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Ashes of Eden

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Ashes of Eden - Page 2 Empty Re: Ashes of Eden

Post by Chellizard December 8th 2015, 4:11 pm

What's cooler than flying? Being thrown with style! Tyuki spiraled like a great American pig skin being flung down a field toward a wide receiver. As soon as she was within range of the gaggle of goons, her wings sprang open. A swift ruffling noise was heard, and her white feathers could have blinded anyone not ready for the sudden brightness in the dark of night.

Eclipse cast a broad shadow over the men, and the sound of bones breaking resonated as her wings clipped into six men, her torso smacking right into one of the men. She tackled him, using his body as a cushion. Rolling off of him, she stood up and turned, her wings smacking into more people as she spun around. The force of a full sized Goose wing could break a normal man's arm. Imagine a wing on a person the size of Tyuki. She wasn't huge, but she wasn't too small, either. Her wingspan was her height and a half.

She still wasn't the best at throwing her punches, but she knew how to let loose her raw strength. She punched a man square in the jaw, sending him flying. His body bounced off of the wall of the warehouse before thudding on the gravel laden ground. Tyuki cringed, remorse welling up inside of her. She was not a big fan of hurting people so badly, so she would be sure to heal any life threatening wounds when this was all over.

A flash of fire caught her eye as a fireball was sent into a man coming up on her flank.

"Thanks!" she shouted, another punch sending the last of three men down. As soon as she had incapacitated the last one, she turned and noticed Phoenix and the telekinetic at a stale mate.

She was formulating the best plan of attack and then realized the easiest way was to use her head. She backed up, almost tripping backward over an unconscious body, but collected herself. Finally having the means to run, she started sprinting for the bag. Her wings gave her a boost, pumping with vigor. The extra boost sent her soaring between Phoenix and the evil lady. Tackling the bag, Tyuki rolled on the ground, tearing open the bag, and completely breaking the lock on the security box inside.

The box opened and ashes started to pour out onto the ground. Inside of the center of the ashes was the start of a fire. Bright golden light emitted from the ashes, flames lashing up and out, devouring the bag almost as if it were fuel.

"What the heck?"

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" The woman screeched, and then made a dash for it while every one was distracted.

Tyuki stood up and dusted herself off, backing away from the burning pile of ash.

"Uh, Phoenix.." she started, trailing off.


A light at the end of the tunnel lit up a dark room. Inside of the room was a frail, fragile looking being with wings. The feathered wings were nearly bare, no feathers in sight. But as the light got brighter, the darkness was swallowed up. The fragile figure stepped into the light, their wings starting to regrow the missing feathers. Gold tipped crimson.

The ashes were now fully ablaze, and from the center reached a hand. Claws were evident on the digits. Clawing from the surface, the figure from the darkness started to climb out.

The figure was a man. He had dark brown hair, ghostly pale looking skin, and fiery veins. Scrambling to find his footing, his wings spread out behind of his back and he took off. He had no words for the two strangers that released him from his prison. He just wanted to go back home. He was a blur of red and gold against the darkened sky.


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Ashes of Eden - Page 2 Empty Re: Ashes of Eden

Post by Andrew December 8th 2015, 10:50 pm

What a beautiful display indeed. Andrew had seen things like this before in the other dimensions he traveled to, but he wasn't used to anything like this from his own world.

Claws rose up, as well as a silhouette with wings.
"He looks like an actual Phoenix."Andrew thought half grinning, half not sure what to expect.
Colors began to erupt more into the night sky.
"Woah." was all Andrew could say was the fire ignited before the duo.
"I promise that isn't my fire, mine's white and gold...are you sure you didn't push the wrong button or something?"

The woman rushed towards the pile and Andrew pointed his finger like a gun at her feet before firing a bullet sized fire blast at her shoes causing her to trip.

Andrew leaped towards the woman and created a cage of fire around her.
Turning back towards Tyuki he looked at the man emerging from flames.
"Freeze!" he shouted as fire filled both his arms.
It was to no avail. The man took off with his wings, and he didn't attack so Andrew wasn't going to chase down a man who had nothing wrong...yet.
"Well the cops'll be here any minute to clean these goons up."
Andrew snapped his fingers and the caged woman was freed.
He swung his staff at her head, just enough to put her to sleep long enough for the cops to get her.
"Let's get you back to the concert." he said, almost disappointingly. The pain was really setting in. She was five feet in front of him, but she was miles away from his heart. He would be her friend. Therapist. Teammate. Whatever she needed. As long as he could be her something. That was the right direction to becoming her everything again.

