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Wic-Kid Empty Wic-Kid

Post by Wic-Kid on August 3rd 2015, 1:26 am

"I'm not just good. I'm Wic-Kid good."

A Wic-kid bio

Real Name: ???? von Warwick
Renegade/Hero Name: Wic-Kid
Character Title:
Alignment: Anti-Hero
Character Age: 19
Race: Human
Hair color: Brown
Eye colors: Blue but then Glows green when using powers
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Blood Type: O-

How do I look?

"you'd better say adorable."

  On this skin chart they have "Ageing Bedouin" skin tone with a lithe body. Generally dressed in black with black boots and their ever "fashionable" hat. They have a good smile and have long, lustrous brown hair that has been known to reach the middle of their back. Boots with buckles, leggings with a frayed back and straps buckled around the thighs.

All about Wic-Kid

    They love Guest very much.

     Born in Australia, raised by a single mother and aspiring occultist known as Helena von Warwick. Helena was a German nuclear engineer that was transferred to a new management position in a lab just outside the City of Townsville (it's a legit place in Australia. Linked for proof) Despite not wanting to go, Helena von Warwick left in order to fulfill the station required of her. As soon as she arrived she shut herself into her lab with co-workers and eventually became nothing more than an enigmatic manager. A ghost really, as she silently and carefully managed and maintained perfect order in the facility.

  Rumors began to spread, special symbols found after hours or mysterious books showing up out of nowhere. The subject was a recurring theme, and it was always of a higher and more sensitive literature. The books and papers were ramblings of dark forces and beings that existed outside of our own finite comprehension. It was all the work of the occult, and the research was more advanced than anything the others had ever seen. She grew a reputation or rather an infamous legend surrounding her, even going as far as people saying she kidnapped children and brought them here in order to sacrifice them to her unholy rituals. This was far form the truth, but they did have one thing right about Helena. She was a fervent lover of the occult. There was simply something about the concept of a power beyond Science that excited her to no end.

  Eventually she emerged from her quiet space, her solitary broken and many in awe of the beautiful woman that stepped forth. Her beauty was all natural, though many believed it to be the work of demons. Her reputation made life difficult for her nearby, however she found friendship in a woman she met in town, and from there befriended her and her husband. The woman and her husband were farmers, just starting out at a young age, hoping to settle down to a nice and quiet life, one that they welcomed Helena into with open arms. The friendship lasted a few years before tragedy cut a life short. Due to what was called a horrible automobile accident the woman died, and Helena married the farmer, a man by the name of Charles. Some time after the marriage, Helena gave birth to Wic-Kid.

  Eventually Charles fell victim to sickness and nothing she could do was able to save him. Turning to the occult once more she sacrificed everything in order to achieve power. In this process an exchange lead to her latent metagene activating and revealing her photokinetic powers. With these new powers she was able to put her knowledge and powers to use as she continued to search for a cure. Eventually her answer was given to her...although not in the way she desired.

  A deal was a deal, and Charles was cured and Helena and he moved with their child to the United States, the state of Kansas more specifically. It was here that the metahuman mother began to fall ill, years after her deal to save Charles. Her illness was not that of a physical nature. It was mental. Her sanity began to slip, her skin turned green and she began to act like the wicked witch of the west, eventually Wic-Kid was raised as a child of the Wic-kid witch, even without the belief in the occult.

  Wic-Kid eventually had to take Helena to a place in Kansas called "Asylum", this place was a methuman health hospital. The first thing Helena said was "Here! This is where out lord will come for us!" and established her place in Asylum as a powerful sorceress. Wic-Kid was detained and kept as well, for the sheer fact they believed their mother was the wicked witch. Kept for a few years, Wic-kid continued to break out and sneak back to Asylum, causing mischief to the world but never malevolently. It wasn't until the events of "Welcome to Oz" that Wic-kid became outright aggressive, and at that only acting upon Helena's will.

  Wic-Kid works with Samhain to achieve their own goals in hopes to restore Helena's sanity.

It's what I do (powers)

Superhuman dexterity/skill/stamina: Reflexive training and parkour skills, as well as being able to make some hefty dodges and preforms feats of incredible dexterity, including sneaking around and moving silently.

Occult detection: Wic-Kid has an unnatural attunement to the supernatural. Redundant statement right? Anyway, Wic-kid is able to detect any item or person touched by the supernatural/occult and gain relative insight on them. This is a product of their normal intellect alongside their mother's obsession and teaching them of the occult.

