Night! Where was he...?

He heard a noise, and from the En Suite walked the woman. She looked different. Less... blood devouring bat creature. He flinched and she seemed relieved. "Oh good: You're finally awake again." She approached him. He stepped back. "Stay the fuck away." She sighed. "Look, Either you can leave here confused and die in about 4 hours or you can let me explain and you can live for... well, ever... if you're lucky." He was so confused. Why did his neck hurt so much. She motioned towards the door, and he could see her sitting room through it. "Please?"

Nervously, he walked through and sat down. They started talking.


"A vampire." She said it like it was nothing.
"Why?" He couldn't tell if he was angry, upset, happy, frustrated. Probably every emotion at once.
"It was an accident. I killed you, by accident, and couldn't let an innocent stranger die because of my condition."
He sat in silence. Were his eyes watering? Probably.
"And I need to explain things to you."
"What makes you think you know enough to help someone you made a vampire. By accident."
"I'm 352. And also technically I'm now your mother. So I have a duty of care. That's how things work."

He sat, mostly in silence while she explained everything. About the sun, holy water and other things they could and couldn't do.
She didn't need to explain most of it in great detail; he'd read books and seen movies.

She offered to let him stay there and he accepted, he didn't have any other choice - if he left now he'd die. She promised that she'd train him to be a good vampire, how to feed properly, how not to get hunted. His mind was focused on other things.
If vampires were real, what else was?

And so, she taught him. He had to.... dispose of his phone. He'd been gone a week and a half and it had 158 missed calls. He saw on the news that he'd been registered as missing. His parents and friends were there. They were crying. It didn't take him long to follow. But he couldn't see them again. She'd made that extremely clear.

It didn't take Sarah to notice something about Daniel. His transformation was unlike any other she'd seen. He had gotten over the blood cramps almost instantly. He was picking up the talents like a natural. He was settling into the role of a vampire so well that it seemed as if he was born to play it. It was actually kind of alarming. He'd only been a vampire for 6 months and he could rival her 300 years of training.

She constantly told him stories about powerful vampire lords and vampire hunters and how nobody must know of his condition, lest he be hunted, shunned, feared and eventually slain. Every time she mentioned hiding it, it bugged him. He didn't want to have to hide. He missed his old life. Maybe, there had to be a way, to influence the world into believing that vampires weren't all bad. The news was on, and he watched superheroes fight off some form of mechanical man in Las Vegas. That's it. That had to be it. The public went mad for superheroes. Maybe he could... represent the darker side?

It took another month but eventually he convinced himself that's what he had to do. He asked Sarah if he could move out. As weird as it sounds, he'd actually come to look to her as a sort of mother figure. Maybe it was the vampire blood. He seemed to understand. He had grown up... shockingly fast. He didn't tell her that he planned to become the world's first vampire superhero. He needed to represent. Change people's opinions. Nervous, scared, excited. He felt pretty much every emotion again.

He tried to be optimistic but he had taken on a really hard task. Good thing he was immortal and had a lot of time, eh?

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: Vampiric Physiology; Daniel is a creature of the night, and as such has been blessed and cursed with various effects.

  • Superhuman Strength: Daniel's muscles are phenomenally stronger than a normal humans. At their natural peak, they can lift objects weighing 30 thousand tons. However, while under emotional duress, he can force himself to lift objects weighing up to 50 thousand. He can channel similar force through his blows in order to hit very hard.
  • Superhuman Durability: Daniel's flesh is capable of blowing off regular bullets and punches like they never happened, and he'll take superhuman blows like how a normal person would take a normal punch. This durability can be rendered useless by the right objects.
  • Superhuman Speed: At his peak, Daniel is capable of running at Mach 2. He very rarely has the need to do this but he can do it. He can also move his body at extremely high speeds.
  • Superhuman Senses: Daniel's hearing is on a similar level to a bat's, allowing him to hear tiny sounds that would otherwise be impossible. However, he cannot perform echolocation - yet.
  • Night Vision: Daniel can see perfectly in the dark.
  • Blood scent: Like a shark, if blood is spilled, even a drop, within a 10 mile radius - Daniel knows where, to a degree that he could pin point it on a map. He could even tell you the blood type.
  • Feeding: When Daniel feeds on someone, he rapidly heals from wounds.
  • Charm: With immense focus, Daniel has learnt to charm and hypnotise lesser willed people and beings for about an hour. (Permission based for PCs)
  • Fangs: Daniel's fangs are capable of easily piercing through most materials and durable skin, allowing for easy feeding through armour or superhuman durability.

