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The Cosmic Legion

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The Cosmic Legion Empty The Cosmic Legion

Post by Guest December 3rd 2015, 8:15 am

The Cosmic Legion 9627344516_694b7d1755_z

"You are now among Gods."

Legion Creed:

We are the safe haven for the rights of all individuals.

Regulation Trinity:

1. "The preservation and protection of all beings to ensure equality,fairness and peace among all."

2.  "Strive to utilize diplomatic before engaging in conflict unless stated otherwise."

3.  "Assist any when possible no matter how minor or how major the situation is."

Backstory :

The Cosmic Legion was founded in organized by The Cosmic Centurion. During his cosmic travels the Cosmic Centurion came upon a war torn world which he began to settle the conflicts. However a mysterious creature appeared at the same moment and began to ravage the entire world. After Cosmic Centurion defeated the creature which in turn helped stop the wars the creatures of the planet showed immense gratitude. Knowing of his want to help all the creatures constructed him a advance space station to help recruit others to his cause.With the station Cosmic Centurion decided to form a public group to vastly increase the ability to protect more life forms. Welcoming all with a righteous heart and mind to put themselves before others. With all that join the legion operating at an equal level none higher or lower than the others.


There is only one base that sits high above the cloud it usually never stays in the same location.

The Cosmic Legion Ldimonl_06

SafeHaven Transportation:

The Sanctuary possess a teleportation dock able to send only five people at once to an open area either by person or computer but has to recharge. Ship docks also have aerial vehicles for fast transportation and combat.

SafeHaven Equipment :

The Sanctuary is stocked full of basic energy weaponry ranging from melee to projectile weaponry being a highly advance station. The Sanctuary is controlled by a highly intelligent maybe even sentient A.I named Haven.  The Sanctuary controls multiple satellites that orbits the earth allowing the station to track and locate. Each member receives a  small body card allowing them to contact team members and to access the ship's teleportation,rooms and ships and small land vehicles.

SafeHaven Weapons and Defenses :

The Sanctuary is composed entirely of a matters that rivals earth most resilient materials. The entire station is protected by a self generated extremely powerful energy shield as well as powerful energy based weapons and turrets.  

  • Computer Generated Practice Rooms, Recuperation Room, Advance storage and various other specialized rooms and areas.League members are all allowed private rooms inside the station and are able to customize them to their liking.


No true ranks every operates at an equal level

  • Cosmic Centurion

Membership Interview:

You are brought aboard the station to a secure room with a hologram that asks you these questions respond in character as if speaking to a person.

"Hello...Identity current alias."

"Next..Identify most prominent abilities."

"Next...State in your own words what a true hero is."

"Next...Reason for wanting to acquire membership to The Legion?"

"Next to last question...What do you believe it means to be a Legion member?"

"Excellent final question...What situations do you visualize ending a living beings life acceptable?"


Wealth 4-Due to being a public hero organization large sums of donation money is present however a large percent is than transferred to charities.

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The Cosmic Legion Empty Re: The Cosmic Legion

Post by Red December 5th 2015, 2:23 am

Base Approved.


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