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Future-Shock: Prelude

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Future-Shock: Prelude Empty Future-Shock: Prelude

Post by Zell November 26th 2015, 4:44 am

The Past:
Trudging through the dense vegetation, marshy soil beneath as the earth seemed to be blanketed by a strange haze. Despite the marshy waters remaining still, the area was far from peaceful as animals and creatures of all kinds began to gather deep within the mass of bamboo stalks and thick wetland trees native to this unknown and remote island. There was a man whom walked through these waters...but no ripples were sent out. He approached and passed all manner of beast, however they did not flee from him nor turn to make prey of him. The young one following in tow, however was not so fortunate. As the young one walked with the white haori samurai, the waters rippled and beasts looked with extreme discomfort at the human as it approached with the moonlight devil.

  "Sensei, can you teach me to move as you do? You walk through water without causing ripples...." The young man asked as he followed, looking hesitantly as the narrowing eyes of a particularly malicious looking panda bear squinted at him. "a-and the creatures here seem to be blind to this samurai technique." he pointed out, voice tremoring with a second of fear slipping from him. As this was spoken, the samurai stopped a moment with a heavy sigh. The dense fog was sliced in the distance by a sharp moonlight, a beam touching the earth like a celestial beacon.

  "The art to moving as I have, and doing as I do is not of a mastery of The Way. Nor is it a principle of the wind, the rain or thunder." The white-coated and silver haired samurai said, his objective clear in his mind, causing him to silence a moment. In the future there would be a day when the world would come to an end. The wind honored him with whispers, but alone there would be nothing even he could do. He would need the power of The Storm, and the power of Death to work under the ordinance of The Wind. To change the he had so many times before. He still felt a sense of grief, knowing that as much as he was changing the future by doing as his prophetic visions had told him....he would never live to see what he had done. The difference he had made. The lives he would save.

 "Sensei...then how is it that you can walk in water with no ripples? Walk beside beasts whom do not attack you nor fear you?" The student asked. Tsukiyomi's eyes shut and he steadied himself. It was amazing how often the spirit of wind worked. The breath that left the mouths of others...the kind words and gestures...simple questions that reminded and humbled Tuskiyomi. This question reminded him exactly how it was he was able to do this. To walk with beasts. To walk in water without disturbing it. In asking this question, Tuskiyomi was reminded the very answer; and in remembering it he was able to let go of his temporary grief.

 "The secret to moving in water without disturbing move with the creatures without being walk with the wind and carry on through the rain. The secret is not an art of the sword...but an art of the soul. To move in water without disturbing it and to move with these creatures is only achieved when one is truly at peace with themselves. For how can we hope to move with water undisturbed if we cannot even keep ourselves at peace? How can we hope to be the example of calm with these creatures if we cannot reign in our own primal souls? To move as I do is not to move with purpose... it is to move with acceptance. Acceptance of myself. Acceptance of all around me." With that Tsukiyomi moved again, and the waters still remained undisturbed as he walked. His treading became faster as he came very close to his destination... and once he was there he stood in the center of the moonlight.

 A steady hand drew Yūdō-tō from it's sheath with a slow metallic grinding. With a flourish and a flick of the wrist there was a metallic ping that echoed before Tsukiyomi brought his balde back to his own person, twirling the katana in hand before driving it into the ground. Then...

all was silent.

              Thousands of years later.

Modern Day:

     Piericng eyes to the heavens as the straw hat cast a shadow over the face of the masked Spirit incarnate. Shi Ryurou, the Spirit of Death and the embers of the last hope stood with watchful eyes and open ears, anxiously awaiting word from his ally and friend whom was meditating vigilantly. Unmoving, a sentinel of patience and virtue as he awaited a sign of any kind from the Spirits he had once existed with, the beings he once held as mortal enemies...and before that as siblings. The only sign he received however was a single drop from the cloudless sky. A single droplet of moisture from the heavens to splash upon his mask and roll down the cheek.

"Ryurou!" The all too familiar voice spoke with what seemed to be a sense of urgency. As Shi turned he had come to see the very sight they had been awaiting to see. The ever strange glowing Katana. This thing was of a vision bestowed upon Rai by The Spirits, and immediately Shi was able to lead him here, where they would wait for it to appear. Shi walked silently in his armor, looking to the weapon of the vision, immediately his eyes narrowed and he swallowed, as if he had seen this weapon once before. "This is the blade. Now all we need is to-" Rai began though his eyes turned to Shi, whom had made the swift movement of turning his head behind him, as if hearing something. Focusing for a moment, Rai began to feel a dark presence. "-run..."

