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Veritas Night -- Cyberlord

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Veritas Night -- Cyberlord  Empty Veritas Night -- Cyberlord

Post by Cyberstrike on November 7th 2015, 6:25 pm


"Who needs powers when you have science?"

The Bio

Real Name:  Veritas Night
Villain Name:  Cyberlord
Title: Mr.Night
Alignment:  Chaotic Evil
Age:  22
Gender: Male
Race:  Bionic Human
Hair: Black, with green trim.  Flat top.
Eyes:  Emerald Green
Height: 5"7
Weight: 450 lbs counting circuitry, and muscle.
Blood type: A+

The Looks

The Personality

Veritas was engineered to be a living weapon, and has hatred for any heroes or villains that would do such. This hatred includes renegades who have used genetic engineering. In fact, Veritas is likely to go off the handle against such individuals and attack them without mercy or compassion of any kind.  Veritas has a love of machinery, and invention. This love motivates him to build complex mechanical devices, and gadgets. It also makes him a bit hooked on inventing. Typically he will be multitasking when talking with others. Veritas is careful not to  hurt civilians usually with his crimes. Part of this is due to a desire not to cause heroes to murder him, and also another is because he doesn't see the point in hurting civilians.  Veritas unlike other villains prefers not to gloat. However, he is inexperienced fighting lady heroines or renegades so they could work that to their advantage should they encounter him. He is also reluctant to kill his  adversaries, unless say they are "gods" and possess packages of super powers that would make killing him rather easy, with no easily obtainable weaknesses. Veritas especially hates superheroes who are trigger happy, and violent towards people in lethal levels.

The Story

Veritas was one of a dozen experiments made to be the ultimate super soldier, but something went wrong when the scientists made him. They had made him to have no free will, but he had plenty of it. When he realized what the scientists had planned for both him and dozens of others Veritas took exception to it. The next day, the scientists were all found murdered with their own tranquilizers that they used on Veritas and the other experiments. Forced to terminate the other experiments, Veritas was saddened as he painlessly shot each experiment so they wouldn't survive, and thus couldn't be sold. Little did he know this was the beginning of the path towards him becoming a supervillain.

When one of the aides of the scientists found him in a nearby town, they manipulated a local hero a real brute who possessed super strength, and super speed into beating the crap out of him. This worked too well, and it was there that Veritas lost both of his hands and nearly died had he not managed to activate an experimental teleporter that took him a hundred or so miles away. Eventually he made his way to New York City. Now that he's there, he's doing his best to establish a criminal empire.

The Priority

1. Agility2
2. Endurance2
3. Reaction2
4. Strength2

The Powers

Data Download: This allows him to download data on a variety of subjects, engineering, robotics, chemistry, martial arts, sword play, you name it, he can download it and perfectly execute it.

Genius Level Intellect: Atop the ability to download data into his brain, Veritas is a genius when it comes down to building complex devices for himself.

Peak Human Physical Attributes: Due to the circuitry inside his body, he's capable of feats of about 8 tons, and about double the speed of a peak human, as well as the endurance, durability and stamina.

Telekinesis: A low level of telekinesis. This can mainly be used to work on small objects, or assist him in building machinery. It was used as his hands before he had the robotic ones. As a result he cannot use it for anything more than precision attacks on his opponents, though he chooses not to use his telekinesis most of the time except when inventing.

The Weaknesses

- Data: Given that two of his powers are reliant on the ability to use data, a lack of digital machinery could make it hard for him to use those powers for himself.

- Weapons: Veritas is very reliant on his weaponry, and gadgets. Without them or his powers, he'd be nearly useless when it comes down to a fight.

-  Technopaths:  Technopaths could override control of his body, due to the amounts of circuitry inside him, and he'd be powerless to resist, without his headband.

- Headband: While the headband may provide him protection against technopaths using him as a puppet it is not without a cost of it's own. For it forces him to put double the effort into materializing data, or downloading it.

- Phantom Pain:  Veritas is in a constant state of pain, on a level of 8 on a scale of 1-10  due to the loss of both of his hands. The phantom pain is unrelenting, and merciless.

- Psychological Manipulation: Veritas could be manipulated psychologically, as he has never researched or learned how to counteract such manipulations yet.

- Hand to Hand: Due to the savage pain in his hands, Veritas is unlikely to resort to hand to hand combat.

- Electrical Current:  Electrical Current of a certain intensity could prove to be lethal to Veritas, especially without him wearing his armor.

