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Back on ones home turf [Alpha]

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Back on ones home turf [Alpha] Empty Back on ones home turf [Alpha]

Post by The Pale Kestrl on September 5th 2015, 12:40 pm

Dex was back home, back in London to be precise. Preciser still he was currently riding the London Eye, the view of his home countries capital spread out in front of him like a massive three dimensional map. The city hadn't changed much in the time Dex had been away, the same buildings were in more or less the same places and similar people walked the same streets they had been walking since Dex had gone off on his little sojourn. He liked it, perhaps it was some inherent home based connection he had with England but it was comforting to know that he could come home and things would be more or less the same.

The pod was slowly reaching it's peak and as it did Dex walked out to the wrap around window, pressing a hand on the glass as he leaned against it as he hooked his other thumb over the single strap of his backpack. Looking down he watched at the Thames River, still a dirty brown mark cutting through the middle of city. The boats ferrying tourists up and down it's length like a great convayer belt. Yes it was good to be home.

"It's a nice view isn't it?" Dex turned a little suddenly to see a young man standing next to him, he was looking out at the view but soon turned to Dex with a  smile "My parents took me where when I was a kid a long time ago, it's always had a special meaning since then"

Dex didn't quite know how to respond to that remark, he wasn't great at talking to people he did know and was even worse with new people. As he tried to formulate an answer Dex's eye caught a glimpse of something as the man turned, a flash of dark bronze sown onto his jacket. A shield background under the image of a veiled man holding the hilt of a sword which pointed down. The symbol of the Order of the Shaded Vigil. Dex felt a little smile creep onto his face.

"I know the feeling" replied Dex as he looked back across the city "But I think this place makes me think of the future not the past"

For a time the two of them stood silently, watching as the pod lowered down back toward the ground. There weren't many people in the pod, just a few family with their kids, but Dex still spoke with a whisper as he turned to the operative.

"Did you get my message?"

The man smiled but didn't look at him "I'm here am I not?"

Dex shook his head from side to side, a stupid question really "Then I suppose you just want confirmation?"

The man seemed to nod slightly but didn't respond. Dex saw it out of the corner of his eye, the signal to carry on.

"I found what I was looking for, and I completed your little job as well. I can't promise that the upholstery will be any good but it is better than nothing at all"

The man smiled to him and nodded "We are very grateful Dex, i'm sure we can move our own stuff in soon"

He patted Dex's shoulder and then turned to leave, Dex didn't watch him go the meeting was at an end. In the mean time something had caught his attention, something happening across the road.

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The Pale Kestrl
The Pale Kestrl

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Back on ones home turf [Alpha] Empty Re: Back on ones home turf [Alpha]

Post by Hyperion on September 6th 2015, 4:22 pm

Jordan looked out over the city from at the top of a building, shielding his eyes from the harsh glare of the sun as he took everything in. ”The city isn’t that bad looking.” It was a little grungy really but then again what big city could get around something like that? Regardless London had a certain charm to it that he could not deny, and there were just so many people around too. Still, he had other reasons for being here beyond just taking in the scenery and that was something that he needed to look into. Something was happening in London, an unknown energy had begun to fluctuate it and that feeling reminded him very much of Thanatos. The human population would have not been able to sense it without some manner of magical senses, but he could feel them just fine.

That feeling was enough to send a cold shiver down his spine and even force a few beads of sweat to crop up. Something was happening and he could not quite tell what that something was. It could have been Thanatos or Hyperion messing with him, one of the two was likely. If it was the second one, then something told Jordan that had may have fallen into a trap. White feathered wings were pressed tightly against his back, somehow seeming to extend through a nondescript black jacket. Honestly, he wasn’t dressed too impressively, with a white t-shirt under that and a pair of khaki pants which weren’t too baggy for pants. His wings ached to feel the wind under them, but now was not quite the time to do any flying. Not until he had managed to find the source of this dark energy and then from there….well likely he would have to deal with it.

”I have a sinking feeling this is not going to go well.” He muttered under his breath, pushing away a few dark brown strands of hair from his forehead as he leaned forward to look at the street stretching below him. All it took was a jump as his wings stretched out and then he was off flying once again. It was somewhere around here, but the where was the issue really. That was when the dark energy fluctuated to the point that it felt as if a hand had squeezed suddenly around his heart. There was a flash of pain across his face as he noticed what appeared to be a dark spot within the sky, something that only came before one thing and that was an abyssal break within the planar lines. Something was likely coming through, and that was proven by a sudden roar that filled the sky.

Picking up the speed, Jordan knew he could not stop what was coming through from coming through but he could at the very least keep it from causing damage. From what appeared to be a raw slash within the sky, a viscous black blood would ooze from the wound as it plopped downward to the ground. What it collided with was a car, causing steel to buckle underneath it as glass was utterly shattered. This black ooze would begin to mold and shift into it took on a form, demonic almost in appearance. It’s front legs were more like arms, great in size with massive claws that sunk into the ground. Nolten eyes peered from under oppressive eyebrows, head crested with horns as a massive tail lashed about from its rear end. It’s roar was loud, enough so to cause glass to shatter as it’s eyes turned upon the nearest person, tail lashing out to grab onto them.

The only thing that stopped it was a blade of energy that sliced through it, causing back ichor to spew as the creature roared in pain. ”Well, it looks like Thanatos is finally making his move.”

Shael Atterrius

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