 No sooner had he said this did Shi Ryurou vanish from sight. Rai quickly drew his blade, the Katana of the first rain. As he turned to strike at one of his previously invisible foes, he found himself facing a rather large humanoid figure with silver-grey finishing, over it's mechanical confines. The creature walked almost silently as it's hands opened. From it's palms shot two spikes that it quickly grabbed hold of before looking at Rai with it's narrowing glowing eyes.  It's intention was rather clear.

 "Great One, aid me this day in washing the stain of Evil from this world. Grant me the Wisdom of your Wind, the Might of your Thunder and the Purity of your Rain." Rai said to himself as he held the katana of the first rain in a defensive manner. The mechanical creature seemed to be amused by this. "I am Rai Nagataki, The Spirit of the Storm. I have felt the great evil seeded in this land, and it is my duty to cleanse the world of it. I now ask with the Wind in my words that you renounce Evil and return to the path of righteousness. If you refuse I will have no choice but to bring the Might of Thunder upon you. Do you concede?" Rai beseeched the creature, still uncertain if it were even human. The creature's eyes scanned over him, shifting left and right, as if reading him. The creature simply flourished it's spikes before electricity crackled through them.

  "Righteousness within corruption." It said, it's voice deep ad honestly quite stereotypical of an evil mastermind, it's mechanical growls and chuckles in tandem as it crouched down and leapt through the air. Rai twisted his Katana, lowering his won knees and bringing the sharp edge of the blade up, the tip of the blade ready to thrust forward into the wicked machine. As the machine came barreling forward, Rai pushed his blade forth, the creature countering by using a spike to guide the blade off to the side. Following through with the guidance, the storm samurai moved as fluid as water sliding off to the side and turning into an about face and slicing the machine down the back. Sparks were produced as the metal slid down the metallic skin of the spike-wielding warrior as it ducked forwards into a somersault and then turned, throwing a spike towards Rai.

  A simple matter as Rai moved to retaliate and simply deflect the forced projectile. Unfortunately, once the projectile closed in on its target, it did something rather unexpected. The projectile had four pieces unfold from the sides of it, each one glowing a different color as it began to spin at incredible velocities. Before it could reach Rai it was intercepted, Shi's advanced technique allowing him to step as fast as light, equally paralleled as if in shadow. Shi positioned himself between Rai and the spike, spinning his blade in a rotational motion that was equally if not more-so quickly rotating than the spike itself. When the spike clashed with the blade and bounced off, arching backwards in the air only to be caught by another mad-dash by the mechanical man. Shi in perfect harmony ducked to a knee as Rai stepped forward, using Shi's shoulder as a step to bound off of him and fly through the air at the incoming foe.  

  In mid air the mechanical hunter put it's and down into the ground as it's legs flew up over head, allowing his heal to slam down on the tip to Rai's blade, driving it to the ground as his other foot planted itself in the back of Rai's head, sending him crashing into the ground as he pulled his hand out of the soil. No sooner had the mechanical being planted it's other foot on the ground had Shi rushed in, his own katana making sparks as it causes a small scuff here and there, even when his katana hadn't actually made contact. The being brought up it's first spike and stepped forward to thrust when Rai took hold of the mech's ankles and rolled, pulling the thing to the ground. As they rolled the machine released one spike and gripped Rai's collar before using the momentum to push and propell him off, sending him up into the air a little before he crashed back onto the ground, rolling right back to the ready. Ryurou would bring forth his skills one more using the ability to of the shadows to step and collect Rai's sword...but as soon as Shi vanished the mech made a very quick movement very simple. A slash to thin air. Shi arrived at Rai's side, the katana handed to him with a little grunt. Rai received the blade once more and looked to see Shi's hand immediately go to cover a segemtn of his armor, which had been entirely sliced off, fresh blood oozing from the flesh of the mortal coil. To damage Shi was an impressive feat, for anything to damage him for that matter.

   Rai's vision returned to the mech which was now smiling as it saw the revelation on Shi and Rai's face of just how dangerous this foe was. No words were needed any longer. They both simply knew that the sword in the ground was their primary objective. Without hesitation Shi removed his hand from his wound and dashed forward, Rai directly at his side as they approached their foe. The mech chuckled, truly amused it would seem as it raised a hand up, the spike it had forsaken returning to his palm, as if pulled by telekinetic ability. Shi's first strike was a very clear overhead chop,which was blocked by the mech's own spike, bringing it up horizontally to intercept the blow. While intercepted, however,  two essences of spirit blades knicked and scuffed the plating around the mech's throat, though doing no obvious damage. Meanwhile Rai moved, his motions fluid and clear as water as he seemed to almost dance to the side and bring his own blade across. The mech stepped in, towards Ryurou, twisting under it's own arm to bring a vertical spike down to stop the storm spirit's katana. With both katanas intercepted and the mech locked with his back into Ryurou and his side to Rai, he ducked once more and dove off to the side, Rai and Shi's katanas following through and bouncing off one and other and, actually falling right into a new position of attack. The skill and experience of brotherhood was clearly to the advantage of Shi and Rai. Sadly, experience and brotherhood do not always defeat strength and skill.

