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[NPC:] Tobias Gordon

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[NPC:] Tobias Gordon Empty [NPC:] Tobias Gordon

Post by Zodiac September 5th 2015, 12:00 am

"I'm gonna level with you. I have no idea what I'm doing."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Tobias "Toby" P. Gordon
Hero/Renegade/Villain Name: Phantasmos
Alignment: Neutral good
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Black and silver
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130lbs.
Blood type:  B+

The Looks

Character description or image here.

The Legacy

   A rather laid back, clumsy and whimsical kind of person that seems to be more "heroically" inclined. He seems to thrive on impulsiveness and often times can lead to getting himself hurt off of a whim. He's a tad bit over-emotional though he feels an increasing compulsion to warn people of danger, or try and save them whenever he sees a way to help them. He tends to be overly sensitive about his off colored hair.

   Typically he is a lost and confused in most situations and generally believes that if a plan is laid out in front of him that it is the best template to follow and execute, however this often times is interrupted by the previously stated impulsive nature. Generally an optimistic kind of person, he uses his charm and silver tongue to try and keep himself out of trouble that he quite often finds himself in. While in this trouble he is seen most often using annoying humor or pathetic attempts at comedy to deflect inner turmoil or sadness. He finds familial bonds (most specifically brotherly bonds) to be bittersweet. It's quite literally within his personality to help anyone whose trying to help their older or younger brother.

 Tobias' impulsive nature has actually lead him to the point of gambling, even if not professionally or legally, he's always a sucker for a good bet or wager.  In addition to this, Tobias is a generally lucky fellow, and he's more than keen on the fact he's a lucky duck, and at times relies on it a little too much. In contrast to his family, Tobias despises violence of all kinds, and has a horrible dislike for anyone or anything that is symbolic of racial or ethnic superiority.

     Tobias' history is a mystery to even himself really. All he knows is that he was born in Pennsylvania and lived there with his mother, father and older brother. However when he woke up one morning he was surrounded by nothing but an empty house. He found himself wandering around, asking after his family only to find that the Gordon's left town a long time ago. Lost and confused Tobias set out to try and find them, using every resource at his disposal. I.E he hitchhiked his way to the police station and filed a report. It was a miracle to be honest that they even found his records. Having learned that both his parents and his brother had since died, he was sent to an orphanage in Chicago.

  In memory, Tobias remembered his father being an abusive drunk of a  war veteran with a very distinct dislike for dark colored people (this includes really tan people from New Jersey). His mother was a standard housewife with a gambling addiction, and his older brother was a very complex person. Toby remembers his brother as the kind of guy who would put on a scary mask and pop up at him all hours of the evening, scaring him all the years of childhood; although he recalls his brother getting beaten up by several boys older than them, just for protecting him. His brother regularly put him down, but was somehow always there to lift him up. Of course his memory fades a bit and the last he remembers is his older brother teasing him at a birthday party or something like that...then he woke up.

  Since then he's been on the run, leaving the orphanage behind and trying to uncover the mystery surrounding his brother's death.


The Powers

Supernatural Nullification: Toby is (for some unknown reason) entirely and perfectly immune to all magical/occult/mystical/supernatural means of effect or damage, regardless if they are direct or indirect.
Example 1:
If the Lych uses his magic to conjure a fireball and throws it at Toby, it will hit him and Toby will remain unaffected, as if the fireball had not even touched him. He will not be forced back by impact, he will not be burned, he will not even feel it.
Example 2:
If a sorcerer conjures a prison of ice around Toby, Toby will walk right through the ice, or will push it over with ease, or find some strange way to not be held by the prison. Same with light, any element, enchantments or whatever else you can contrive.
Example 3:
If there is a rune, enchantment or a glyph laid as a trap, his triggering the trap will still happen, however he will remain entirely unaffected by the repercussions. Likewise, enchanted weapons cannot harm him.
Example 4:
If A sorceress summons forth a miasma of death, or lava to cover the area, Toby can walk through it unphased.
Example 5:
If the Lych's fireball (from example one) was powerful enough to create a crater in the ground and drop Tobias for 50 feet, when he lands he would take no damage. If someone used their magic to emulate telekinesis to topple a building on him, he will remain unharmed.
Example 6:
If a person has super strength, durability or fighting skills generated/inherited by magical means, Tobias cannot be harmed by their attempts to use those against him. It does not negate their power. They are still strong, but only their base human strength will be received, as the magical portion does not affect him. Their Durability is not bypassed and while they still fight as they always have, they cannot use superhuman skill to harm him if they try to do so.
Example 7:
He cannot be detected, sensed, perceived or influenced by any form of "godly" or magical, or occult vision. (i,e; true sight, magical energy perception, etc.)

