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Alone in the city of angels [Invite only]

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Alone in the city of angels [Invite only] Empty Alone in the city of angels [Invite only]

Post by Alpha December 9th 2015, 3:06 am

The room was silent, save for the soft hum of the television as Ryan laid down on the bed. There was some kind of game show on the television, but it was something that rather quickly lost his attention as soon as it got it. Dressed in a baggy white t-shirt he borrowed from Zeta and a pair of pajama pants, he played around with a rubix cube that Isalia had been playing around with not so long ago. At this point, it was something that kept his mind occupied in those lonely hours. Alpha had been busy a lot lately, more than he would have appreciated really, made getting close to them difficult and that distance was something that had begun to bother him. Having someone else to hang around him was nice, but it was never quite the same really. His mind ran over multiple things that it could do, though for some reason he just wanted to see Alpha for the moment.

Settling the cube softly on the bed, he rolled over until his legs could dangle off the edge of it and softly landed on the floor. Lucas hadn't been around much lately, but he wasn't too bothered by this, well beyond the fact that he did occasionally miss them. Everytime he thought of them, his arms began to sting once again, as if they were being cut by phantom blades. Chewing on his lower lip slightly, he stepped out of the small room and walked down the small hallway until he came to a door. There was a soft light playing along the tinted glass that served as a window almost, though it was a bit too high for him to look through, as well as toot inted anyway. Twisting the knob with a telekinetic hand, the door creaked open to see Alpha hunched over a desk.

Almost obsessively they were flipping through a pile of notes and staring at a screen, while occasionally typing something into the keyboard. As silent as always they slipped into the room, trying to peer over his shoulder to get a better look as to what they were doing. This didn't work so well, so he tried something else which ended up involving him using the table itself as leverage to lift himself up. Why they had a desk that was too high up for him to see was unknown, but he would deal with it anyway. This however did not go as he had planned, as the table began to tip as Alpha finally took notice that Ryan was there but it was too late. Within a matter of seconds everything began to fall to the floor, computer only stopped by telekinetic force.

Ryan found himself falling on his rear, slightly shocked by everything suddenly falling over. Papers were scattered across the floor, some of them landing at his feet as Alpha turned from what he was doing to look at him with this look. Something about it filled him with dread, enough to cause his heart to sink a little. "Ryan....," He said with a rather angry sounding tone. "Wh....I...your room, now!" He snapped at them and without much thought going into it, he sorta scrambled to his feet and was gone. Within a matter of moments he was back in his room. His mind was in a whirl really, just hearing that tone come from the person that he trusted was something that left him confused and hurt more than anything else. Moisture gathered in his eyes, a few droplets falling from them in small streak from the side.

The only thing that went through his mind was getting out of there, though he had no clue where the idea came form. All that he knew was that it sounded like it would work, as scary as it sounded and decided to go for that. There was a window that he could descend from, and changing into better clothing that was pretty important. Next came getting something important, which would help should he need something. A credit card to be exact, which was sadly easy to find since it was Travis' room. Holding the small plastic card within his hand, Ryan made their escape so to speak. Hovering slightly, he landed softly on the grass below dressed in clothing more suited for walking around. This consisted of a pair of blue jeans, a comfy long sleeve shirt and a jacket over that. Pulling the hood up over his head, he walked off without really looking back while wiping his head.

" I do now." He muttered to himself, chewing on his lower lip nervously. Now on the lamb so to speak, he buried his hands into his pockets while mentally debating what to do. He was on his own now, and the feeling was not so liberating. So he decided to scope out a pizza place, somewhere that he could get something exceptionally unhealthy. Eventually he found himself a pizza joint, and it smelled rather greasy. He found himself waiting in line until he could order himself something. It ended up being stuffed crust pepperoni pizza, or rather a few slices before he walked out again into the city, not quite realizing that a person his age shouldn't be walking around at night alone.

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