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Clifton Stevens - Necrosis

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Clifton Stevens  - Necrosis Empty Clifton Stevens - Necrosis

Post by tehlawlmiester on July 22nd 2015, 9:11 pm

Everything but survival of our species is meaningless. Humanity should be everyone’s priority.

Basic Biography

Real Name: Clifton Stevens
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Necrosis
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman/Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Clifton Stevens is an unimpressive sight. His hair is roughly kempt by a comb, and stretches to just below the top of his neck. He tucks his hair behind his ears, and it curls outwards. His face is rather fatty, worsened by his chin, which appears as a double chin unless his head is pointed upwards. He grows patchy facial hair, which is more often than not unshaved. His mouth is normally frowning when alone, but changes to an awkward, almost uncomfortable, smile when speaking to others.

His physical build is unimposing. His arms lack potent muscle tone and he has a noticeable gut. While fat would be an incorrect term for him, average would be incorrect as well. He is more or less acne free, but he is quite prolific in body hair. Clifton has no major scars on his body. Necrosis’ skin is incredibly pale, seemingly unchanging no matter how much sun he receives.

Costume: Necrosis wears black denim jeans and black running shoes. He wears a black leather belt with multiple small pockets for holdings various items. Necrosis is further clad in a black trench coat, with a black hoodie underneath. The trench coat has unique black shoulderpads with a white trim, that have a large white skull in the center, the jaws facing away from his center.

The Legacy

Necrosis is a sarcastic man, with a macabre sense of humor. He is an eccentric person, given to grandiose dramatics at times. He is psychotic, given to fits of rage and anger, breaking from his usual joyous mood, when things don’t go his way, and when people don’t share his world view. His power has made him overconfident, that others are weaker than he is, and that he should be respected. Necrosis is rather intelligent; able to retain a decent amount of information, as well as he is knowledgeable in basic math, science, and literature. He is not very observant, and often overlooks things. He is further paranoid; while he believes he is individually superior to most everyone, he feels that he is constantly being plotted against.

Necrosis has a very clear idea of what he thinks is his purpose. He is a humanitarian – he believes that any and all actions should be for the benefit of mankind. He feels that all earthly squabbles from money, territory, and religion should be ignored and abolished so that the advancement of the human species can take place. Attempts to constrain powers is abhorrent to him, for he feels that Metahumans are one of the keys to the ascension of the human race. He does not regard any nation or force as sovereign, only humanity can be fought for. This will lead him to be at odds with any organizations that do not view reality as he does.

Clifton Stevens was born to a religious family in the southern United States. His parents were loving, and they lived comfortably. While he didn’t always have what he wanted, he never was in need. His family raised him on biblical principles, but were comfortably lenient with him and his older sister. Clifton was a bit of a social outcast; he was a nerd. Bullying was a constant problem in his young childhood, and it followed him until high school.

In High School Clifton began suffering with depression, he closed himself in. He didn’t make very many waves, and he had moved over the summer to a more rural area. He made very few friends, and no enemies, the bullying stopped, but he wrestled with internal torments. While Clifton normally excelled at school he began to fail classes, and only barely passed his senior year in High School; he didn’t attend graduation. His parents were highly concerned, afraid their son wouldn’t go very far in life. One morning, a month after graduating, he left his home early in the morning, the meta-genes in his blood had activated. What caused him to flee was the activation of his powers; which killed his pet dog, a loving mutt who was only a few months younger than he was.

The death of his pet, combined with the spiraling depression caused him to mentally snap. His depression turned in to joy that he was something special after all. The death of his dog, turned him psychotic. He fled before his parents awoke, and he began to steal and murder his way across the country, sustaining himself on anything that he could, all the while experimenting and growing his powers. As he learned his new abilities, he took to calling himself Necrosis. He began looking for organizations that would help him achieve his world view. Or, if nothing else, make a statement large enough that an organization would form around him.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Power 1: Necromancy – Necromancy is a branch of sorcery in which the wielder can do a variety of tasks involving death in some form or another. Necrosis can manipulate souls into physical weapons, use souls to grant him flight, or give the souls a solid shape, similar to energy blasts. He can reanimate and/or communicate with the dead. He can manipulate undead servants, controlling their actions with a thought. Necrosis’ Necromancy is entirely fueled by souls; he must have souls to perform Necromancy.

Power 2: Soul Absorption - If Necrosis is within a half of a mile of someone or something’s death, he will attempt to steal their soul. A stolen soul can be used only once, while a soul given willingly can be re-used after an hour of its use. This includes Necrosis’ own soul, which he can and will use in moments of extreme peril. Animal souls are weak, and can never be given willingly. Human souls are the average, twice as powerful as animal souls, and can be given willingly. Metahuman souls are the strongest, twice as powerful as human souls, and can be given willingly. Necrosis’ own soul can be used and is twice as powerful as a Metahuman soul to him alone.

Power 3: Necrotic Empowerment – Necrotic Empowerment is the absorption of souls into one’s own body to give short-lived boosts of superhuman strength, durability and endurance. This can be refreshed as long as there are more souls to feed the demands of the Empowerment. The stronger the soul consumed, the greater the effect. One human soul gives Necrosis peak human strength.


Weakness 1: Somatic Gestures – Necrosis’ Necromancy requires movements of the arms to complete spells. Simple actions like forming soul-weaponry or projectiles takes a second to do, while flight requires a couple seconds. Reanimation is more complex, and can take upwards of 30 seconds to complete. Anything/anyone that inhibits his movements will render him unable to use Necromancy.

Weakness 2: Concentration – Coupled with Somatic Gestures, Necrosis requires concentration to use his abilities. Soul absorption is complex, and requires his full focus. Soul Projections require most of his focus, leaving him able to do little more than speak while he works on his projections. Controlling undead minions requires little more than a mental command, but if he cannot concentrate, he cannot use his abilities.

Weakness 3: Paranoia – Any living allies cause Necrosis stress and worry of whether or not they may be planning on betraying him. He will often times focus on his allies to ensure he isn’t being betrayed.

Weakness 4: Overconfidence – Necrosis believes that no single Metahuman can best him in a fight. While this is highly inaccurate he still believes it, often letting his opponents catch him off guard.

Weakness 5: Social Restrictions – Necrosis carries a faint, but irremovable scent of death. He will understandably have trouble creating friendships considering what his powers deal with.

Weakness 6: Necrotic Empowerment Reliance – Necrosis is physically underwhelming, with no combat experience. For him to match someone in hand to hand he needs to use his Necrotic Empowerment or he will quickly be beaten.

Weakness 7: Soul Reliance – Short of given souls, and his own soul, his souls are a finite resource. If he overuses his number of souls in a fight he will quickly be left high and dry. He is always attempting to make the most of his souls, and will sometimes avoid taking open attacks with soul projectiles so that he does not run out.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s): For his experimentation Necrosis has left a sizable trail of death and robbery in his wake; authorities could look to bring him to justice. He has been relatively stealthy in his path, which began in coastal Georgia, and has slowly crawled its way towards the northern-Midwest. He has actively been searching for an organization that essentially seeks world domination for the advancement of humanity. Any being that has some connection with souls could seek to punish or use Necrosis for his lack of regard of the souls of the departed.


Physical Priority
Agility - 4
Endurance - 1
Reaction - 3
Strength - 2

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Clifton Stevens  - Necrosis Empty Re: Clifton Stevens - Necrosis

Post by Forceaus on July 22nd 2015, 9:34 pm

Don't go overboard with the boosts.

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