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Night of the Nerds (Trog)

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Re: Night of the Nerds (Trog)

Post by Troglodyte on November 1st 2015, 2:14 am

For the first few seconds he thought his mind had snapped somehow. Erwin was dead, yet here wa was, walking and talking, seemingly bad from the dead somehow. Perhaps it had been the strain. He had never been through anything like this before, so maybe this was just how much his mind could bear before snapping in twain. However, as Oyuki shouted out in astonishment, asking for some sort of exorcism to be performed Calebs mind started working, the wheels spinning, trying to find a logical explanation. And when he realized it, it was so obvious. He should have thought about it immediately!

And that was when Edwin told them he had never even left his house, but had been working through the robot all the time. Caleb started laughing as he shook his head. To say that he was annoyed at Erwin for putting him through all that turmoil would be an understatement. "Furious" would be a far better way to describe it. He had been through hell even though it had only lasted a few minutes.

"You're alive! Man, I'm so glad you're alive, you brain dead, son of a. . . . I'm so friggin glad you're alive! Idiot!" he stuttered forth, his voice a rather unusual mix of pure joy and anger. He wanted to hug his friend and punch his stupid face in at the same time! But despite this, he was feeling happier than he had ever done in his entire life!

He joined Oyuki in grouphugging the Erwin-Bot. He knew that it wasn't his real friend, no more than he was the avatar next to his username, but he just needed to expess his joy somehow.

"And of course it's Kevin's fault somehow!" He laughed as the felt all the tensions drop off him, like a million ton heavy piece of a neutron star that he had worn around his neck without knowing it. "I'm so glad you're alive!" Tears were still flowing from his eyes, but this time it was tears of joy, clashing somewhat with the huge smile on his face.

((And here endeth our tale))


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Re: Night of the Nerds (Trog)

Post by The Nekromonga on November 1st 2015, 2:27 am

The happy moment was interrupted when a cough emanated from the broken, crushed body of Burnt Ninja. Through a mouthful of blood, spewing out through his mask, he spoke to them, nothing more but a twisted heap of ninja flesh. It spoke volumes of their technique, though the sight of him still communicating somehow showed just how morbid and determined they were.

"You think you've won? You think you're safe now?" He started, and the girls slowly turned to face him.

"You've beaten five of the Clan's lowest Genin. You know your father Oyuki... he'll never stop until he gets what he ...wants." He still had the strength to pick up and throw a shuriken, but Diana deflects it with her sword, and Oyuki grabs one of the Russian's assault rifles and empties half a clip into the Genin.

RATATATATATATA. The gunfire rang out loudly, smoke rising from the ejector, spent casings on the ground. The Burnt Ninja's body ragdolled with each bullet. Large bullet wounds explode with blood, the wall behind being sprayed crimson. "SHIE! SHIE! SHIE!" The orange haired girl shouted in tears, knowing how able they were to resist . Not used to using firearms though, the shots do not connect with his vitals.  When the clip went dry, he still goes for one more shuriken throw.

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Re: Night of the Nerds (Trog)

Post by Troglodyte on November 1st 2015, 2:49 am

Caleb could barely believe his eyes. One-legged and with burns all over his body to the level where "third degree" wouldn't do the condition this man is in justice. He was so badly burnt that "Medium rare" would probably be the most accurate way to describe his condition. Caleb could barely believe that he was still talking. Apparantly these guys were nothing but shock-troops and footsoldiers for their clan, which made him wonder how much more dangerous his superiors were.

Despite his attrocious injuries, the man still had the strength to toss a shuriken at the group, fortunately the sword-lady rose to the moment, blocking it with her sword. It was fairly clear that out of the deadly duo, she was the more dangerous one. Oyuki quickly grabbed an assault-rifled and emptied what remained of the magazine into the half-dead ninja. If this was anyone but who it was, Caleb would have written off the man as dead as a doornail, but these people had a remarkable quality of not only hesitate at deaths door, but to grab a hold of deaths doorpost and hold on for dear life.

And he was right to be worried, for the man drew a second shuriken, and was about to throw it too, but this time caleb was quicker. He raised his laser, took aim and fired, all within a tenth of a second. The shot was so precise that it narrowly flew over the man's head and smashed his hand and the greater part of his forearmed to something that looked like ground beef, shards of bone and strips of skin.  he then launched a glob of capture-gel, trapping the two-limbed assassin against the floor, sealing him into a coccoon of goo, leaving nothing but his remaining foot and head visible.

Before Erwin had "died" He would probably have aimed for the head, but he felt as though his brush with death had been more than enough for today. After all, with the way his mind worked when he was in that state of rage and sorrow, he had been a very effective murderer, and for a brief moment what was basically a ninja-filled warzone looked to him like a chessboard filled with various pieces and various approaches to take them all out of the game.

No, he had survived without actually committing any actions he regretted, and he would like to get out of this scuffle with that badge still pinned to his chest. Of course, he was aware that the man had virtually zero risk of survival, but technically he would not die from anything he did, but from the injuries he sustained in battle. He knew it was splitting hairs, but it made him feel better.

"Woah. like, that was totally scary, bro's." He hesitantly lowered his laser-gauntlet, before shooting a glance at the two ninjas. they may be brothers in arms, but technically they weren't really 'brothers' at all. Better rectify his mistake to avoid offending them.

"And, uh. Bro-ettes." He added sheepishly

(NOW it ends for realsies.)

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