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Valkyrie  Empty Valkyrie

Post by Shadowoof September 28th 2015, 6:22 am

"One thousand take seven... equals nine hundred and ninety three."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Caitlin Wick
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Valkyrie
Title: Fallen Valkrie
Alignment: NE
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: blond
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'7
Weight: 129 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Valkyrie  570108-4415165c-1a52-11e4-8adb-938012f29f27  

(Not in picture) Valk has several scars along her arms, back, chest and legs, along with a small one that rest right above her left brow.

The Legacy

Personality: Valkyrie can be described as psychotic, her feelings towards others is questionable and her want to see things go her own way is strong. She tends to argue more often then not and sometimes can enter fits of hysteria where her sanity can truly be  questioned but also can be quiet and delicate, often fearful of others and tends to hide away under objects before turning back to a cold and insidious shell.

History: Before Valkyrie became what is her today, she was once Caitlin Wick, a gentle girl that wished no harm upon others but would rather herself suffer. Born in a Irish city she never learnt the name of, Caitlin for most of her memory had lived in a orphanage for the better of her live. Unfortunately for Caitlin and the rest of the children of this home, it was owned by a cruel man that had little care for what happened inside the walls of his building, leading to a violent uprising in most of the other children while the weaker ones such as Caitlin were pushed around but she had never given up a hope that life would and could be better for her and the few others she cared about. Moving forward to the age of sixteen, a age that excited few in the orphanage as ten children of the age were chosen to go live at the house of the man who owned the place she had regrettably called home. On that day, Caitlin and some of her friends along with a few others were chosen and the next day they traveled the country side to a manor, larger then that of their previous home, the girls and boys were excited for the first few nights. Each assigned job's such as cleaning. It wasn't until the fifth night that Caitlin had noticed that Megan, a friend who Caitlin could call her sister was missing among a few others of the ten that came. Breaking a rule of going outside at night, Caitlin explored the manor looking for her friend before coming to a stop at a room. Opening the door, she could see many different devices and tables with leather straps that were covered in old blood. Disgusted Caitlin took a step back from the room before being grabbed, a sweet yet foul smelling cloth was brought to her nose and withen moments of thrashing and wooziness she felt herself fall asleep in someones arms.  

It was this moment that began the uprising of Valkyrie for when Caitlin had awoke, she found herself in a jail cell along with many others, filled with kids her age and older. Some of the kids were bloody and lifeless, others stared at objects and mumbled to themselves while few others rambled like mad man, punching and scratching at the stone wall's even when their hands and nails bled, they just continued. Caitlin was freaked out by all this and curled up in a corner, for hours, all she heard was crying, screaming and crazed rambles. Until the sound of footsteps approached, making everyone go quiet and as the footsteps closed in on Caitlin's cell she began to worry. But it wasn't until she saw the face of the man that owned her old home along with his two sons that she was truly scared. First they took her from her cell and threw her into a room, one with an obstacle course that she was to run until they decided that they got bored watching.  If she didn't run fast enough or failed anything they would lash her with whips, this wasn't the only test, they made her hold on to the manors fourth story window still for minutes to hours, starved her before feeding her food that was barely edible, beat her and with loud speakers attached to each cell, they would torture anyone who failed badly on their test among other things all in hopes of breaking her like the others but Caitlin was determined. She watched as her friends became mindless drones and promised herself that would never happen to her.

After two years of this, two whole years that they tortured Caitlin, forced her to push past her limits father then anything she could have hoped to overcome, made her physically stronger and durable though the constant trails. They did their normal routine, take her from the cell, blind fold her but for the first time in two years she could feel grass after a small walk to the outside, pushing her into a car, it was a small drive until they came to a stop and after another small walk her feet felt a cool stone like flooring and once again she was thrown into another cell, only this one, after removing her blind fold had no normal prisoners. Each girl was mutated oddly, some had extra limbs, one could climb along the wall and another had razor sharp bone looking spikes along her back. It didn't take much to guess that experiments were conducted here and she was obviously going to end up like one. For the first time in two years, Caitlin had really considered suicide. But that would mean that the two years she had stayed strong for would have been a waste and so she endured another month of rigorous testing, fearful of the new ways to keep her on track, electrical and rubber bullets. Finally, the one thing she had been fearing had finally come, strapped down to a table with little clothes on, they began to inject the girl with various chemicals and pathogens for what seemed like hours, she had needles go in and out. Blood test taken and blood pushed back in, pain screaming though her body as her muscles contracted and her blood boiled until finally she passed out unconscious.

