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Underbelly (Espada)

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Underbelly (Espada) Empty Underbelly (Espada)

Post by Parable December 6th 2015, 1:52 am

Parable threw one speedy punch after another into the heavy bag. The hero was holding back his speed, less the laws of mass and acceleration get in the way of maintaining the gym equipment; at the moment, he was simply working his form and technique.

Seven, two, seven, two, one, seven, two.

*Thwack* *Thwack* *Thwack* *Thwack* *Thud* *Thwack* *Thwack*

Brian listened closely to the sounds coming from the bag, as he threw a combination of jabs, right-crosses, and the occasional hook. A thud meant a dead punch, with too much push in it; a thwack, or cracking sound, meant a more powerful  and snapping punch. It was almost as if the bag was talking to the un-costumed hero, telling him how to correct his offense.

The teen continued to hit the bag.

*Thwack* *Thwack* *Th-Buzz-Buzz-Buzz*

Brian dropped his arm mid punch, as a buzzing noise filled the empty gym. With a rush of air and the beep of a button, the heavy bag was suddenly deserted, and Parable was answering his phone from halfway across the gym.

Chuck had left the gym to the teen for the night, for the purpose of him putting in a little extra training. Brian was locked in alone; no one could see him use his powers. Besides, not many people had his number, anyone who did was worth enough to the hero to warrant making sure that he got their call.

"Hello, this is Brian Silverline," Parable's alter ego said, as he brought his smartphone to his ear.

"Brother, I need your help," a whispering voice came, softly through the line.

Brian's eyes narrowed.

"Rory? What's going on?" the young boxer inquired, forcing his own voice to remain steady and calm.

"Where are you?"

Rory was one of the only people who knew that Brian Silverline, was actually the speedster-hero Parable. The teen had learned his secret identity by complete accident last year, when the hero had saved him from some street-thugs. To make said situation worse, Rory was always getting himself into things he had no business being in.

In all honestly, Brian wished his fellow teenager didn't know who he was behind his mask, but it was impossible to change the state of such things once they had taken hold. In any case, Rory wasn't a bad person by nature, and Brian had given him his number so he could keep tabs on him.

"They're going to mess me up man, real bad. I need," Rory was cut off, with a noise that sounded like the dropping of a phone.

"Rory?" Brian pressed.

"The old skatepark!" A distant voice yelled through the speakers of Brian's phone, as the line was cut.

In a flash, the lights of the boxing gym were off, the doors were locked, and not a soul remained within.

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Underbelly (Espada) Empty Re: Underbelly (Espada)

Post by Shael Atterrius December 6th 2015, 2:28 am

Los Angeles, Sebastian had never been here before and...well something told him was about time that he tried swinging around there. being one to listen to his personal urges, well that was where he was off to. Normally someone would have to take the time to drive or fly all the way there from Chicago, however he took the easy way there. A way that not many people would really consider, or be able to yet here he was doing it. One moment he was slipping into some shadow in Chicago, and within the next moment there he was Appearing on street under a clear night sky, bathed within the fluorescent light of a street light. "Wonder if there's anything to do around here." He muttered to himself, hands buried in his pockets as he walked along without a seeming care in the world. one thing that was different was the fact that this place wasn't as windy as Chicago, though it was called The Windy City for a reason.

"This was the city with the freak blizzard I think. Wonder if I can get a look at any damage that's left." His idea was of collapsed houses, though likely people would have already rebuilt from that freak storm as people tended to do. In all honesty, he just wanted to know who was the one that caused such a freak incident in the first place. It was probably a metahuman, since storms didn't just come out of nowhere like that. If people found out about that, well lynch mobs may end up being formed, because nothing like a good lynching to get the blood flowing as some would say. The first thing that must be done however was get something worthwhile to eat. It started like that, until he realized all he wanted was some kind of candy bar. Unhealthy sugary sweets always hit that right spot, so that was what he went after first.

Passing through a convenience store, he picked up a Three Musketeers, the candy of choice for your discerning shadow guy. With confection in hand, he was off again into the night, walking through the less likely to be walked paths. While someone would normally avoid the dark alleys and abandoned things, well he tended to frequent them. Being able to see in the dark was a plus, but also he could get out of most situations just by slipping through the shadows. For the moment he found what looked to be an old skate park, a place where people did all of those complex and painful looking skate moves. Ramps, railings and so many other things to break their faces on.  

"Really regret not having a skateboard. This place looks like it could be great for practicing my....stuff. Man, I don't even know half the crap they called these moves." He muttered to himself, shrugging as he found something catching his attention. Looked like an altercation, could have been an altercation. Looked rather nasty though, and he couldn't just turn away. Didn't feel cool to do that and so he decided to check it out. Slipping through the shadows, he ended up overlooking a scene with around three people, a fourth not looking so hot. "Beating up kids? Sheesh, crime sure has taken a hit these days. Toddlers a little too tough for you?"
Shael Atterrius
Shael Atterrius
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Post Mate

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Underbelly (Espada) Empty Re: Underbelly (Espada)

Post by Parable December 6th 2015, 5:26 am

Parable bolted through the city at top speed, running fast, and running hard. The hero was no longer clothed in boxing shoes and gym clothes; no, Brian Silverline had become Parable, and he was now dressed the part of his alter ego.

A blur of white, the hero ignored the burning that began to accumulate in his legs; pushing to his max speeds was never comfortable. Of course, comfortable or not, such swiftness did get results. Within the minute, the speedster came upon the scene that Espada was observing from the shadows.

Unlike his renegade counterpart, however, Parable didn't need to hide; his slowed perception could easily help him asses the whole area, without being threatened. It was a seemingly simple situation as well; three thugs, all surrounding a teenager.

Brian began to compress his teeth.

With his meta-human vision, the hero saw the frozen scene of one of the thug's boots slamming into Rory's stomach. With a bolt, Brian shot towards the man, only slowing himself down to an almost human speed at the last second, before he rammed his fist into the vagabond's gut. With the added force of his speed, Parable watched as his punch sent the booted male toppling over.

Slowly, Parable allowed his hand to fall back down to his side from where it hung in the air, as everyone stared directly at him.

"The boy is off limits," the hero said slowly and calmly.

Parable moved his head, to stare directly into the eyes of one of the standing ruffians

"I want to know who you think you are."

The hero could all but smell the fear and apprehension on the men; a supersonic appearance could have that effect on a human.

But scared or not, after a few seconds, none of the thugs had chimed in.

"Silence is not the right answer," Parable said, with a flash of resolve glowing in his eyes.

Parable's Character Sheet

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Quote : "The law needs to mean something, decency needs to mean something!"

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Underbelly (Espada) Empty Re: Underbelly (Espada)

Post by Sponsored content

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