The Weaknesses

The price of immunity: Tobias being immune to magic means that he is entirely unable to be affected by magic at all. That being said, Tobias cannot be healed, augmented, fortified, shielded or otherwise protected or assisted by magical/supernatural ways.

Enchanted touch turns to ashes: Items that have been enchanted have no special effect in Tobias' hands. If he holds an enchanted 9mm that is supposed to shoot fireballs, it will only shoot regular bullet. Wands do nothing in his hands and all forms of enchantments will not work on him, in his possession or while he is the target.

Questionable Source: Tobias is only immune to magic. If a person with plain old superhuman strength punches him, he's going to die.

Too human: Tobias has the standard human physiology of your average soccer captain in school.  

Salt: Unknown to Tobias, he cannot cross salt. If salt is put in a line over a doorway he cannot walk past it, even if he's invited to do so. This manifests itself in various different ways, though it ALWAYS and without fail holds true. If there is salt he cannot and will not pass. Something will always prevent him from doing so, even if it seems to be a cosmic coincidence. Trying to cross a salt line causes intense pain and can even lead to falling unconscious. If the salt line has a break in it he can pass through, though it will still be an unpleasant and painful experience.

Cold Soul doth Iron Hold: If pure iron is present on Tobias' being then he is unable to be moved, teleported relocated or otherwise moved of his own volition.

Amnesia: Tobias has memory issues and they tend to be rather trippy. It unfortunately leads to several short-term memory issues as well.

Automatonophobia: Tobias has an intense fear of anything that falsely resembles that of a sentient being. This includes (but is not limited to) Wax statues, mannequins, dummies, scarecrows and animatronic creatures. In addition to being uncomfortable with seeing them, Tobias makes great effort to get away from them. The longer he is exposed or in the presence of an automaton, the more severe the anxiety gets. His anxiety is reflected in his physical appearance, eventually devolving to a mental break down and then a heart-attack.

Claustrophobic: Tobias has a dislike of being restricted or as defined "a fear of having no escape". Crowded elevators, small and enclosed spaces, areas without visual to the outside world or an unlocked door, or even tightly fitted clothing. Tobias could know that he is consciously in no danger, yet the fear is still intense and seizes him from 0 to 10 in seconds. Panic attack pending, and he tends to quickly and at times spazztically try and find an exit or an avenue of escape as quickly as possible. Once an "escape" has been identified he will calm himself rather quickly.  

Pushing your luck: Tobias will actually rely on his lucky past in order to get him out of situations. Sadly, luck is just rarely happens.

The Equipment


The Minions


RP Mechanics

Lucky: While it's not superhuman, or always reliable, Tobias is a lucky young man.

Multi-Lingual: Tobias is well versed in English, Spanish and to a lesser extent Gaelic.

Physical Priority

1 : Reaction : 1
2 : Agility : 2
3 : Endurance : 3
4 : Strength : 4

[NPC:] Tobias Gordon Guilty10
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[NPC:] Tobias Gordon Empty Re: [NPC:] Tobias Gordon

Post by Atlas October 18th 2015, 6:28 pm

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