Hours later the young girl awoke in a enclosed white room with only a camera to be seen among the fluffy whiteness, for two whole weeks she was isolated with no physical changes in her body. After the third week of lonesomeness, Caitlin was greeted by a man in a white coat that told her she may have been the first success, no mutations in skin, body and bone. But the doctors couldn't tell from the outside is that inside, Caitlin's intelligence had reached a whole new level to the point that she couldn't understand half the things she processed and so remained oblivious to this new thought process. The doctor continued to speak and told her of how they were going to test her some more but upon hearing this, Caitlin was changed out for the first time for Valkyrie was finally born and she lashed out, striking the man and sending him flying into the wall with little ease before being overcome by Caitlin. Confused, Caitlin ran out the door and down the endless hallways before being found once again. Captured, they proceeded to run more test on her, creating new pains in muscles, her mind telling her how it worked each and every time, calculating what was going to happen based on what she could see, how tired a doctor was from their eyes it confused and scared her so much she tried to ignore it. One final year after and Caitlin was given up on, uncooperative and always trying to escape, she could hear that the doctors discussed they needed more willing test subjects until one suggested they gave her back to the testers to truly test how much she could withstand before breaking.  And so she was taken back to the manor she had not seen for a year, brought passed the cells that smelled of feces and dirt. Caitlin had felt sorry for what the boys and girls that suffered and what they were going to suffer.

Thrown into a reinforced room with a rough bed, a chair with leather straps and chains along with a table with a small book that were different from what she was use too, curiosity took over and Caitlin grabbed the book to read only to her horror, found that one of the brothers had wrote it with all things she had done wrong and what he was going to do to her as revenge. She read though the pages learning what each and every one was at a faster speed then what she thought normal for in all the horror Caitlin realized something. She had never learnt to read and she could read the mans writing clear as rain. For the first two nights the single brother came in and did what the book said he would, chaining her, whipping her with hooked whips, burning her with candle wax, ripping nails off but the third night he did something that he had not written down. He had his way with her, a feeling so indescribable that all she could do was cry during the whole thing. When he was done however, something broke inside Caitlin, a snapping point and Valkyrie arose. When he went to do the next thing in his book, she stood above him and grabbed him before throwing him at the wall like he weighed nothing, the thought never occurred to her as she grabbed his book and proceeded to bash his skull in all night long. Awakening from this crazed state with the realization of what she did, Caitlin broke down on the bed where she was found by the other brother who upon finding the scene, sought revenge. Strapping her to a chair and carrying Bolt cutters, he proceeded to chop off every finger, every toe before pouring boiling water on his victim. Caitlin's throat dry from screaming could only cry in pain but found that withen hours of the brother leaving her fingers had began to grow back, flesh, bone and nail. Her skin, treating itself and becoming a clean color. The amazement was short lived when the brother returned to see this as well and for the next seven days he repeated the same action trice a day everyday telling her to do several things to make sure she would remain sane and conscious while he did this.