  Rai charged at the fore front in the second assault, katana from down low spearing upwards in a rather unconventional fashion, meanwhile Shi utilized the shadow step in order to reappear besides the mech and used his own katana to attempt and strike at the mech's off-hand shoulder. In order to respond, the mech turned his off hand in order to defend from Rai, swiping up to the side in hopes to add to Rai's force but redirect it a little more upward, hoping to stagger Rai and utterly derail the attack. Meanwhile his dominant hand's spike came over his the same shoulder and created a diagonal block to his now-exposed back. Rai was still with his blade slightly in air as he calmly and collectively flowed to a different stance, and trusting Shi to keep him from harm. With Shi blocked the mech lowered itself into a squat, small flames appearing from it's ankles and turning to opposite directions of forward and backwards. In an instant the flames increased and the mech had propelled like a rocket in a three hundred and sixty degree turn, his dominant hand went from blocking to a low blow thrust, while Shi was actually forced back off his feet and onto his back.

  Rai closed his eyes and slid off to the side, trusting in his own instincts to keep him alive. The spike came up and tore through Rai's sleeve and causing blood to stain the metal, a rather nicely sized gash present on his shoulder. Rai focused his priority and slashed down at the machine's off hand shoulder, trading an equal blow with it and sliding the katana down into it before pulling out some slight mechanical wiring as sparks gave off. Rai's eyes fixated as he moved to make another attack, but the mech's thrusters reoriented to the ground and gave a rocket-propelled knee into Rai's chin. Shi had already begun his charge as he came to do battle with the mech, his blade and secret arts in the works as small little spirit wounds inflicted upon the creature as blade met spikes and metal plating. Rai, on the other hand made himself scarce, leaving the brutish machine to believe he had been dealt with for the moment. A side swing by Shi was met by a flourished spike to deflect the blows followed by an overhead bludgeoning by the off-hand, cracking into Shi's mask and even breaking off several pieces and further continuing to crack it. With Shi's head still reorienting himself the mech reached out with one spike and drove it into Shi's abdomen, just under the ribs and angled directly up at twelve degrees, forcing breathing to become a discomfort from this moment on. Shi let out a yelp before hacking his own blade at the same wound Rai had inflicted, though Shi's blade was not the same as Rai...and because of the very nature of the Spirit of Death...he could not harm the robotic creature nearly as much as it had harmed him. The mech laughed as it twisted the spike, the same folds that had been present before now opening inside him, pushing muscle flesh and sinew aside to make room and cause electro socks of pain. Then, the mech actually lifted Ryurou from the ground, his feet dangling as he dropped his katana in order to use his strength to try and push himself off of the spike.

 "You cannot be allowed to stop us. The Progenitor is so close to ending the struggle. Ending The Blight. You cannot be allowed to undo it. Not when you can be so uncertain that you can prevent it." It said, sounding rather condescending of Shi and slightly smug as to the position it was in. Shi made a grunting noise as he tried in futility to push himself from the spike. The mech only began to chuckle as he realized the grunting noise was nothing more than Shi chuckling. "Death laughing in the face of Death...poetic justice there. But not exactly comedy. What are you laughing at?"

  "You say how you can't let us succeed; can't let us stop you. But you let one of us just walk away with the key to it." He said with a chuckle, the mech turned to look, finding that the katana that had been in the ground was no longer there, and Rai was nowhere to be found. Instantly the mech was enraged, genuine hatred and anger flowing through him like a terrible Star Wars reference. He looked back to Shi with a visible scowl, the other spike coming up and being driven right through Shi's chest, piercing a lung and then the mech kicked him off of both spikes, tearing an entire portion out of Shi's abdomen. as the one spike was still opened. Backing up a few steps the mech's flames kicked on again and propelled him into the air, his eyes scanning for Rai, whom had already reached his destination.

