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A gunshot breaks what passes as silence in the city...

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A gunshot breaks what passes as silence in the city...

Post by heyguise on December 11th 2015, 5:59 pm

Nominal Setting: A trash filled back alley way behind a closed down I-Hop and an abandoned apartment building in the Bronx.

Should you walk down the alleyway you wouldn't see much, the only light is coming through shut Venetian blinds in an apartment building that is supposed to be abandoned. If your eye's are keen you'd see the black shape of a man (Adam Wraith) slug another in the head with a baseball bat, the thwack is wet and final. Another man, dressed in the same style of acid washed jeans as the first, jumps Wraith from behind. They struggle, the man holding the knife to Mr. Wraiths neck. Another body lays on the floor.


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