Finally on the tenth day, he thought to something else, finding that Caitlin's skin had grown hard to the point of breaking the bolt cutters that once tormented her, she still continued to count down the number he had told her too to make her sane, watching as the brother brought in two picanas, hitting them together to create sparks, he finally held one last thing in his hand, a widow spider. Bringing it to her ear, she cried and begged for him not to do it but her pleas fell upon deaf ears and it was the final parting gift. The sound of the spider crawling in her ear after everything she had suffered finally broke the girl. Causing her to madly laugh and stamp her feet crazily, the brother laughed with her as he brought the picana's to her chest. But rather then the surge of electricity that the man had expected it spread above her sin, Valkyrie grabbed at the electricity as it came to her hands and broke out of the restraints with strength before lunging at her captive. Straddling him, she formed a dagger of plasma like energy she created from the electricity and began to melt away the brothers face with it's ferocious heat that had no affect on her it seemed. Once she had killed the monster, she walked back to the cells and killed every one last person that resided in the house, prisoner's, staff, the man that started it all before finally making her way towards the laboratory,  breaking in and proceeding the purge everyone and everything that once lived in the hellish labs. Done taking her revenge, Valkyrie stole all of the research and vials  of what was injected into her before burning the place down, once and for all getting her revenge.

Three years later, Valkyrie had set up shop in a New York apartment, her idea of what what she wanted to do wasn't even known to her at the time, a goal seemed something impossible to reach or find but it was out their and anyone who dared to get in her way of this goal. Well, it wasn't going to end well for most of them.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: High intelligence: Due to the genetic testing that was performed on Valkyrie, her intelligence has moved way past the point of human, able to process information at a faster rate then possible in human terms.

Power 2: enhanced strength: Also a factor of the genetic splicing that was preformed, her strength has been greatly increased to the point wall smashing, metal snapping.

Power 3: Enhanced durability: Received though a mix of physical torture and genetic testing, Valkyries body is strong enough to take a beating from her own metal breaking strength.

Power 4: Regeneration: Her body is able to heal itself at a increased rate then that to a human being, taking minutes to heal small wounds and hours to heal deadly ones.  

Power 5: Plasma manipulation: Besides the enhancements in her physical structure, Valkyrie is also able conduct plasma from specific sources, shooting it from her hands at speeds of a bullet and sizes of orbs.  


Weakness 1: Too much: While able to process the information quickly, she still has trouble completely taking it all at a moment and surprises or ambushes can leave her stunned in position and unable to react to what's happening.

Weakness 2: Can't hold it: Valk can conduct the Sources into plasma but she can't contain it. She has to shoot it from her body or suffer from internal pain of keeping it in. But she isn't immune to the fire or electricity.

Weakness 3: Aqua phobia: Valkyrie has a fear of water, she cannot swim and will panic if splashed or thrown into a body of it.

Weakness 4:

Weakness 5: I need a source: Her Plasma manipulation can only be achieved if she comes into direct contact with an fire or electrical source.

Weakness 6: Oh the Irony: Iron, doe appearing to be useless, actually softens the Valkyries skin, reverting it to it's human state for a short time upon touch.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s): Valkyries Plasma changes color based on her mood and mental state, a pure white when normal while a Pure black while insane, both carry hints of red if she is angry during the time of use.  

She has a fear and hatred for chairs and beds.


Battery's: Two custom made 9 volt look alike batteries that contain an large amount of electricity that along with a finger trigger, shoots the the electricity into Valkyrie, jump starting her Plasma.
Each battery only carry's one charge and can't be recharged till next thread

Portable Hacker: Valkyries phone has had a high tech hacking tool integrated with it's system, allowing her to hack into nearby devices.
The device requires her full attention and is unable to be used when conflicted. (Permission based), EMP's also make the phone unavailable for (two post)

Sound emitters: A small device that releases a high pitched sound meant to distort and distract those of human hearing and bring pain to those that have heightened hearing.
EMP Devices can disable the sound emitter before actervasion and it only last for (1 post every other person)

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility 4
Endurance 2
Reaction 3
Strength 1

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

Characters of the wolf:
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Valkyrie  Empty Re: Valkyrie

Post by Thorgron December 30th 2015, 8:34 pm

The approval has been given...for now

Valkyrie  Pbucket
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Valkyrie  Empty Re: Valkyrie

Post by Samael Christensen February 7th 2017, 4:32 am


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