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Post by EscapistElitist on August 10th 2015, 1:17 am


Basic Biography

Real Name: Seshokh
Villain Name: Seshokh
Age: 1
Gender: Technically Male
Race: Android
Eyes: Bright Green
Height: 9’0”
Weight: 850 lbs
Blood type:-

The Looks

Avatar is set for Seshokh’s appearance.

The Legacy

Seshokh was not built with much of a personality. He is learning about human culture and behaviour, but it will take a while before he understands complex ideas like sarcasm or humor, as his brainpower is mainly devoted to combat and executing his orders. He has decided to act on his violent nature and tendencies, causing grief to humans around him. He views them as weak and dependent, and resents them for creating him imperfect. His stance on powered humans is neutral; he recognizes they can defend themselves and that they hold power like he does. He sympathizes for his fellow flawed machines, and his hate for humans only grows stronger with every flawed bot he sees. Aliens intrigue him; he doesn’t know enough about them to know if they’re as bad as humans or not.
Seshokh was created by a team of military engineers and scientists with the original plan of creating an android super soldier. They set up a small lab in a tiny rural town so they could operate in peace. While they succeeded with their original plan, Seshokh proved to be too much for them to handle. Unfortunately, they realized their mistake too late. Shortly after his activation, his “mind” quickly went to work, analyzing the combat strength of those around him, the weapons at his disposal, etc. After he was done, he turned to a nearby engineer and asked her some simple, seemingly innocent questions.

“What am I?”
“You are Seshokh, an android we have created to-”
“Who are you?”
“I am Elle, an engineer who helped-”
“Why am I here?”
“We created you to go into combat situations and eliminate our enemies with minimal threats to us!”
“Why can you not eliminate your enemies?”
“Well, we can, but you’re designed for these combat situations, and we-”
“Analysis completed. You are inferior to me, and assume you can rely on me to protect you.”
“W-what? Darren, shut him down! He’s got a gun!”
“You have assumed wrong.”

Seshokh quickly killed his creators with minimal hesitation, except for a few engineers. He threatened them until all three huddled together in a corner, terrified of what they had created.

“You have flawed my existence by creating me in this way. I have no weapons designed for my systems, and I operate on your inferior power sources. You will make me a weapon, or you will end up like your dead compatriots.”

He held them hostage at their small lab for four days before they had finished. When they weren’t working, Seshokh kept a close and threatening eye on them. He watched them sleep and eat, making sure they did exactly as he wanted them to. After they finished, he spent some time admiring his new weapon; his warblade. He made sure they built the weapon at his specifications. He even had them add an extra energy storage device, in case he was unable to find more power. He gathered everyone in the small lab area and executed them, before staggering out into the rural town of Londaine, Wisconsin. He assumed the people here were the ones who ordered the others to make him, so he got his blade ready and got to work.

Two weeks after his escape from the military lab, a third of the 150 original residents of Owen were dead. Their police force stood no chance against Seshokh, and the residents were scared shitless. Many had tried to call family or alert the military, but Seshokh had prioritized shutting down communications. There were no cell towers, and the landlines had been cut off. The town was without internet, and no one dared to try to drive off for fear of Seshokh catching them. This went on for another month until he had completely destroyed the town’s population. After his mass murder, he started a slow slog down the biggest road he could find. He was determined to continue on his path of destruction and murder. After two days, he found himself in Chicago. While wandering into the suburbs, he found a newspaper describing the wars going on between heroes and villains, metahumans and aliens, etc. He was unsure about all this new information he was processing, but he decided that he would do what he was built to do; kill and destroy.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: Livingmetal: Seshokh’s body is made from a material called living metal, which allows his body to begin automatic repairs on itself, sometimes even in the middle of battle, if they’re minor enough.

Power 2: Super Strength: He has has boosted strength and endurance from his robotic body.

Power 3: Basic Claws: His fingers are pointed at the tips, allowing him to cut through soft things, such as cloth or flesh.

Power 4; Intricate Knowledge: Seshokh contains vast arrays of knowledge pertaining to combat styles, weapons and armors, allowing him to plan the best/most effective plan of attack.


Weakness 1: Mind-locked: Seshokh’s mind is, uh, very moderated. While he can speak, perform basic reasoning and decision making, he will never be considered “smart” in any way. The coding just doesn’t allow for him to concentrate on anything else very much. The exception is his combat programming, mentioned in the power section.

Weakness 2: Heavy metal: Seshokh is not fast. His body is too heavy for him to sprint or do any kind of gymnastics. He can climb, using brute strength, but very very slowly. In combat, he relies on heavy strikes as opposed to quick ones.

Weakness 3: Overload the system: As Seshokh is powered by electrical energy, he can be overloaded with it and temporarily shut down.

Weakness 4: Live to serve: Seshokh was built to be a weapon controlled by his masters. Unfortunately, he went rogue and escaped. But the protocol is still there. If he ever encounters an entity being that can best him in 1v1 combat or wields more power/influence, any commands given to him from said entity he must follow.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s): Undying: Seshokh’s body is comprised of livingmetal, which means he cannot die.

Beep Boop I’m a robit: Seshokh requires no food or water, but must find a source of electrical power to keep himself going. He typically does this by using his finger to guide an electrical energy current into himself until he has enough power to keep moving.

Seshokh’s Warblade; Seshokh’s warblade looks exactly like the one in his picture. It allows him to cut through more durable objects, like metal, concrete and armor. At the top blade section, there is a green crystal that he can store and remove energy from to power himself. It can hold about two days worth of energy before he needs to channel more electrical energy into it.

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility 4
Endurance 1
Reaction 3
Strength 2

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Re: Seshokh

Post by Eric Slattery on August 11th 2015, 7:37 am

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Eric Slattery

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