  Rai had managed to reach the destination, a temple that was constructed many years after the era of Tsukiyomi's disappearance. This was the place where the katana, Yūdō-tō was needed to be. Rai was quite shocked to see the mech land in the entrance however, blocking his escape from the room. Instantly Rai thrust the sword into the center of the room and turned, clearing his mind once more and preparing himself for the combat to come. The mech stepped forward with a strange confidence and determination, not even having a stance. Rai simply kept to his focus and struck, movements still fluid and elegant. His katana worked in and made contact with the first spike, which the mech brought up in attempts to block, then drove into his chest plate, sliding out with sparks. Turning the mech became savage, thrusting one spike after the other, with nothing that the intent to turn the storm spirit into Swiss cheese. Rai smoothly and gracefully evaded each, even snapping his blade forward in short and quick little whacks, like a snake rapidly firing out.  Each one annoying the creature more than the next. The rage of the mech was not as effective as the calm fluid movements of the righteous spirit, and eventually after a few minutes of back and forth with no avail on it's part, the Mech propelled itself backwards and out the door. From it's shoulder a small trough-looking thing pointed out, as if ready to lob.
  "If I can't just kill you...I'll kill you, the blade and the entire site." It said as fire shot out of it's back, it's metal plating falling off as a cylindrical device lobbed through the air and went right for the temple. With a torrent of hellfire and purple-blue energies the entire temple came falling down, and smoke filled the area. The mech snorted with a nod, seemingly satisfied with itself as it watched the remnants of the spirit of the storm devoured by fire. The spirit of Death and the Spirit of the Storm. Both targets neutralized. Just as he was designed to do. Though a voice coming from the area behind him caused his eyes to open and rage to fill within him again.

 "...I turn my gaze." The voice was none other than the pesky spirit of Death. How? More importantly why? The knife in his hand...bloody and his eyes with a gash upon them. A self inflicted wound. Instantly video recordings played in the mech's hud before seeing this tactic before. Against Elena Vexus in the country of Madagascar. Shi Ryurou, the spirit of Death is able to turn his gaze from one, and spare their lives by protecting them by a force of power draconian looking armor.  "Turn around. You only get to see this once." Shi said, spitting blood out. Instantly the wind picked up, lightning cracked in the sky and storm clouds seemed to appear from nowhere, rain instantly falling in such mass that it immediately began to quench the flames. The robotic man turned to see a golden and orange yellow energy in the shape of a dragon, mostly translucent mist-outlined energy. With a single swipe of the katana, the rain doused all flames and the sole sources of light in the blackened area was the moonlight which pierced the storm clouds to illuminate the weapon of Tsukiyomi, and Rai as Shi's supernatural armor shielded him. Rai's head lifted and with a sigh he stood there...and then he was gone. The machine moved backwards when he saw Rai appear right in front of him, but as he did so the only thing he did was fall in half. His speed was beyond that of any human. Shi staggered forward a little and looked at the machine from the other angle as Rai looked at him from where he stood.

 "We have succeeded..." Rai said.

 "B-but you. Your lungs. I know I hit them." The machine said as it looked to Shi, whom simply scoffed.

 "Death doesn't breath." He said, and while it was a total lie it was probably best to say "Death doesn't need to breathe". His intent and what he said in fact crossed a bit as he began to move towards the temple remains, the katana and the flooring of it still in tact. In a moment, Shi's supernatural essence would fade from Rai, and the storm would carry on. Shi and Rai watched as the rain poured down and lighting flashed.

 "Now...what?" Rai asked a flash of lightning in the far distance was seen. The brightness ran over the sky, so far away that on this remote island they could see it's light when it struck from continents away.

  "Now...we wait. We wait and we hope the words of the wind can help us reveal our doom to the chosen. That they may help us change the world by wind...lest the world end in storm."

Right now...

  An entire storm blacked out all countries, all continents on earth. The first time the entire earth had been covered by storm clouds and rain appearing from nowhere, winds blowing harshly. But Lightning only struck so many times...and each time it struck it bypassed all corporeal things and struck a particular person. This person was chosen to observe the future as it was to become and help change what was going to be. These people were chosen, only they would be struck by the lightning. They were unharmed, but they did in fact vanish. TO an entirely different point in time.

  These are the chosen heroes of the storm...

(OOC: Just write whatever you want describing what your character was doing when they were hit by the lightning which transports them to the future. You can write your actual arrival in your designated topic which I hope to have up the evening after thanksgiving. Thanks guys!)

Future-Shock: Prelude Samhai10

Future-Shock: Prelude Untitl10

"Gone from light, lead astray. Soul turned to darkness in a single day. Lead me back to the light. Killing me...the only way to set things right."
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Future-Shock: Prelude Empty Re: Future-Shock: Prelude

Post by Maverick November 26th 2015, 6:43 am

"Are you serious? Wow, I did not expect that." Jordan noted with a chuckle before taking a bite out of rather hot fries.

"Super serious."  

"Well then." Jordan nodded, as something seemed to peek out of their pocket, in the shape of a mouse of some kind.

"Wow, you have mysterious mice hiding in your pockets?" His tone sounded rather surprised, or maybe mildly amused by it at any rate. Holding one hand out, the rodent sniffed at the outstretched finger curiously, whiskers tickling against the slightly chilled flesh.

"Well...something like that." Jordan said with a chuckle, scratching the pocket mouse on the head, ears twitching slightly from the attention. "Wasn't expecting it to rain though." He muttered looking to the clouds that began form over the city and likely beyond that. The black ceiling above them seemed to go on forever, without a conceivable end.

