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Darkness falls [Invite only]

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Darkness falls [Invite only] Empty Darkness falls [Invite only]

Post by Samael Christensen August 4th 2015, 9:47 pm

Life within this new world had been going well so far, at least after he had gained his following. Sure, he had never planned to be married so early but then again it happened, but luckily they were a good person, well deity. Time from then on had passed slowly, leaving him to considering his life within this new, but dark world. A place where people believed in gods that had nothing to do with them and cursed those that would want something to do with them. Some saw it as arrogant, rather than the burden that being a god really was. People looked to his race as protectors, guides and so many things in between, and he was expected to do so without a single complaint. That was how he was raised and so he did so without a complaint, always with a smile. Perhaps that was why most of the people of the cult took to him so well.

It also might have been that he was bound to their chief deity, so perhaps that was the main reason that they took him in. Regardless, he looked into a mirror of the bathroom that adjoined his personal bedroom, though it was more something he had with Yamm who seemed to be rather busy with other things as of late. His hands were running under a stream of warm water rushing out from the faucet, enjoying the feel of the warmth against his skin. Not that it would have burned him if it were scalding hot, his body just had a resistance against that kind of thing. Flames, heat, well none of those things would ever have a real chance to harm him and that was something he actually really enjoyed, despite that just being a part of his domain for some strange reason.

Running this fingers through his hair, it would turn a slightly darker brown once damp as his glowing golden eyes would then fade to a soft green color. For some reason, he just really liked that color and so his eyes normally took that shade. There were a tone that people found easy to trust, and many people just seemed to like them. Giving his head a good shake, he let the droplets of water slash outwards as a little steam would rise from his face and air, as if a heat were evaporating the water. A dark dread had been flowing through him for a matter of days, as if something was moving through Los Angeles within the last few days. That feeling, well that was not something e really liked feeling. Stepping out of the bathroom, he changed into a pair of cam pants and a muscle shirt, finding them to be rather comfortable compared to his armor.

Once that was done he would make his way to the human world, though he found himself being followed. Not by an unwanted stranger mind you, but one of the many followers he had accrued once he joined into Yamm's pantheon. They were a year younger than him, scrawnier and always had a sort of smile on their face as they followed him around. Sometimes they didn't even talk, just sorta followed him around as if basking in a form of invisible glow or enjoying the sensation some gained by being around him. ”Is something on your mind?” he asked, looking to them with  a slightly raised brow, completely curious as to their reasons for following him. Their change within expression suggested they were surprised by this question, though idol didn't quite catch it. Unfortunately when it came to social ques, many would agree he was sort of ignorant.

”Not really, I just got nothin better to do.” He said letting his expression calm down and flashing a smile at Idol which caused him to smile back. Looking up to the sky, he drew in a deep breath and let it hiss through his teeth.

”Well that's fair enough.” He responded with a nod, as an unearthly screech ripped through the sky. The sound was enough to cause his body to shudder as he turned towards the source of the sound, taking note of tendrils reaching out from the sewer system, slamming into the concrete and causing the street to crack.
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