Power 2: Blood Frenzy: Daniel's a vampire. If he goes a long time without feeding, he will grow massive fangs, razor claws and go on a rampage with strength capable of moving things that weigh 100 thousand tons at it's peak, his peak speed and blood scent active for all blood, regardless as to whether or not it has been spilled. He has no control over his actions in this state and will not stop until he is either knocked unconscious or he has drained at least three blood sacks (typically humans) dry. While in blood frenzy, Daniel's eyes turned emissive red. He also gains access to some other powers while in this state.

  • Bat Swarms: Nearby bats swarm around Blood Frenzied vampires and help them feed by attacking humans.
  • Gliding: The bats help the vampires travel by swarming around them and letting them glide at high speeds.


Weakness 1: UV Light: Artificial UV Light burns Daniel's flesh.

Weakness 2: Nocturnal: Daniel's powers get stronger the closer to midnight it gets, reaching their peak at 23:59 but start to get gradually weaker. From 6 to 6, his power is considerably weakened. 300 tons at most, bullets will cut his skin. He can only run as fast as an olympian.

Weakness 3: Silver: Silver pierces through his durability with less effort than it would take to pierce human flesh.

Weakness 4: Garlic: Cliché yes, but even getting within 3 feet of this stuff makes Daniel's eyes water. Having it touch him would cause a rash and ingesting it would make him violently ill.

Weakness 5: Moral Restraint: Daniel limits his strength, meaning that he'd never use extreme superhuman force against someone who wouldn't survive the blow.

Weakness 6: Light: When in direct light, UV or Not, Daniel's powers are weakened. Due to his night vision, if he isn't given time to adjust, sudden light will blind him for a few seconds.

Weakness 7: Control: While he may be stronger in his Blood Frenzy form, Daniel is unable to control his actions.

Weakness 8: May I come in?: Daniel cannot enter anywhere that is recognised as a residence without being invited in. If he enters, his body will burn like it's on fire for as long as he's there.

Weakness 9: The need to feed: Daniel needs to drink blood in order to activate his healing factor.

Weakness 10: Children: Daniel can't hurt kids. Period.

Weakness 11: Running Water:  Daniel will either have to go over or around running water. If he is pushed into it, he becomes as weak as he would be during the day.

Weakness 12: Holy Ground: Daniel cannot set foot on holy ground, lest he burst into flames.

Weakness 13: Holy Water: Burns his skin like acid.

Weakness 14: Eyes: Daniel requires eye-contact and the person's attention to hypnotise them.

Weakness 15:

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):

Thirst: Daniel constantly feels the thirst for blood, no matter how much he tries to repress it.

Sunlight: Daniel's body is incredibly weak to sunlight. When exposed to direct sunlight he turns to ash and cinder in under a second.

Werewolves: Daniel can tell if someone's a werewolf. Like, he just knows.

Reflection: Daniel doesn't have a reflection.

Body-clock: Daniel can tell roughly what time it is without a watch.

Sire: If he chooses, Daniel can make someone a vampire.

Ageless: As a vampire, Daniel will no longer age.

Haemotarian: While he can eat and drink anything, only blood will truly sustain him. He doesn't actually need to eat or drink.


Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility: 1
Endurance: 3
Reaction: 4
Strength: 2

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Daniel O'Day, Dusk. Empty Re: Daniel O'Day, Dusk.

Post by Red December 19th 2015, 6:06 pm

Approved until stated otherwise, just make sure not to abuse the Blood Frenzy blahblahblah 100,000 tons blahblablablablaah.


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Daniel O'Day, Dusk. Empty Re: Daniel O'Day, Dusk.

Post by Chellizard April 16th 2016, 8:13 pm


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