"Don't look at me, I didn't do it." Ryan deflected while looking down at his phone, typing away at the small keys on his phone in an almost slow, deliberate fashion. "I mean, it would already be raining if it was me already." That was when it started, rain falling down on them rapidly in a way that was not actually expected. It was followed by rather harsh winds, threatening to blow Jordan over more than Ryan.

"Seriously?" He grumbled, before something formed to stop the rain from falling upon him., in the form of an umbrella formed of ice sort of hovering over his head, held within Ryan's free hand. "Thanks Ryan. I would have gotten...soaked."

"Would've been rude if I didn’t." They seemed pleased with themselves, as the water drained around the chilly umbrella.

"Though now that I think about it, I could have probably made my own."

"This doesn't ruin the burgers though, right? I was really looking forward to lunch and you do owe me for that neat ice sculpture." Ryan noted with a slight smirk.

"Nah, takes a little more than rain. Besides, I could really go for one though." Thunder boomed through the sky, a bright flash lighting the sky up brilliantly. Within a second Ryan was gone, leaving him with the smell of scorched air. "Ryan? RYAN?!" Well this was very unexpected.
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Future-Shock: Prelude Empty Re: Future-Shock: Prelude

Post by The Grey November 26th 2015, 3:51 pm

It was just another cold day in Autumn.  You would not know it by the look of the trees.  The neighborhood Cory Jardin was visiting had once been a conifer forest and much of the old woodland remained.

Jardin let up on the gas of a rather cheap motorcycle, coasting toward a place that some had come to call Deadman's Bend.  The brakes kicked in and the small vehicle stopped in front of a rather expansive suburban yard.  A log house stood at the end of a coiled stone driveway; lights were on inside but all seemed quiet.

He wondered what the residents would see if they decided to look out their window.  Would they only see a stranger; a cliche of a biker dressed in jeans and leather, a full helmet to shield his head.  Or would they see him, Cory Jardin, the prodigal son.  The one who had vanished two years ago.

He longed to go in.  To see his family once more; his parents, his sisters.  He almost did.  But Cory Jardin was a criminal, a thief.  Could he bring that home with him?  ...No.  Not today, off all days.

Just as he was turning to leave, Jardin was buffeted by a sudden gale.  Looking up, he noticed that a blanket of black storm clouds had rolled in.  Within moments, rain began to splatter against the visor.  "Thank you lord for being an absolute dick," he muttered.

Deciding it was time to move on, he kicked out of his lean and pushed his bike to accelerate beyond the bend...
Before long, it became quite clear that the storm was unnatural.  Or perhaps Jardin's resentment was bleeding into his certainty.

Whatever the case, Jardin was forced to pull over to wipe rain from his visor.  In a flash of light, the bike would be allowed to topple, unsupported by the rider's leg.  Police would check its registration and return Mike Wallace's stolen property.  They would find no trace of the thief.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody else in America

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Future-Shock: Prelude Empty Re: Future-Shock: Prelude

Post by The Nekromonga November 26th 2015, 10:53 pm


On a raised platform, Jae-Un Young, aka Dragon Girl, was in training gear and was locked in a test of strength against a seven foot tall suit of power armor. The tall girl was slimmer, But, while June was only exerting some effort, the power armor's alarm already sounded, having strained its engine and servos.

"Okay, I think that's enough, Guv." Bernadette's voice sounded over the speakers.

June backs off and towels off, watching as her mentor Ellie Wong climbs out of the Power Armor. Ellie operated it while in her business suit, having come from a meeting right before the test. The suit now opened up in the back for convenient access, and Ellie inspects the dented hands, as well the indentations in the armor where June landed some kicks.

"Well, what do you think?" Ellie asked, as yellow-black robotic repair units emerge from the floor to replace the damaged armor plating, using high powered tools to disassemble the broken pieces and replacing them with fresh ones in a breeze.

"...This one is much stronger than the Mk. 4. Lasts longer as well." June said, having some Evian as she looked at the all-black hulking suit with red glowing eyes. "The design is quite intimidating." she added.

"Has to be, for the job it's meant for." Ellie responded, carrying the conversation to an uncomfortable juncture. She decided to change it to something more pleasant. "... The Divas are having thanksgiving upstairs tonight. Would you like to join?"

"Sure. Haven't tried turkey before." June perked up at the mention of thanksgiving dinner, having only read about it before.


An alarm sounded in the facility, sending everyone on guard... but no one could prepare for the occult storm raging outside. The mystical lightning blast had gathered sufficient force and reached down into the underground facility. In a flash of light and energy that sends Ellie and the power armor sprawling.