Fire completely covered Andrew again before returning him back to his civilian clothing. A hooded leather jacket, jeans, and timberland boots. All traces of the Phoenix had left the scene of the crime. Both literally, and metaphorically.

Ashes of Eden - Page 2 Untitl10
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Ashes of Eden - Page 2 Empty Re: Ashes of Eden

Post by Chellizard January 12th 2016, 8:47 pm

Tyuki was staring with her jaw slack as she watched the figure emerge from the ashes. She was frozen in place as Andrew swore it wasn't his fire, or anything of his in the first place.

She was sure this wasn't him. She felt a weird twang of pain pierce her heart as the man turned to look directly into her eyes.

She saw burning amber, a familiar set of eyes, piercing into her own emerald hues.

"I... Hey!" She reached out after the man, but felt a snag on one of her wings. A set of hands had actually reached out and grabbed onto her feathers.

Frustrated, she huffed and spun around on the spot. Her quick motions forced the grip to loosen, but also a few of her feathers popped out. She winced in pain and actually made a little yelp noise in protest. She then clonked the man on the head with a swift right fist. It sent him down as if he was a cartoon character.

"Watch out!" she called, but Andrew had already apprehended the woman and even knocked her out just as Tyuki registered what else was going on around of her.

Sighing softly, she looked around at all the unconscious bodies and then wiped her hands off.

"Another job well done for Eclipse and Phoenix, eh?!" She offered Andrew a grin and came up to his side, her hand raised looking for a high five.

As soon as they were done sharing their high five, she gasped and slapped her hand onto her forehead dramatically.

"Oh.. my.. gosh! I.. Oh my gosh! I forgot! Oh shit! Shit shit! Bliss is gonna be SOOO pissed! I'm sorry, I gotta go. Here!" She surfed around in her pocket, and produced two phones. They were practically identical. She shoved one his way.

"Keep in touch! I gotta go!" She grabbed him for a quick hug and then bolted off, her wings leaving a cloud of dust behind of her as she flew off, quickening her pace.

Bliss was gonna kick her ass!

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Ashes of Eden - Page 2 Empty Re: Ashes of Eden

Post by Andrew February 20th 2016, 5:16 pm

As quick as she arrived she was gone.
Andrew clutched the cell phone like it was the holy grail.
"Stay safe, beautiful." he spoke out as she soared away into the night.
It was only a matter of time before the police would arrive on the scene and Andrew wasn't in the question answering mood.
Taking a deep breath fire surrounded him and his costumed disappeared into ashes. He was back in his civilian clothes.
He walked away and opened the phone. The wallpaper was a picture of Tyuki and his old teammate John Capore kissing.

"That son of a bitch." Andrew said gritting his teeth.
He went into the phone settings and made the wallpaper a picture of some selfie Tyuki had taken of herself.
"Much better."
He now knew who the other guy was.
"I always knew he was a snake. To think I called him a teammate."
Andrew leaped a few times before returning to the motel he was staying at.

He sat down at the bar. Angry, alone, and confused.
Some attractive young woman sat next to him.
"what's the matter handsome?" she asked with a sweet smile.
"You wouldn't even believe me if I told you." The hero spoke splashing down another shot.
He pulled his hood down and she finally realized who he was.

She was silenced by a finger over her mouth.
"Yes. I am. I'd prefer the entire block not know about what happened. I'll answer all your questions if you keep it quiet."

"Well Phoneix, or should I say... Andrew."
The woman created a small ball of fire in her hand.
"I've been looking for someone to teach me how to use this since the whole incident when the bad versions of your old team came through."

Andrew took one more shot and left a crisp $20 on the counter.
"Let's go somewhere more private."
The duo made their way back to Andrew's room and their talking turned into kissing, which made Andrew feel guilty. Then he remembered the picture. The one of Forcewave.
The kissing turned into clothes flying and a happy ending for this heroes terrible night.
When he awoke the next morning she was gone. Her number left on the end table.
Andrew sat up and put his shirt on.
"It's good to be home." he thought upset at himself.

Ashes of Eden - Page 2 Untitl10
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