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Malus "The Bastard Prince" Takeiro

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Malus "The Bastard Prince" Takeiro Empty Malus "The Bastard Prince" Takeiro

Post by Chellizard November 7th 2015, 2:55 pm

Malus Takeiro-Annavianna

The Bastard Prince

The Bio

Real Name: Malus Alexandier Takeiro-Annavianna
Renegade Name: None
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: Appears: 23 | Actual Age: 136
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Auburn
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 167lbs
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks

The Personality

Malus has a lot of secrets, and tends to keep them well hidden by being a very fun and happy guy. Being an extrovert, Malus is a very joyous and loving guy. He's almost always smiling. It takes a lot to break his good mood, and on top of that, his will. His glass is always viewed as half full, and he is always thinking of the best possible things rather than the bad. But that's when he's not suffering a bipolar episode. One moment he's an optimistic guy that's out to have the best day possible, the next he's depressed, and then he's angry. He has a hold on himself, though, with the proper medication.

The Story

Malus was born on April the Sixth, 1883. Yes, he was born in the eighteen hundreds. His mother, Chelle Takeiro, was so happy on the day he was born. The most adorable baby that year alone. Malus was raised by his loving mother and father, Alexander, and lived his life happily. However, his life was shattered the day he was killed. It was his birthday, April 6th, 1983. He had just turned 100. So, it was a huge day for him. Celebrating at the Italian Villa with his mother, he sat upon the throne surrounded by guests. He would begin his life as an 'adult.' In this part of his life, he was not afraid to flaunt his gifts, or use them to their full capacity. He had a pair of beautiful red wings, feathers tipped with gold. The sign of his lineage. He was the son of a Phoenix Born. His father, Alexander Annivianna, and his mother, Chelle Takeiro, were the reason for all of his power. Tough skin, amazing strength, the ability to regenerate from wounds, and of course, heightened senses. On top of those basic physical powers, he had the ability to control fire.

After his 'birthday party' he met with his friend. Her name was Alice. It was cute to see them together; Malus and Alice. But, Malus always knew he would never be attracted to her, despite his mother and father's wishes. Alice had a surprise for him. He loved surprises. Little did he know, the surprise would lead to him being gunned down in cold blood. Alice escaped, but only barely, to report back to his parents about his death. The people responsible for killing him took his body and dumped it on a small barren island off the coast of Italy. The bandits had no idea who this boy was, though. All the bandits knew was that Malus and the girl looked rich. The only thing they got off of Malus was a golden locket, bracelet, and a few rings.
His body was mangled, and riddled with bullet holes. His wings were bent and broken, and feathers had been ripped out of the gorgeous appendages. Long, dark brown hair that was usually tied back was soaked with blood, and there was no sign of life. His life was over. But only for a while. His body slowly became a pile of ash. It took hours for him to burn down upon the sand.

Time passed, and the ashes shifted, smoke rising from them. Hot coals started to rise up from the belly of the ashes. Then, a hand reached from the pile. Next, a second hand. Pulling himself from the ashes was Malus. He looked down at himself, eyes wide with shock, and relief. He was alive. But, should he tell his parents? Or should he take advantage of this and live his life for himself, and not how his mother and father wish him to?
He chose to live on his own. With his wings still in tact, he went to Japan and made himself comfortable there in Tokyo. He made sure to live a normal, 'human', life and entered school to become a police officer in 2008. Graduating from the Tokyo Police Academy in 2009, he worked there until 2010. In 2011 he met an old man that needed a strong back to help him move. This man moved to Fuyuyama Proper, just outside of Tokyo. Malus and this elderly man became friends, and the old man offered Malus to stay in his home if he so desired. Malus, having been spoiled for the majority of his life, took the man up on the generous offer.

Turns out, the old man had little to no family left, and Malus was the only kind soul that had taken the time to help the man out. His name was Mister Yakita, and he was dying soon. So, he retired to the mountains. Malus made sure to keep the old man company until his last dying days. In return, Malus inherited all of Mr. Yakita's savings, his home, and his vintage convertible Shelby Mustang in powder blue. Life would be better than ever for Malus. It was the end of 2012 when Yakita passed, and Malus had been a floating resident of Tokyo, having hung up his badge to tend to the old man's needs.

Needing a change of pace, and having seen his mother more and more on the News, he chose to rent out his home, and travel to New York City. His life would start again, but a darkness had always hung over Malus. One fateful day, he was gunned down, a hitman had taken his life. Before Malus could rise from his ashes, he was sealed inside of a ruin engraved box, trapped until he was released.

Who would save this poor soul?

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Flight:  Malus has a large pair of red wings with golden tips. These wings allow him to fly at an average of one hundred miles per hour, perhaps a bit more. But that's when he's booking it. He typically flies leisurely.

Durable/Strong: Malus is a bit more tough than the average human. His flesh is alike to a tougher stone. He is exceedingly strong. He can lift up to two people that are an average of 150-180 pounds a piece. He does, however, still bleed like anyone else if hit hard enough, etc. It is only the outside of his flesh that is durable.

Heightened Senses: He has heightened sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. His senses are not 100% the best, but he is proud of his sense of smell, and hearing. His sense of smell is the highest of them all.

Claws: Malus can grow a claws upon his hands and use them as offensive weapons at will. They are as tough as his skin, and razor sharp. (I see this as an extension of his durability, but idk. IF I need another weakness, I will add it. If not, I will remove this parenthesis text.)

Pyrokinesis: Malus has the ability to control fire. Being part Phoenix Born, it would be very odd for him not to possess fire abilities. He can conjure his own fire from his core. He cannot make regular fire spread, or regular fire more hot than it is. He can, however, extinguish regular fire. (IE: A forest fire, a candle flame, etc) He is able to form fire shaped weapons in his palms. His fire does not hurt him, but fire from others can. Regular fire (Again, forest fires, a candle flame, etc) cannot harm him, but the heat can be bothersome. His flames are deep red with flecks of gold to match his wings.

The Weaknesses

Epilepsy: Over powering smells or sounds can trigger an episode and force him into a seizure.

Water: Water can completely and utterly destroy him. If used the right way, at least. Obviously his fire is harder to extinguish, but get him or his wings wet and he's bound to the ground.

Weather Conditions: Extreme weather conditions can also hinder his flight, making it near impossible for him to even lift off of the ground.

Not that tough: Malus' skin is tough, yes, but he's not able to last in combat for very long. He grows tired just like any normal human.

I'm not that strong: Malus can, barely, life 300-500 pounds. But no more than that. Even a few ounces over 500 pounds and it could break his bones from the sheer pressure.

The Items

Malus carries a slim smart phone with him.

The Fluff

Reborn: (Out of Combat Power/RP Mechanic)Malus is able to rise from the ashes of his dead body and return to his normal self. This is a form of resurrection, and can only be used after his opponent has fled the scene. Malus is capable of seeing from his ashes before rising from them, to make sure he is in the clear to become 'reborn.' The only reason he would need to see, is because he is very, very weak after first becoming reborn. He could likely be killed again, and would have to go through the whole process of walking toward the light again.

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Malus "The Bastard Prince" Takeiro Empty Re: Malus "The Bastard Prince" Takeiro

Post by Gamma November 7th 2015, 3:04 pm


Those red wings dough.



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Malus "The Bastard Prince" Takeiro Empty Re: Malus "The Bastard Prince" Takeiro

Post by MissingAxis April 30th 2019, 7:09 pm

Moving for formatting/style edits. Archiving previous state.

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Malus "The Bastard Prince" Takeiro Empty Re: Malus "The Bastard Prince" Takeiro

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