Ellie slowly gets up and recovers, looking around and seeing Dragon Girl and her things had vanished. "June? June! Control room, Find June now!"

"She's not here, ma'am." The operator at one of the touch screen terminals said, bringing up Dragon Girl's gps locator.

"In the building?" Ellie asked with great urgency.

"On... the planet." The operator responded with a grave tone.

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Future-Shock: Prelude Empty Re: Future-Shock: Prelude

Post by Dubloon November 27th 2015, 7:50 pm

A low humming sound filled the small hideout as its heater kicked in. Nu sat cross legged on her chair as she stared at the computer in front of her. She let out a small inaudible sigh as she tightened her grip on the thick blanket she had wrapped around her, before reaching out to grab a steaming hot cup of coffee she had just poured. She blew on the piping hot coffee to cool it down a bit before she finally took a sip, before placing the mug down next to the computer monitor.

Nu poked her hands out from the warm confines of her blanket and wiggled her fingers around a bit, to get the blood flowing to them. For some unknown reason to Nu, it was uncharacteristically cold today. After getting the felling back in her hands, Nu went back to what she was doing, which was looking for any clues as to the whereabouts of Sionas. After he abandoned her, she had felt very lost, even after meeting Alpha and the others, Nu still felt out of place and alone, as was evident by the dark and hollow hideout in which she resided.

Nu continued to scan multiple news outlets in the hopes that she would find something. One story had caught her attention, it was apparently about a rebel uprising in some far off foreign country that she had never heard about. Upon further reading Nu closed the tab that had the article on it, after reading that the uprising was caused by social imbalance in the area. No sooner did the young girl close out the tab, the power in the hideout went out. The computer shut down and the monitor went dark, along with the much needed heater shutting off.

With the power out, the low rumbling of the heater faded from the air, and Nu could hear what sounded like a raging storm outside, with frequent thunderous booms. Again she let out an inaudible sigh as she got out of her chair with the blanket still wrapped around her. The warm winter clothes she had on, not doing their job all that well. If a thunderstorm was raging, then it was likely the cause of the power outage, and Nu would have to go outside to fix it.

She reluctantly threw the door of the hideout open, and was greeted by howling gales and a downpour of rain. She quickly formed a small telekinetic barrier around herself to keep her from getting drenched as she climbed the nearby fire escape to get to the roof of the building that her hideout was located under. Nu made it to the top of the building to find a giant antenna with a large fuse box attached to it. She slowly approached the box, the combination of rain and wind, made it difficult to keep her footing on the slick surfacing of the roof. No sooner did she reach the box, a bolt of lightning cascaded down from the heavens and struck Nu, causing her to vanish into thin air.

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Future-Shock: Prelude Empty Re: Future-Shock: Prelude

Post by Nova November 28th 2015, 1:58 am

W 47th St, Manhattan, 3:56am

'...issued a flash flood warning for the following counties: Orange, Putnam, Richmond, Rockland, Westchester, Bronx, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, and New York county.  The warning will remain in effect until 6pm Eastern Standard time.  The National Weather Service has reported at least 8 to 10 inches of rain, with the possibility of additional rainfall continuing into the evening…'

Jeff adjusts the dial. The warning persists across most of the stations, the good ones anyway, ruining his meager hopes of stumbling across some Pink Floyd on rotation.  Sighing, he takes a drag from a coffin nail between trembling fingers as the warning drones on. For the nth time in the past couple minutes, he glances nervously at the rearview mirror.  Nothing outside but the torrential downpour, making murk of the streetlights, smashing into his nondescript vehicle with all the effortless fury only nature can evoke.  He checks the pawn shop at the corner, one square, silent silhouette among many.

' especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize the dangers of flooding. Do not enter or cross flowing water or water of unknown depth.  Stay indoors if possible.  Report any flooding to local law enforcement…'

It was Paulie's idea to rob the pawn shop.  He'd obtained a copy of the key--Jeff never asked how, because he didn't want to know--and had seen the deluge as an opportunity.  Visibility was almost nil, and the surrounding streets were sparsely populated at this hour; the storm would ensure they were deserted.  Jeff wasn't on board at first, but Paulie insisted it was an easy payday, what with all the jewelry on the premises. And once Mick had chimed in about exactly how much smack they could score with the earnings, Jeff found the offer difficult to pass on.  Besides, he reasoned, once the flooding was in full swing, there would be looting anyway.  The way he saw it, they were just getting first dibs.

A distant crack of thunder pulls him from his thoughts.  At least, he thinks it was thunder… and if it is, it's unlike any thunder he's ever heard, sounding more like the anguished roar of a great, pained beast.  It seems to linger and echo, and though it must be many miles away, it momentarily drowns out all sound.  Then it dies down, leaving behind the arrhythmic spattering of rain, and the bleating of an alarm.  Jeff's heart drops somewhere in his gut when he realizes the alarm is coming from the pawn shop.