Not so good with... (Weaknesses)

Unknown but driven: Wic-Kid generally remains enigmatic, keep to themselves, however if there is one think known about the, it is that they are the child of Helena (whom can be found out about by using google to research either Wic-Kid or Wicked Witch of the West) and they will do ANYTHING if it means potentially restoring their mother's sanity.

Durability lacking: Wic-Kid is strong for a regular human, quicker than most, border lining superhuman, however they have soft skin and a low pain tolerance.

All my toys... (Equipment)

The Wicked Way:
  Item description: Stereotypical witch hat, save for the elongated tube section. it make this old-fashioned witch's hat bend so that the pointed tip reaches just below the shoulder blades.
  Item Abilities:
-Atterrium bladed brim (Highly durable slowly regenerating metal)
- the area inside the hat is able to access a sub-space for mundane items.
- Spinning the hat creates a portal.
- The hat is enchanted to return to Wic-Kid's hand.

  Item Weaknesses:
- If the hat itself is damaged the sub-space can't be accessed.
- The hat itself can only be fixed off-screen (between threads)
- The portal grows bigger with time, meaning it needs to be spun and left go for a while before a person can pass through.
- The hat's functions (other than the bladed brim) won't work if the hat is sufficiently wet.

Wicked Eye shadow:
  Item description: Eye shadow enchanted and empowered by Helena and her photokinetic manipulation. Using her own powers she allowed the eye shadow to emulate whatever happened in a period of time. This eye shadow emulates what happened in a period of time when she blacked something out entirely.
  Item Abilities:
- Provides total shadow over their face (nose up) and prevents anyone from ascertaining the identity of Wic-Kid through conventional means. Prevents voice from being recorded, cameras from seeing their face or any manner of vision from piercing the dark veil.
- Can black out any object it's put on Make it look like a silhouette. Doesn't change the properties of what it is applied other than making it a black shape.

  Item Weaknesses:
-If smudged or smeared it needs to be reapplied
- Water or sweat can wash it off
- Needs to be reapplied to the person every 10 posts. Every 3 posts to an object.

The Black Band:
  Item description: A snug indestructible bicep band of pure black silk that sits perfectly unmoving in contrast to their skin.
  Item Abilities:
Indestructible? Not really a beneficial power.
  Item Weaknesses:
- Prevents Wic-Kid form ever utilizing super powers of any kind, through power-bestowal or any means ever.
- Cannot be removed for any reason, the only thing that can remove the band is by reality manipulation.

You say friends. I say Minions.

Minion: "No minions eeerm I mean friends."

RP mechanics

Physical Priority

1 : Agility : 1
2 : Reaction : 2
3 : Strength : 3
4 : Endurance : 4

Some Wic-Kid Trivia

* Wic-Kid is Australian-America. This is mostly due to the fact that during the creation of the character their father's nationality was in question. After seeing "Aurora Australis" in a caption of a picture it was decided.

* Despite the previous statement, Wic-Kid does not know their father.

* Despite Helena making a deal with the same Eldritch (ultimately causing her insanity), Wic-Kid made a deal with the same Eldritch in order to restore what he had taken from her.

* Inspiration of Wic-Kid's hat came from playing ultimate Frisbee when I accidentally tossed it and it bounced off one brother's head and into the other ones stomach.

* Wic-kid loves dancing and has experience in tango, ballet, as well as Capoeira. Wic-kid attributes these things to their effective dexterity and evasive prowess

* Wic-Kid is anorexic, consisting of horrible self-image and obsesses over everything they eat and has what seems to be a debilitating fear of being overweight. Wic-kid has no problems with overweight people, just a crippling fear that they will become overweight.

* Wic-kid's favorite foods are Lucky Charms and any Quesadilla without chicken.

* Wic-kid's favorite comic book hero is "Momohime", in turn their favorite villain is "Waltz Wolf".
There were both a pair of comic "supers" created by "N.K Wells".

* Wic-kid was kept in Asylum under the diagnosis of "Anorexia Nervosa" alongside "Pica". Two other diagnoses were added later "Manic disorder: Pyromania" and "Dissociative Amnesia Disorder".

* Wic-kid wasn't made earlier because a staff member didn't trust me to play a character with an eating disorder.


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Wic-Kid Empty Re: Wic-Kid

Post by Shael Atterrius on August 3rd 2015, 1:45 am

Shael Atterrius
Shael Atterrius
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Wic-Kid Empty Re: Wic-Kid

Post by Maverick on December 18th 2016, 5:21 pm

Moved to NPC's
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Mega Poster!

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