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Mallie the Scorcher (W.I.P.)

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Mallie the Scorcher (W.I.P.) Empty Mallie the Scorcher (W.I.P.)

Post by Scorched November 26th 2015, 9:49 pm

...this is what it feels burn?

Basic Biography

Real Name:  Mallie (sounds like Moly)
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Kindle
Title:  -
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age:  17
Gender: Female
Race:  Hispanic
Hair: Jet black and curly.
Eyes: Large doe eyes
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 119
Blood type: Who knows?

The Looks

Mallie the Scorcher (W.I.P.) EMB53XW
Artist unknown/apparently untraceable. Found here.
Edited to fit character.

Mallie has dark brown, ringlet curls as though she's someone's doll rather than a human. She has large, chocolate brown eyes that are warm and inviting, and above all else, innocent. When she smiles, two dimples light up her face, making her overall appearance, adorable.  

The Legacy


Mallie is sweet and innocent although quick tempered.  She obeys the law and listens to her mother like a good girl -- that is, as long she sees fit to do so. Mallie won't hesitate to break a rule if she actually wants to however. In general, she cares about other people. She'd try to stop a villain if she saw them hurting helpless citizens because that's how her mother raised her.

Mallie has never cried even once in her entire life, even when she was a baby she just screamed, dried eyed and smoldering. As a child, her mother worried about her as the little fire girl never seemed to show any emotion other than sweetness. Instead, she'd just stand there burning, waiting for her mother to tell her what to do or for her to realize how she was supposed to react.

When Mallie became older, the fire that was constantly surrounding her seemed to recede back into her body, only to erupt to show an emotion. Wide-eyed, and politely confused as her face might show, her mother soon realized that beneath her daughter's mask of sweetness showed her real emotion. When told not to do something, Mallie would reply sweetly or simply look at her with wide, innocent eyes however her fire would betray her, flaring around her skin to show her brilliantly bright anger. Still, Mallie's mother quickly learned how to read her daughter, and eventually, even her younger brother learned as well. Although her face might never betray her emotions, her flames did, flaring when surprised, angered, or sad.

Because it was generally Mallie's head which burst into flames, her brother teasingly nicknamed her 'Hothead'. Perhaps not the most intelligent of nicknames but irritating all the same. No one like her brother seems to have the knack to annoy her like her brother does, and although Mallie's face always remains neutral, her brother has been on the receiving ends of many, many burns.

When Mallie was fourteen, her mother and her were having a fight. Her clothes were starting to smolder but her body wasn’t hot enough to burn. Mallie turned away to go to her room but her mother caught her by the arm. In her rage, she ignited her body where her mother was touching giving her a third degree burn. She was immediately filled with regret and sorrow however her mother forgave her. Mallie’s mother still bears the scars on her hand and even to this day, she cannot fully curl her fingers. This is the only instance she ever regretted burning someone however her little brother bears a burn scar as well.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1:
Mallie's body has a habit of bursting into flames when her emotions flare out of control. When she's angry, sad, scared, surprised, or even joyous, she will burst into flames. When she's very ill the flames can hurt her however they feel no worse than pinching. Overall, her flames seem to know not to hurt her or those she loves. It takes conscious effort not to burn strangers however. To Mallie, the flames surrounding her body generally feel nice, like slipping into a hot bath. The more and more she uses her firepower however, the hotter her flames feel. Exerting her strength can even result in burning however Mallie has only ever experienced the weakest of burns once when she was sick and even so, her flesh showed no ill marks.

Power 2:
Mallie can "breathe" fire. Her friends joke that she's a dragon. With deep inhales come exhales of pure flames. Mallie has nearly perfected the ability to breathe fire without setting herself aflame however at times her clothes will still smolder.


Weakness 1: The hotter Mallie stokes the flames of her body, the hotter her body feels. Her flesh is incapable of physically burning however when her flames rage hot enough, she will  feel the phantom pains of burns. In addition, breathing fire takes its toll on her. Her chest feels heavy and constricted every second of the day, as though in an eternal asthma attack. Her breathing is always rapid, as if she's always gulping for air. When using her spitfire, these symptoms worsen. Her breathing becomes ragged and her lungs sear with the pain of too little oxygen.

Weakness 2: Mallie, being a girl born of flames, can't take the water. She doesn't even like to drink it as it makes her feel dizzy. She has a violent fear of the ocean and hates large bodies of water, even going as far as despising baths. Cold rain feels like pins and needles on her skin however hot water doesn't feel entirely terrible. Although she hates water in any quantity, even that of bathwater, she still prefers this over showering as even hot water pelting her skin feels highly uncomfortable for her. Taking hot baths however feels as though she's being smothered. When she was about ten, her younger brother jokingly dumped a bucket of ice cold water over her head, effectively knocking her out cold.

Weakness 3: Mallie has a habit of ending up naked as she's yet to find a material which will not fall away to ashes when her body ignites. It's really quite embarrassing and is the main reason she forced herself to learn how to control her emotions. Still, an especially rude insult or a surprise might end with her dashing off for cover or, at the very least, her clothing beginning to smolder.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):


Physical Priority
Agility: 1
Endurance: 4
Reaction: 3
Strength: 2

Status :

Quote : "I'll set this whole world on fire." - Wren Azraa

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