Panic grips his throat.  This isn't part of the plan; according to Paulie, the alarm was supposed to disarm when the entrance was unlocked.  A dark shape comes barreling out of the shop, throws open the passenger door, jumps in.  It's Mick, but it takes Jeff a moment to recognize him.  Though Mick couldn't have been in the rain but a moment, he's shivering and his eyes are wild.  Jeff notes with some dismay that his friend is white as a sheet.

'Drive,' Mick intones, urgently.

Jeff looks at Mick's hands.  He's holding a tray with a few gold rings and necklaces and a fistful of cash, mostly tens and twenties.  A far cry from the comfortable take this job was supposed to yield, and a sure sign that things are going pear-shaped.

'Where's Paulie?'

Mick turns to him sharply.  'Drive,' he doesn't quite scream.

Something in Mick's face spurs Jeff into action, and he drops the car into gear, turning down the side street they'd planned to use as their escape.  Before he rounds the corner, the question of Paulie's wherabouts is answered.  Through the side window, Jeff watches as Paulie comes hurtling out of the pawn shop, slamming bodily into a No Parking sign.  He quickly staggers to his feet, only for a wad of rope to seemingly materialize from thin air, wrapping around Paulie, binding him to the pole.  Jeff manages to glimpse a raven-haired woman in blue and white stepping out of the shop.  They lock eyes.  Then he completes his turn, losing sight of her.

'What happened?' Jeff ventures after a couple blocks.

'Someone must've ratted on us.' Mick's attention is glued to the passenger side mirror.  'Had to've.'

'How?! I didn't tell anyone about this score, did you?'

'Well someone sure as hell did!' Mick snaps, clutching the illicit goods to his chest like a security blanket.  'We weren't there but a minute before she showed up.  Didn't even say anything, just went straight for Paulie.  He got hold of a bat and started swinging.  I grabbed what I could and ran.'

'Who was it?' Jeff's throat is dry.  'Metahuman?'

'Golly gee, throws fat Paulie around like he's a child a' two while wearing a stripper costume? What do you think, gen--'  Mick inhales sharply, cutting himself off.  'It's her!'

It is indeed her, Jeff confirms by way of rearview mirror.  She's coming after them, beating feet on the rain-slick road behind them.  Also confirmed: she's gaining.  

Jeff floors the pedal and pops the clutch, trying to get this chick to eat his dust.  He can only express shock when he's doing north of 75 on this little back street and she's only a three car lengths behind him, then two.  He's blasting through all the intersections, red light or no, thankful that the storm and the hour has the streets more or less clear, but now she's one car length behind him, and he can see her face limned in the red of his rear running lights.  Her visage is emotionless, serene.  It's like this is just work to her.  

Then he splashes into a puddle spanning the length of the road that turns out to be two feet deep, and the car mires to the axle.  He tries to plow through, but the engine disagrees with his plans.  It sputters and dies.  Jeff tries to start it, to no avail.  Do not enter or cross flowing water or water of unknown depth, he thinks bitterly.  

Behind them, the woman wades into the puddle, calmly making her way towards their stalled vehicle.  

'Aw no, no,' Mick's voice has gone shrill, as though denying their circumstances will lower the water level.  He tries to open the door, immediately soaking the the interior.  Jeff follows suit, leaping into the impromptu shin-deep pond.  He has no illusions of outrunning someone who just outpaced his car, but if he and Mick head off in different directions, maybe he could--

The world abruptly explodes into white.

Jeff's train of thought derails into oblivion, along with his consciousness.  He collapses limply into the water.  Mick does the same when the mystic lightning touches down, electrifying the water they stand in.  The jewelry and cash sinks below the surface, eventually finding its way into a storm drain.  The two of them remain there, the rain hammering on their senseless forms, uncaring.  

Of their pursuer, there's no sign, the storm having claimed her for its own. The thunderclap that follows is unnatural, like the anguished roar of a great, pained beast.


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Future-Shock: Prelude Empty Re: Future-Shock: Prelude

Post by Quinn November 28th 2015, 5:01 am

Somewhere in Los Angeles.

Quinn closes her book, sighing as she tosses it across the room, watching it bounce off the wall and land perfectly onto a ever growing pile of books. It was boring here and since Mindy was off doing a milk run with her butler, Quinn didn't have anyone to talk to. She goes to pick up another book before switching gears and grabbing the remote instead, turning on the television and checking to see if there was anything on the news that was interesting. Surprisingly, instead of talking about some break up that some couple had, they were talking about a storm that seemed to be covering the whole planet.

