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Start of a New Watch

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Start of a New Watch Empty Start of a New Watch

Post by Lotsofluck October 12th 2015, 2:29 am

A small cascade of rocks announced Alex's decent into the tunnel. Light poured in from the single hole above, but it seemed to be the only source of light against a rather ominous darkness. Alex stood up slowly, looking around his new surroundings. He was in civilian clothing, carrying a small ruck sack with rope over one shoulder. That was mainly for looks though. If he needed to get up or down, he was prepared to fly. He reached into the sack, pulling out a small stick with one hand. A crackling sound filled the air as a green light exposed the walls. Alex held up the glow stick for a closer inspection of them.

Alex: "That's what I thought...."

In his fight against Reaver earlier, Alex had been thrown through the ground and into this tunnel. It was in an abandoned spot on the bad side of town. When he had fallen through the ceiling at first, he thought that he had fallen into the sewers. But the lack of smell and paved ground said something entirely different. This pathway had been carved and with extreme care. Alex advanced slowly along the tunnel, hand above his head as he held the glow stick. After what felt like an eternity, Alex came to a dead end. A small sealed off wall. With a sigh of disapointment, Alex hung his head. He had marched all this way for nothing?

....: "Hello"

The bag hit the ground as he pressed his back against the wall, fists up and ready. Had someone got the drop on him? His small light didn't reveal anyone. His eyes darted up and down the tunnel, searching for the source.

Alex: "Whose there?"

.....: "Oh I am sorry, did I frighten you?"

A small blue light lite up on the wall that sealed the tunnel. It was a small glowing blue ball, but empty. It was a hologram. Alex approached the orb warily.

Alex: "Who.... Who are you?"

....: "I suppose introductions are in order. I was called Watcher. And you are called Aegis."

That caught Alex off guard. That was his hero name, just how the hell did this little bot know this?

Watcher: "I've been keeping an eye on you."

Oh god, not exactly the best phrase someone like Alex wants to hear. He leaned forward to the bot, a slight amount of fear building in his stomach.

Alex: "And why is that?

"Because you are a hero."

Alex leaned back at that. He supposed that was true. He was a hero now. But why did that merit him being watched. The hologram continued.

Watcher: "I have been watching this city for years now. It was why I was created. But things quieted down and I was no longer needed. So I was left... Left to keep watching, waiting, hoping. It will be easier to explain once we are inside."

With that, the wall began to collapse back into itself. Alex stepped forward through the new opening, appreciating the smooth technology. This was already better then anything he knew. Lights flickered on up above his head, a dim glow revealing a new cavern. It was wide and spacious, though awfully dark. The blue orb popped up from another panel a little further into the new room.

Alex: "Can't you turn on a few more of the lights?"

Watcher: "Unfortunately no. I am siphoning off power from the city's electrical grid, but only a small amount that won't be noticed. I only have the most basic functions up and running. These lights haven't been turned on in some time now."

Alex could tell. Everything was covered in a layer of dust and webs. He took a few more steps into the place, eyes taking in all of it. It was definitely some sort of future tech. This place looked well beyond anything he had seen in his normal life. The blue orb led him to a central room, with a round table and a large computer. The lights flickered on almost completely. Watcher wanted to make an impression. Alex stood in the doorway of the new room, feeling some sort of significance. He had been lead here. Now to find out why.

Alex: "Watcher... just what is this place."

Watcher: "It... was many things and could be them again. It was a base for many, a sanctuary for some, and home for others. It was the heart of a team."

Alex strode forward to the table, still looking around. He placed one hand on the table, feeling the thick layer of dust and dirt. He swiped it away from the center to reveal a large and embellished KN. His breath caught as he organised that symbol. This was the base of the

Alex: "Knightwatch..."

Watcher: "We were protectors of this city and so much more. A group of heroes dedicated to justice, peace, and saving lives. We were the guardians then we were no more."

Watcher took on an almost melancholy tone. Something Alex hadn't expected.

Alex: "What happened?"

Watcher: "We disbanded. Some died. Others retired. A few moved on to other groups. It was hard work and we all made sacrifices. Some more then others. Eventually I was told to shut this place down and go to watch mode... Keep an eye on things. Maybe restart if given the right heroes."

Alex felt like Watcher was getting to his point now. Why he had really brought Alex here. The computer turned on, images coming on screen. There was of Alex in the amusement park protecting a small girl, Alex defiantly standing against Johnny five and Carson Blaze. Him saving people from a fire. A dozen images and videos of Alex recent heroing.

Watcher: "You really are a hero, you know that? People are beginning to believe in you. People are watching you. You would make a great new face to lead a new generation of the Knightwatch. In your battle with Reaver, you accidentally fell into one of the side tunnels. I could have sealed it, but I wanted to see what you would do. You came back. So I took a chance and opened up the doors."

Alex sat down in one of the chairs. He didn't know wither to feel invaded of his privacy or happy for the compliments. He rubbed the back of his head.

Watcher: "You could restart the Knightwatch, begin a group deticated to protecting others. You just need to make the choice.

He stared hard at the KN in the middle of the table. That would be a lot to live up too....

Alex: "I'll do it."

Watcher glowed with pride.

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