The Items

Prosthetic Hands:  These were made by him for when his power couldn't be used. These hands manipulate stellar energy to create constructs, essentially shaping light into "hard light" in order to create constructs. The constructs are colored emerald. These hands have replaced his original ones but it should be known that the constructs are only as strong as his resolve. Capable of allowing him to fly by manipulating an energy field around him, these are also capable of enhanced strength of say ten tons, in the form of lifting and punches/kicks. These have been shielded against electromagnetic pulses, and can also create a forcefield that can take up to 5 tons of damage. They also have tractor beams and repulsion fields.


1. Should he be distracted, he cannot make any form of constructs.
2. The Energy of the Prosthetic Hands could be drained by those who can absorb energy. It would also allow them to rain his energy if they drained enough, potentially proving fatal if they drained too much.
3 . The enhanced strength of the hands will be able to be overpowered by stronger individuals.
4. Certain Sonic Frequencies can jam the functionality of the Prosthetic Hands.
5. The prosthetic hands are incapable of lifting more than 5 tons, even a feather more.
6. Should he overuse the prosthetic hands, the hands of the suit will overheat.
7. Should he overload the prosthetic hands with powers, they could explode.
8. This cannot be used to do the constructs, blasts or other functions other than mundane when he is mentally impaired. This includes being drunk, delirious with pain, or otherwise unable to think clearly.

Regeneration Pod: Created as a means of healing him from nearly fatal injuries, this uses sonic pulses to put him asleep before injecting him with steroids, antibiotics, and herbs that will help the body recover faster, as well as nanotechnology designed to stimulate the body's natural healing process into overdrive temporarily. The Regeneration Pod isn't often used by him, but could grow back anything but his hands, should he say lose a foot or something.  

1. The Regeneration Pod is not made for combat, and as such is incredibly fragile.
2. The Regeneration Pod could be hacked.
3. The Regeneration Pad is also not able to heal fatal injuries.
4.  The Regeneration Pod also has another weakness,  namely that it is not made able to heal critical injuries.
5. The Regeneration Pod cannot administer traditional anesthetic.

Armor:  A suit of powered armor designed to protect him. It can withstand up to 15 tons of bombardment with guns, and is resistant to most energy weapons. This doesn't mean attacks won't hurt, but he won't lose limbs or anything. The armor contains a supply of oxygen, a voice changer, and flight capabilities. It also has weapons systems,  mini air cannons built into the palms of the hands, and nanites that can devour material to add more to the armor. The armor also has a couple of eye beams included in the helmet, that can double as X-Ray/Thermal Imaging Scanners.  His armor is linked to his biometrics, so only he can be the one to use it. His strength is roughly 9 tons when using the armor, and his speed is 75 MPH.  The armor has a built-in teleporter that will teleport him back to his lair if he sustains any level of injury  that would cause him to lose consciousness, or become helpless.

1. The armor when damaged beyond a certain point, say the arms ripped off of the suit would become inoperable because all of the power would be used to teleport the wearer to his base.

2.Furthermore, the armor can be hacked. The armor can also be rendered inoperable by magic or similar powers, as it has no protection against it.

3.The armor is also vulnerable to missiles and thus can be destroyed by them.

4. The armor is not made for space travel, and so if he was teleported into space the armor would lock up.

5. The armor is not made for underwater travel.

6. The armor is not made to withstand magnetism based attacks, and so Ferrokinetics could have a hayday with it.

7. The armor could be hacked.

8. Technopaths could override control of the armor, were he not wearing the headband.

9. The armor is not designed to combat individuals of immense levels of physical strength. As a result, it could be defeated by them easily.

The Minions

Various forms of robot.
The Fluff

The RP Sample

"It's been a while since I lost my hands..." stated Veritas, as he looked at the robotic ones. Try as he might, he couldn't get used to the new limbs that he had to make with telekinesis. They were made out of metal, and more than a bit uncomfortable for him, but they should serve their purpose. After all, he couldn't fight without both hands or a hand. Sighing, he'd check himself over to make sure he was ready for tonight. Yes, he definitely had all of the equipment and gadgets he'd need including his horde of robots for the upcoming battle. If he ever found the superhuman who crushed his hands, he was killing them slowly and painfully.   "Even though the pain...."  A spasm of pain shot through the nerve endings in his arm.  What the brute did in the past had nearly crippled him for life.

But he'd recovered and was now ready.  "Everything seems to be functional within acceptable parameters. Perhaps now would be a good time for a field test." said Veritas with a grin on his face as he put on his armor.

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Veritas Night -- Cyberlord  Empty Re: Veritas Night -- Cyberlord

Post by Atlas on November 12th 2015, 2:36 am

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