Quinn peeks out the window, only half listening to the television now that she had something to distract herself with. She thinks for a bit before deciding that just taking a quick step outside without actually going anywhere wasn't really leaving the room, and quickly makes her way out of the door, staring up at the clouds. It was right then that a bolt of energy flies down and slams into her, moving too fast for her to dodge.

Once the light clears she was gone, with the door just hanging open like she left it. The wind, almost like it just randomly decided to be helpful, hits the door and causes it to slam closed.
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Future-Shock: Prelude Empty Re: Future-Shock: Prelude

Post by Red November 29th 2015, 3:23 pm

The sound of music elegantly swooped through the Republic Palace of Belarus. Something of the classical type, I couldn't tell you exactly because I don't listen to that stuff, but none the less it was there. Lucius sat in his office, reading glasses on as he went over paperwork. Despite everything being digital there was still plenty of it, and as the guardian of the country he had to go through it. Not that he minded, such simple work could be relaxing at times. He had a glass of some fine alcohol, probably super expensive, and he signed his name with every flip of a page. But unlike a lot of people, he was actually reading it. No reason to agree to becoming a humancintipad.

Suddenly he heard his door open, it was Hector, who since getting his new body was put on Lucius' personal security detail. He was of course more then that, but this allowed him to be near his creator for official business without bringing up issues.

"Sir, I'm here for my diagnostics." Hector said through his new voice transmitter. It was a lot less British, more fitting for his body. Lucius smiled at that. The AI could have said that to him in ten different ways, without coming in, but he chose to do so. It seemed he was getting used to the whole having a normal body thing.

Hector, I know I ingrained that 'sir' thing deep in your code, but how about you use my name, it's quite alright." Lucius said as he took his glasses off, then hit a few buttons on the holographic computer in front of him, bringing up a window which seemed to show Hector's status in and out of body.

"Ok, Lucius." Hector said with a smile. Lucius then swiped a few more times on the screen, making sure everything was in order.

"Everything looks good on paper, do you feel?" Lucius said. That of course was of the upmost importance. He didn't just want to throw Hector in a can that he moved around like a video game. he wanted to make sure he had a quality life.

"i feel.....alot more then i ever had." Hector said, rubbing the back of his head as if contemplating this. Lucius just nodded with assurance, and Hector walked out. It was odd seeing him in an actual body, but then again....Lucius had always felt he was living none the less.

After about five more minutes of flipping through paperwork, the storm outside reached a peak. Lucius had been worried about it, using all the resources he had to spare to try to figure out why a global storm had surfaced, but so far no answers were gathered. Suddenly though, all Lucius could see was blinding light, and all he could hear was the crackle of thunder. Was he being struck by lightning? That was impossible with how the building was insolated. No, something else was happening, and in a few seconds he would find himself somewhere else entirely, or should i say....somewhen else. (Don't kill me for that, had to happen eventually.)


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Future-Shock: Prelude Empty Re: Future-Shock: Prelude

Post by Thorgron December 6th 2015, 8:34 pm

Crash! Lightening crackled outside of the den of an apartment that Solomon Mumot had made his temporary home here in the past. It wasn't much, but for the time being it was home. At least that is until he could find a way to get "TT" back. Until then he was stranded, stuck in the year 2020, unable to explore his beloved Timestream. It was agonizingly boring, but with the time Solomon had been able to tinker away at new gadgets and gizmos. None of them were functional of course. Stuck in his current time period the time-traveler was cut off from the resources he needed to work with time and the technology to refine the materials needed was literally centuries away. So for now he was sitting on a pile of junk, except of course for the things he had brought with him in to the past.

Bang! Another bolt of lightening struck outside the apartment, this time closer and with it came a flash of light. Solomon immediately shot up from his desk and looked out he window. What he had seen would have appeared to be a normal blot of lightening to anyone else but to him, it was as blatant as could be. Something had disturbed the Timestream and at least one of the bolts of lightening in the storm outside were an energy discharge from that disturbance, pulling what ever they struck to who knows when. While most would consider this scary, Solomon saw it as opportunity. Perhaps if he could hitch a ride on one of these bolts of timestream energy, he could end up in a time when the materials needed for his devices were readily available and he could rebuild "TT". The thought and the chance were all he needed. Quickly he strapped up his TimeSpace Exclusion Suit along with all of his gadgets and off to the roof he ran.

Once outside on the roof of his apartment complex, the winds around him howled and the rain battered his face so hard that he could barely see. Even still his eyes were fixated on the raging storm above. Somehow it contained Timestream energy and he had every intention of riding one of its waves into another time. Desperately he threw his arms into the air, beckoning the storm to take him. He watched as the clouds above split apart and a familiar blue energy permeated the fissure. Bring it on baby, come to daddy! he shouted as an arch of blue lightening struck Solomon and propelled him on his next journey through the Timestream.

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